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  1. Just for perspective, I had 1 demo game, then a 30 and 35 SS game prior to this. So it was game 4 for me.
  2. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Figured I should give you an update on how your advice went last night. I did indeed take Toni with Magical Training. Turn 1 Shenlong did his thing, stacking 6ish Chi. As it was 35 points, he did not put an upgrade on Shen, instead opting for bodies to push corrupted idols around. Turn 2 Shenlong came in, and got stymied by the Ironsides/Amina/Captain bubble. He did not realize how defensive it would end up being. Now you may realize something at this point that I did not. That's a lot of points at 35. I was getting 2 pass tokens a turn. And was quickly realizing I didn't have the bodies to do schemes and strategies, I had become so focuses on stopping Shen. I will point out that I believe I got Shen and the Sensei down to 1 would on this turn, because I didn't calculate hard to wound into my math, and they both were able to heal up after. Turn 3 Shenlong bounced into my backfield killing both Mouse and a Gunsmith in one activation. Turn 4 Shenlong tries to get to Amina, but his only route takes him into melee with Toni as well. So he is forced to attack Toni, which puts him low enough to kill on my activation. Turn 5 is a scramble for me to catch up in score, but with only 3 models, it ends up being a tie, 3 to 3. We both scored 2 points on the strategy, and he got 1 point on deliver a message, and I got 1 point on breakthrough. We both had our vendetta models killed in stupid ways before they got to score We both talked about mistakes that we made, and oh boy, was there a laundry list for both of us. But, without your help, I definitely would have fallen victim to Shenlong's shenanigans, and would have been steamrolled. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  3. I'm new enough/lucky enough that I can borrow/proxy pretty much anything while I'm still getting a handle on the game. I really like the look of Sandeep, he was up there with my first purchase choices along with Toni and Raspy.
  4. Greetings my friends! I am new to Malifaux, and I have been informed that I am to play against Shenlong on Wednesday. Are there any shenanigans/gotcha moments I should look out for? This is against one of our more experienced players. Are there any specific models I should look at on the Arcanist side to help against Shenlong? I appreciate your time and input. Edit: I should point out we are playing at 35ss I guess not sure if that changes things!
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