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  1. Thanks for that comprehensive breakdown sweet tooth I’ll read it again and again and try to remember all that info. The lone marshal with upgrade looks like a useful take. Now just to fit all these awesome tactics into a useable list as so many awesome combos above. Any one tried greed ? Seems a good source of providing lady j with decent soulstones incoming for attack and defence? Not much synergy otherwise but could keep J going for a fair while?
  2. I think a good anti summoner / undead set up maybe useful for idols also as the likelihood of coming up against that I feel maybe fairly high in my local setup
  3. Ah yes charge action thanks for the clarification. That’s awesome and very powerful if it comes off especially if J has already managed to get 3 attacks off in her own activation! Or yet to activate guild hounds perhaps for idols? Although in a j crew they’re not ideal as they’re out of keyword so perhaps looking at marshals I’ll see if I can manage a list although I’m struggling to get all the yummy stuff In now which is a nice problem to have!
  4. Wow so basically you can if bubbled up get a free activation on all of your models! I’ll be running the pale rider for my next game for sure! any tips for idols with guild I can really see much in the way of an obvious idol pusher?
  5. So the pale rider can make everything charge at the end of its activation even if it’s already charged? That’s very strong in a lady J crew if that’s correct. I need to see if I can get him in my list! Any more clever plays he can pull off? This is all fantastic information that I will take further with my lady J crew and it gives me some elements to practise with over the next few weeks to ready me for a local tournament. Thanks for the info, great stuff!
  6. I’m fairly new to Lady J and keen to understand how I can take my play to the next level by unlocking some synergies with her crew. What successful models have people used to synergise well with a Lady J crew? Ive played the following list a few times which I have really enjoyed but felt the Death Marshalls although ok lacked somewhat. Lady J, Scales, Judge, 2xDM, Emissary, Lone rider, Guild steward. 5ss I really enjoyed marching this crew forward with J, emissary and judge and dominating the midfield which I really enjoyed! I followed with DMs and scales and Steward. Lone Marshal flanking. Im enjoying this crew but there does feel limited synergies wise and I’m looking to understand any tips and tricks that I can look into with these or other models in keyword or out. Any cool tips, plays and synergies would be appreciated. Cheers!
  7. I feel perhaps taking a Crooligan with the dead rider, dropping it off and letting it place tokens and teleporting back to molly/Archie was something I could have done which may have worked better for the strategy and schemes I had
  8. So I played my first game last night and really enjoyed it and the crew. I concentrated on the models abilities and synergy more than the strategies (plant explosives) and the schemes (dig graves and leyline) found that they were great fun. I leaped Archie off with his explosives turn one and teleported crooligans too him with their explosives and activated one of them in turn one to drop a explosive marker and ran the rider off down a flank. Moving molly Necro machine and rogue Necromancy up behind. Molly cleared Misaki shadow tokens and Necro machine healed up Archie and activated him turn two where he healed again and leaped off into the fray. We didnt get much further in the few hours we played but thanks for the advice it really helped and i enjoyed the way the crew played. They seems so tanky with the self healing although I found it hard to hold Archie back with the crew and left him a bit vulnerable at times with only Crooligan support which was soon removed prevent mollys reactivation of a minion skill. I wont change anything for the next game just concentrate on the synergy as I feel I’m missing the potential is some of the models and the way they work together thanks again for the help
  9. This is all amazing info I didn’t expect so much advice it’s great. You lot are awesome what a great community page thanks. Ill soak up the info above and try to learn from my first game Friday
  10. Fantastic info really helpful I’ll read up more about the specific elements, abilities and ways to trigger them with molly but this is info gives me a great starting point especially knowing to treat molly as a quarter back as tactically I don’t know how to play her as yet so this does help. Does this means it’s wise to move the crew together keeping her wrappped for protection by the big hitters while the Crooligans do the work?
  11. What would you say your minon crew looks like on average as I’m curious about it and how it plays? It’s good to know she’s good at both options elite and minon and that I can try different options for different games to keep my opponents guessing
  12. Excellent thanks for the heads up I’ll have a read of the info pinned and see what I can learn from it thanks. Great, I really like the idea of playing elite so that’s good news. So this works well for molly because she can draw the cards quicker to ensure the heavy hitters have a good chance of doing what’s required?
  13. I’m still learning so could you please explain the use of the larger soul stone pool please and how it would benefit the crew more?ive not got to that in the rules as yet. So the rogue necromancy is perhaps the model to drop out of the three big hitters, keeping Archie and the dead rider. Great info thanks I’ll run the crew as much as I can to learn the ins and out
  14. Thanks this is all helpful information. I don’t ultimately mind picking the wrong crew for the first game but always good to have the knowledge in advance to help and as you say more game time is always good. Do you feel the elite list can be played with a Molly crew? Archie and Rogue Necromancy with maybe another such as Death Rider or is that not the way Molly plays? Or is this all dictated by the strategies and schemes? Any basic tips, tricks or pit falls I can fall into with Molly and her crew?
  15. Thanks. Not as yet but thanks for the advice it would give us something to refine now to save too much hassle trying to remember everything on the night. I feel my brain bulging with info already and this would help keep things flowing for the first game!
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