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  1. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 1

    lots of stuff going on, and a sneaky ototo!
  2. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 3

    the rain drops and the composition is great! i just wish the models were facing the camera instead of Titania
  3. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 4

    really great piece, i love how it looks like candy doesn't want to be there
  4. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 5

    the world's deadliest game of whack-a-mole! very well done!
  5. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 6

    i just noticed now that the test subject is offering a flower to her! well done!
  6. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 8

    i have a hard time knowing what i should be looking at, but this is great!
  7. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 9

    amazing colors and execution, love the carnival vibe on the panels!
  8. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 10

    so colorful, i love it!
  9. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 11

    very cool and creative!
  10. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 2

    super cute!
  11. catsgamesandpizza

    Dio 7

    lovely scene!
  12. catsgamesandpizza

    FnS 1

    the splashing rain drops are *chefs kiss*
  13. catsgamesandpizza

    FnS 2

    great idea with the flowers!
  14. catsgamesandpizza

    FnS 34

    first time seeing a blue Sister, well done!
  15. catsgamesandpizza

    FnS 35

    nice hobbit!
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