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  1. So, here my impressions of that game. My plan to spread out lead to the Situation, that neither levi or jack had the opportunity to deny the strat. Jack is surprisingly fast, with all his movement tricks. I Probably feared his bubble to much and stayed to long out of the close Combat. Levy still causes havoc, when you have enough Cards, stones and better targets than jack or guiltys. Taelor didn't do much, but more cause she failed several times with her actions, so can't say how good she realy is in this matchup. Necropunks where great with they're speed, A&D had trouble cause we pla
  2. Hi Guys Need some advice, how to play Levi into Jack Daw. Never played against Jack so i hope you could give me some tips. Strat is Symbols, and i can take only one Versatile or out of keyword-model. Thoughts i made is to take more Soulstones than usualy, take a rutheless model and probably something against conditions. Which Model would you take for the rutheless (Taelor, Hans, Freik)? or would you take a prospector insted? Can Levi compete in Jacks bubble of doom or should i stay out and try to rely on shooting? I think i should have still enough fighting power to not
  3. She is from the new amalgam core set. A little teaser for the next one. Who could it be?
  4. Real good painting! Any tips to reach such realy nice freehands you did on tje skirt and dress of that ten thunders miniature?
  5. Realy like you're paint scheme. The blue pops realy strong and is a great eyecatcher. Great customization-skills!!
  6. Hi Guys This is my first post in this Forum. I'm a Malifaux and Malifaux-painting newbie with some experiences with other tabletops. Let's beginn with my first finished miniature, for me it was a speed paint and some experimenting with no color brands. Hope you like it!
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