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  1. Coming up for air after a weird last 5 months. Played my first game of malifaux in a long time this weekend. Needed it. Decided to jump on the forum today and started back with this topic. A good read to get back into the hobby. Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm. This is interesting. I haven't been playing it this way and will have to check out the rules. I'm assuming you are correct, which would mean a lot of things don't happen (injured, shielded, burning) when the markers Drop. It does change the equation perhaps - I will have to test it out.
  3. From this weekend's action vs. Colette I can tell you it's not Seamus! The fact that they have access to a versatile model (The Captain) that can basically shut down a master isn't that great. Between his aura (-2 damage), armor, soulstones, and magical training (shielded), (and fade away on Colette) I was looking at -4 or -6 damage off of a 4/6/8 damage track. Seriously deterred me from even doing anything fun except jump around the board and scheme a little bit.
  4. Some common ways are 1) Shieldbearer removing a corpse candle with blasphemous ritual 2) Toshiro removing one for summoning 3) Reva removing one with Killer Instinct (I sometimes take this upgrade) It's once per activation. not once per turn. If I activate Reva between a shieldbearer and Toshiro I can remove, summon and remove, and remove to get 3 pyre markers worth of shenanigans in the first turn (although only two markers remain because you need one to summon the candle)
  5. Perhaps I played better, and I appreciate the assumption, but I don't think that's entirely it. It could be a playstyle difference too. In the 5 games the injured stack didn't factor into the game that much. I focus generating as much burning on the first turn when the risk of engaging the opponent is limited too because if I've stacked 2-3 burning on someone but the opponent can't reach the injured is wasted and I get a couple turns worth of potential value on it before the burning recedes. Most of the time I'm loading up burning on Reva herself which does injure her, but it also gives her se
  6. Sorry my friend, not playing on vassal anymore. My local scene has started playing in-person games again. It sucks wearing a mask the whole time, but it's better than slogging through a 4 hour vassal game (For me they always took longer).
  7. Corner, corrupted ley lines, breakthrough, assassinate, martyrs, leave your mark, spread them out I’m going to give Seamus a spin I think
  8. I’m playing against arcanists tomorrow! Not sure who he will bring because he hasn’t declared yet. Usually brings Colette, Kaeris, Mei Feng, or Marcus. Will post follow up when he’s declared
  9. I’ve played Reva into Kaeris 5 or so times and I’m 4-1 in those matchups (regular games, not keyword only). In general the matchup favors Reva. The injured hurts but the negative tends to be Offset by the shielding.
  10. Good luck in your game - will be rooting for you of course. BUT, you might feel differently about this in your post game...
  11. I just played a game of Reva vs. Colette Colette was definitely a pain and seems very strong. However, I actually basically ignored her the whole game. Unless you can easily deny resistance triggers I wouldn't waste any AP even attacking her. You're just giving her additional mobility. So don't take assassinate. I agree with Scoffer on killing the doves. It's relatively easy to do and just limits where she can go. Also don't forget that Colette's presto-chango can really jack with the positioning. You might think you're out of range but you're not. Once he forms into the Duet he'll o
  12. I know I’m in the minority but I do think Reva can be competitive in a number of schemes/strategies in keyword. I’m not saying she is top tier in keyword, just that against a similarly skilled opponent you should be fairly matched. shieldbearers are great and I almost always take two of them. My base crew is: Reva, 2x CC, 2x shieldbearers. Most of the time I’ll put GST On the shieldbearers but not always. I actually like Draugr and take one Or more in most games. Yes they will die if you throw them in, but they can also dish it out. Prototype glass cannon. They are decent on the
  13. I love playing Seamus. I think his keyword isn't as bad as people make it out to be. My standard Seamus list is: Seamus/Whisper, CCK, 2x Dead Doxies with GST, Carrion Emissary, Nurse Nurse is the only OOK model I tend to hire). bottle of painkillers is great with great triggers and tools for the job is awesome too. Seamus with an extra focus or shielded opens a lot of doors. With GST the Doxies are quite difficult to kill and the movement tricks can be used offensively or defensively. That gives me 15 stones to play with and I tend to vary based on the strat and scheme poo
  14. Here is the current Resurrectionist Faction!
  15. I understand the theme, but I struggle to see how this list is going to kill anything (besides Seamus of course). Feed on Grief is nice I guess, but will mostly be doing 2 damage. It'd be great to have a really strong attack vs. WP somewhere in the list to take advantage of the scarlet temp bubbles on your turn as well.
  16. Unsurprisingly I'm going to defend my girl here. I've played her into ressers a few times and her corpse candles are particularly great in these matchups. She generates them automatically and they can only be removed by friendly models. We remove a ton of corpses too in keyword - Shieldbearers for example with blasphemous ritual, Vinny or Draugrs with cremation. More burning is generally in our favor. Vincent's crossbow ignores hard to wound too. If all the corpses are removed, we still get our corpse candles which can be great. Any corpses that the resser opponent tries to generate for themse
  17. Very interesting in general - I play quite a bit of Reva and find her to be extremely flexible and well rounded. If she's viewed as the weakest, it makes me think I should branch out!! Most of my experience is with Reva and Seamus and I'd say they are both pretty good. I just like their playstyle the best.
  18. re: the upgrade - Thanks for pointing that out! I have to say working through the replace mechanic did take us about 20 minutes. After having done it it will be faster next time. I'll let him know about the upgrade. So I was defender and basically deployed in a big bubble with the shieldbearers close by the do focus bombs. There was some blocking terrain in the middle of the board that prevented a straight-up push forward by him. He didn't really have a good opportunity/target to presto-chango something away or bury it. He ended up swapping a dove and Envy late in the turn to shoot
  19. For that board I would definitely be bringing Seamus and the Rider regardless of the scheme pool. I'd love to play on that board in real life - imagine having a train set! Usually if I'm playing on vassal my opponent and I just keep generating a board (after crews) until we get something that we both think is fair.
  20. Just a quick closure on this... We played the game yesterday. Stopped after 3 turns due to time and my kids not leaving us alone lol. After 3 I was up 2-1. Very likely score would have been 2-2 or 3-2 in my favor had the game run its full course. My list: Reva +2cc Manos Anna 2x Shieldbearer w/ GST Bone Pile His List: Colette + 3 doves Cassandra 2x Coryphee, one with soulstone cache Silent One Envy Miner with Magical Training I went with research mission and vendetta (Shieldbearer on a Coryphee). In hindsi
  21. After reading some of thesE cards I’m tempted to bring both Manos (Lantern) and Anna (Gravity Well/Hostile Work Environment)...seems to be good counters despite some juicy public enemies targets
  22. I declared Reva and got quite the curveball. My regular opponent usually brings kaeris or Mei Feng but surprised me with Colette! Standard public enemies With take prisoner, vendetta, assassinate, claim, and research mission never played Colette before but she looks intimidating, like the crew would be hard to tackle. Any advice would be appreciated
  23. I've played Reva into Dashel before and utilized this - Vincent and Anna. But it was a more killy pool. Either way, watching Vincent one-shot an Executioner was the highlight of the game! I misplayed Anna in this game so didn't really get to see how useful she was. I held her further back because the of weight of his shooting so did not get huge benefit of her gravity well and hostile work environment until late in the game. I should have just pushed her forward I think.
  24. I like Seamus for this one - Seamus, CCK, 2x Doxy w/ GST, Emissary, Nurse, Manos. Good mix of killy models and tanky models. Lots of terrifying to help pressure the opponent.
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