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  1. Usually at the end of the turn (as this would be when you would take damage from conditions) but if you use an ability like blood poisoning it would be instant. Best way to remember is just instead of taking damage from poison (whenever that would be for whatever reason) you just heal instead.
  2. Most people seem to consider Marcus as a lower-middle tier master. I have only played against him once so I can't really comment on his power level. Would love to hear why you think he is higher on the tier list as I recently came I to a good deal of Chimera keyword models and can't wait to put him on the table (although as a dirty Arcanist)
  3. Take Tara for example. She was considered bad last GG but now everyone expects her to do well this GG with minimal changes to her crew (Talos got a buff). Reality is the masters that got changed we're usually a NPE for your opponents and needed a tweak. Just because they got nerfed doesn't mean they're bad, they just may not be easy mode anymore.
  4. Best piece of advice is to not listen to others knee jerk reactions and try it out yourself. People get really emotional about playing with plastic dolls and as @Maniacal_cackle stated when a master goes from best at everything to good at some stuff (where every master/model should be) they immediately start saying the models are now "useless"
  5. Would be difficult making an effective crew with those models, but you could easily make a 50ss crew with either Valedictorian or Phillip and the Nanny as the leader, and adding other models in as desired. If you don't have it I highly recommend downloading the M3E app as it's totally free and has all the cards for every model, and would assist you in making decisions about crews. Transmortis are a great keywords but they kind of need Von Schtook to power them up. With the transmortis models you have you can make a fairly decent crew if you just pick up the Von Schtook core box. He is currently very strong, and his crew can generally perform and scheme and strat setup fairly well. Later on you can add in a box of necropunks and piece.together the other students you'll need.
  6. This reeks of someone getting smashed by Daschel whose knee jerk reaction was to come here and make a post about it. He's strong (and so is basically any other summoner) and could use a tuning but it's not far breaking.
  7. I don't think von schtook is underrated, he's constantly said to be one of if not the top resser master, and in a faction with a lot of great masters says a lot. Granted now that not many people are getting games IRL and using mostly vassal, I just don't think he was that prevalent due to the lack of availability of the much needed transmortis box.
  8. The valedictorian (and the students as well) for Vom Schook come in the University of Transmortis box set which is no longer produced. It's possible to find it on eBay, Facebook groups or Bartertown (I found mine on the latter)
  9. I think OP just got second at an event soloing Wong. So he seems to have legs. I'm sure he will share his experience when he can.
  10. Looking to buy a 2E von schill crew. Located in the US
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