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  1. Jeff and Colgan discuss the finer points of playing the Crossroads 7 and Jeff argues his case for a 14 soulstone buff so he can beat Colgan. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-32-crossroads-7-spotlight/
  2. Jeff and Colgan invite Cody from Swampfiends to discuss the pros and cons of using different clock systems in Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-31-talking-clocking-with-cody/
  3. Jeff rants about clocks and soccer umpires, Colgan is also present. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-30-clocks-in-malifaux-a-measured-response/
  4. Jim and Colgan reveal the new titles for McMourning and McCabe and their shared enforcer the Corpse Curator. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-29-title-wave/
  5. Jeff and Colgan breakdown what they think to be the main reasons people lose at games of Malifaux by drawing from their depth of personal experience. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-28-why-you-lose-at-malifaux/
  6. Jeff, Jim, and Colgan discuss the pros and cons of running Multiple Small Units (MSU) crews in GG2. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-27-lilliputian-apocalypse-msu-in-malifaux/
  7. Jeff and Colgan discuss the current state of the Malifaux meta at their local store compared to their expectations for what it should be. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-26-expectations-for-a-malifaux-playgroup-pandemic-edition/
  8. Jeff and Colgan dive into why they think condition masters fall behind the curve in Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-25-are-condition-masters-weak/
  9. Jeff and Colgan discuss the the reveal of Master titles and how they think it will affect Malifaux as a whole. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-24-a-master-by-any-other-name/
  10. Jeff, Jim, and Colgan interview one of the players in their meta, Tyler, who has made a name for himself in the Malifaux community by crunching data from our games and tournaments into easily accessible graphs and charts. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-23-player-profile-tyler-the-data-man/
  11. Jeff and Colgan talk about the cheating in Malifaux and cover some basic strategies to help beginners navigate the complexities of the cheating mechanic. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-22-malifaux-discussion-cheating-on-lady-luck/
  12. Jeff and Colgan discuss their experiences playing The Other Side, the army-level game developed by Wyrd. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-21-the-other-side-discussion-first-impressions/
  13. In a special off week release, Jim and Colgan discuss Gaining Grounds season 2 and how they think the changes will affect Malifaux. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-20-gaining-grounds-2-and-you/
  14. Jim and Colgan talk about how the increased activity of Vassal has affected the Malifaux meta and other random topics that they stumble into. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-19-vassal-and-the-malifaux-meta/
  15. Jeff and Colgan discuss scheme selection and timing on scoring the reveal point. They also put forth a recommended short list of schemes for new players to focus on. https://www.theothercoastpodcast.com/episode-18-selecting-and-scoring-schemes/
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