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  1. Jeff and Colgan discuss their experiences playing The Other Side, the army-level game developed by Wyrd. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-21-the-other-side-discussion-first-impressions/
  2. In a special off week release, Jim and Colgan discuss Gaining Grounds season 2 and how they think the changes will affect Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-20-gaining-grounds-2-and-you/
  3. Jim and Colgan talk about how the increased activity of Vassal has affected the Malifaux meta and other random topics that they stumble into. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-19-vassal-and-the-malifaux-meta/
  4. Jeff and Colgan discuss scheme selection and timing on scoring the reveal point. They also put forth a recommended short list of schemes for new players to focus on. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-18-selecting-and-scoring-schemes/
  5. I think either could be accomplished with an upgrade that OOK models got, and it could be as simple as "at the start of this model's activation, this model must either a) discard a card, b) suffer 2 damage, or c) end its activation." Or in the alternative, it could maybe not hurt you at all, but let your opponent draw a card or something. There's lots of levers available to pull. Some are subtle, some obvious. Some drastic, some minor. Some negative to you, some positive for your opponent. But ultimately you are probably right. Any structural changes to the hiring process are pr
  6. A companion piece to the Versatile Problem episode, Jeff and Colgan discuss how the Keyword system affects the current balance and meta of Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-17-the-keyword-system/
  7. Jeff and Colgan, with their combined experience of 0 years of industry experience as tabletop wargame designers give their views on how to address issues with Versatile keyword models in Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-16-the-versatile-problem/
  8. Jim and Colgan discuss the Bayou Faction upgrades: When do they take them, which models they benefit, and how they stack up against other Faction upgrades. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-15-bayou-upgrades/
  9. Colgan interviews Jeff about the results of his round 1 match in the Vassal Decemberfaux tournament and his decsion to run the Crossroads 7 for the entire tournament. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-14-post-battle-review-decemberfaux-round-1/
  10. Jeff and Colgan discuss the Arcanist Faction upgrades: When do they take them, which models they benefit, and how they stack up against other Faction upgrades. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-13-arcanist-upgrades/
  11. Jeff and Colgan discuss behaviors that they find make someone a pleasant opponent to play Malifaux as well as which behaviors or habits they'd like people to try and avoid. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-12-being-a-good-opponent/
  12. Jeff, Jim, and Colgan gather together for a Malifaux Festivus celebration to round out the year. In this episode they air their grievances about Malifaux rules, Through the Beach system mechanics, and the lack of releases for The Other Side. Then they close out the celebration with Feats of Strength where they flex their intellectual muscles (or lack there of). https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-11-malifaux-festivus/
  13. Jeff and Colgan review a recent game they played between Rasputina and The Viktorias and share their thoughts on how the game went, key moments, and what they learned from the game. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-10-malifaux-post-battle-review-rasputina-vs-viktorias/
  14. Jeff and Colgan dive into the dark and murky world of Dead Man's Hand to talk about the iconic Neverborn master Collodi and the Puppet keyword. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-9-master-spotlight-collodi/
  15. In commemoration of our first Patreon supporter, Jeff and Colgan address a topic they requested, discussing what makes a model in Malifaux a good scheme runner and whether or not Coppelius fits the bill. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/bonus-episode-is-coppelius-a-good-scheme-runner/
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