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  1. Are friendly models unaffected by original pit traps in addition to scrap markers that now count as pit traps? When they refer to "these pit traps", do the "(visa versa)" include the pit traps that are now also counted as scrap? Can I "ride the rails" from a scrap marker into base contact with a pit trap marker (within 6" of Sparks) without suffering 1 damage and 1 injured?
  2. @Caedrus 3 Lavroix raiders finished for April. 15 SS.
  3. Thank you for your feedback SEV! I will give magenta glazing a try, as long as it doesn't appear glossy afterwards.
  4. Thank you muraki! I made the crates from balsa wood and the tomatos and chilli peppers with green stuff. The assembly is supported internally with some metal wires.
  5. @Caedrus Finished 18 SS worth of models for March.
  6. @Caedrus I claim 25 SS for February: Scatter terrain (5SS) + two focus pieces (20 SS).
  7. I have constructed and painted a couple of Bayou houses from Balsa wood. I also made a couple of barricades. How many points are they worth?
  8. @Caedrus Another 12 SS finished for January.
  9. Thanks! I used contrast paint for the Gautreaux Bokors (the spirits), and the lightning bugs. The rest is free hand.
  10. My Wizz bang keyword is completed! Next keyword to wrap up will be tricksy, where I only need to paint the test subjects.
  11. @Caedrus Finished 13 SS for this month.
  12. My progress so far: Finished painting Alphonse. He's got a big base to fill though, so I don't consider this model finished before he has something spectacular to stand on. @Maogrim I will post the complete crew once he is finished.
  13. My new year resolutions: 1: take better care of my brushes. 2: finish painting all my malifaux miniatures before buying new ones. 3: complete my current keywords. For January I will complete the wizz bang keyword by painting Alphonse. I will also paint the lucky effigy.
  14. If someone want to go for proxy models, I expect that the future Bayou Bash game, and the faction starter sets that were announced at Gencon, will provide some nice alternatives.
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