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  1. I don't think von schtook is underrated, he's constantly said to be one of if not the top resser master, and in a faction with a lot of great masters says a lot. Granted now that not many people are getting games IRL and using mostly vassal, I just don't think he was that prevalent due to the lack of availability of the much needed transmortis box.
  2. The valedictorian (and the students as well) for Vom Schook come in the University of Transmortis box set which is no longer produced. It's possible to find it on eBay, Facebook groups or Bartertown (I found mine on the latter)
  3. I think OP just got second at an event soloing Wong. So he seems to have legs. I'm sure he will share his experience when he can.
  4. Looking to buy a 2E von schill crew. Located in the US
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