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  1. I was trying to create a new thread with some uploaded files. I kept getting an error message from "the storage server." It told me to contact you for help. Help. Please. 🙂
  2. I've read the main books and have started moving on to the adventures. I have read a one shot that I enjoyed and one that I didn't think was very good. It would be nice to know where to focus my efforts. What are your three favorite Penny Dreadful One Shots?
  3. Ooo, I kind of like that idea. You may be onto something. Thanks!
  4. Have any mechanics been published for playing non-fated characters? I ask because I often ease my players into new worlds by giving them pre-generated characters to explore with. Then, some small number of adventures in, I have them "discover" their real characters. We do character creation at that point and they play those going forward. This gives them a chance to get a feel for what they are creating before they commit to a bunch of decisions with long lasting repercussions. One thought I've had for doing this in Through the Breach is to start them in the typical scenario as pa
  5. JEG2

    Party Size

    I'm new to Through the Breach, but a long time roleplayer. I'll be Fatemastering my first campaign in this rich world starting in January. In preparation for that, I'm noodling around with several ideas that it would be great to get some feedback on. My first question is this: what's the ideal party size for Through the Breach? I'm going to guess it's in the neighborhood of three to five, which works well for most games in my experience. Has anyone had success with six players? If you have, I would love to hear details about how it went or any tweaks that you made. My typical r
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