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  1. So is the store live now? I try clicking through and it keeps asking me to enter a password to continue
  2. Just got into Malifaux but wanted to throw some WIP posts here to help with the motivation. Standard graveyard style bases by Micro Art Studio. Coming over from GW I have to say that while I generally like the style of the models the assembly of Malifaux models is really grinding me. So many fiddly pieces for someone with sausage fingers lol. I picked up an emmisary 2nd-hand and promptly broke off the skull thing so subbed in another scythe from GW nurgle bits. Will add posts periodically as I make progress. Any feedback is welcome. Have a great day!
  3. Good morning! A friend of mine gave me a demo game of Malifaux a few weeks ago and I got bit hard. He gave me a couple pointers on list construction but just based on fluff and model coolness factor I picked up the Seamus and Reva box sets and a couple versatile models. I've been perusing other posts and there is a lot of good tactics, etc. on this forum. But, like anything else until I start playing the game a lot of the verbiage doesn't stick yet. Any good advice for general noob/starter as far as how to approach this game? Not a complete tabletop rookie...I played a lot of old warhammer fantasy in the day and am used to just point and click try and kill everything. This game seems a fair bit more nuanced.
  4. Just got into Malifaux...I picked the wrong time as I'm jones'ing for a game but stuck in the house! My first post...this effort is from my 9-yo daughter Rosalie.
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