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  1. As noted in previous pools my experience is limited to Reva and Seamus (for now!). I'd be leaning towards Seamus personally. I would take something like the following: Seamus+Whisper CCK 2x Dead Doxies w/ GST 1x Rotten Belle 1x Dead Dandy Nurse Dead Rider 5 stones --OR-- swap in Emissary for the Nurse and GSTs Goal would be to use the Doxies to score - terrorizing (11), disquised, HTW, Regret is hard to shift against most crews (especially healed by nurse). Use the Belle (Lure) and Doxies (take by hand) to disrupt opponent's scoring the strategy. Seamus and the Rider are mobile enough and killy enough to threaten most crews and prevent my opponent from rushing the center. I'm including the Dandy as a cheeky way to convert enemy scheme markers into corpses for me if necessary. Would likely lean towards Research Mission (if taking Emissary or the enemy's crew is appropriate), Spread them out, and claim jump.
  2. So we just wrapped - 6-3 to the Reva crew! My list was Reva, 2cc, Toshiro + Whisper, Anna Lovelace, 2x Shieldbearer, Grave Golem (5 stones) His List: Mei Feng, Forgeling, Sparks, Mechanical Swarm, Metal Golem, Metal Gamin, Soulstone Miner, Rail Worker I took Claim Jump and Leave your Mark. He took Hidden Martyrs and Assassinate. There was a decent amount of terrain on the board and it did end up as mostly a scrum in the middle of the board. The Anna and Sparks Hostile environments shut down a bunch of tricks for both of us. Despite his armor my crew ended up being a little more tanky especially with the burning. I removed a bunch of scrap markers early which made it more difficult for him to get around efficiently. I ended up getting 3 points from Public Enemies, 2 from Leave your Mark, and 1 from Claim jump - I missed a 2nd claim jump point by 1/2" - after a lucky red joker spiked my grave golem and forced me to bury/unbury too far away from the center on the last turn. The Mechanical Arachnid Swarm is quite nasty, especially with the bombs in your belly upgrade. I ended up just not attacking it all game. It was in base contact with Reva but I just used my other attacks and since it was a scrum I had range to other models. Between the stones and plus flips from burning (and the healing) I never went below 5 wounds all game. It was a bloodbath and quite fun! Thanks for the support!
  3. This is what I was thinking too. For upgrades, I generally like Killer instinct on Reva, Whisper on Toshiro, and GST on the Shieldbearers. Given KI I could probably survive with 3-5 starting stones, which leaves me with 1, possibly 2 upgrades to dole out. Any thoughts on what the priorities are? I'd probably lean to KI and Whisper, but the shieldbearers are quite hard to shift with GST on them...choices choices!
  4. Looks like it’s Mei Feng! I need to figure out how to get Anna Lovelace into the crew!
  5. Playing Reva this weekend into Arcanists: standard deployment, Public Enemies, with assassinate, claim jump, hidden martyrs, leave your mark, and spread them out. Is it too obvious to just go full killy and plan to take assassinate and martyrs? Or maybe maybe martyrs with one of LYM/STO/Claim depending on what master he picks thinking about Toshiro, Manos, 2x shieldbearers was GST, and one of (Wanyudo, Flesh Construct, Draugr) depending on the opponent’s master. Thoughts?
  6. I consolidated the photos in this post. All painted in the past 5-6 weeks! Current state of the faction. Revenant, Redchapel, and Experimental predominately with some versatile added in. I have the ancestor/retainer on the painting table now as well as the rest of revenant (wanyudo, lampads)
  7. So I only really have experience with Seamus and Reva. McMourning and Yan Lo are on the painting table now but until they're done I'm a little limited. It might be suboptimal but here are my two lists and ideas for Pool 2 with Seamus and Reva. Reva: Reva with KI + 2cc, Toshiro with the Whisper, Manos, 2x Shieldbearers w/ GST. This leaves me with 12 stones and was considering either Wanyudo (leaving 5ss cache) or a Flesh Construct OOK (4 ss cache). With Wanyudo the approach is to have the main crew hold the center and let Wanyudo run the flanks dropping scheme markers. I'd probably focus on Breakthrough/LYM or possibly assassinate depending on my opponent's master/crew. With the Flesh Construct, I think the approach becomes a lot more fighty. Basically hold the center, heal, and kill anything that comes close. Probably LYM/Vendetta. The construct gets a sneaky assist from Toshiro's leadership too which is nice. He can also go fast late game if I need a schemer. I have 3 upgrades which seems like a lot, but I actually thought of putting the whisper on Toshiro to ensure I have the right action order to hit his triggers (mask, ram, crow). Thoughts? Seamus: I had more trouble finding a good list with Seamus. I started with Seamus, Whisper, CCK, Manos, Dead Rider, Doxy, Dandy (for scheme removal), Nurse OOK. that leaves 10 stones and I'm not sure what I'd even add given that I need a decent cache with him. Maybe a sneaky gravedigger to give me scheme options after seeing my opponent's crew? Generally I avoid taking Seamus into a pool like this because it's easy for my opponent to tell that I'd prefer to use Vendetta and Assassinate and plan around it. I usually like taking the Emissary with Seamus for obvious reasons, but I usually have to play him forward to get the corpse on the opponent's table half and he dies too quickly especially in a strategy where the opponent will be likely rushing the center anyways. Thoughts?
  8. I have never played Von Schtook so will defer to others for his prowess there. Any time I see leylines I am definitely reaching for Reva first and then open to being talked out of it based on the scheme pool. In this case though I still like her very much. I generally avoid take prisoner b/c it's a pain to set up, but the other 4 schemes are quite achievable based on what my opponent selects. My initial thoughts on a general list would be Reva plus KI, 2cc, Wanyudo, Restless Spirit, Dead Rider, and some combination of Draugr and Shieldbearers, possibly with GST. I don't rate the Lampads unless it's a different strategy and your opponent is also using pyre markers. Hidden Martyers is easy by launching Draugr up the board and keeping the Shieldbearers back until late game. Especially with assassinate on the board they are going to be gunning for Reva anyways. Leave your Mark and Breakthrough should be at least one VP easy with Wanyudo. and the Rider can always threaten it too with his mobility although I'd rather be beating something up. I think my VP cap would be 3-4 from Leylines, and 2-3 from the schemes. Obviously it depends on what my opponent brings
  9. FYI - I played Reva into Kaeris last weekend in my first live table game in 3 months! We drew 5-5 in Recover Evidence, but it was a bloodbath game. Kaeris was happy to give out injured +1000 to all of my models from the pyre markers, but we discussed it after the game that it ultimately wasn't that impactful. The shielded generally cancelled it out then some. Plus it did cause him to think twice about pushing pyre markers into my models as half of them were immune to burning or he was giving me a resource to use for plus flips. And while the shielding stacking is great each time, there are significant diminishing returns for injured as he's already going to hit. Injured 3 doesn't help that much when my model probably has shielded 3. The trick is to kill Borgman first as he's pretty nasty. We have lots of tricks to draw off burning and I was able to extinguish his Burning 6 Fire Golem with 2 Draugr 🙂
  10. I just started on the Forums and with Ressers so I'll plan to contribute every day!
  11. I've been playing a little bit with Reva lately. I haven't had a lot of luck with the Mourners personally. I think they're better suited in Redchapel if at all. Shieldbearers are great and I like the Draugrs too. They die pretty easily but hit hard in the fighty strategies/schemes. PS - I live in Chicago now but grew up in Revere - go Red Sox!
  12. Ive been on a hobby kick the past week! Current Redchapel crew. Two belles to go!
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