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  1. There are several one-shots that were released for Free RPG Day which include quick start rules.  Unfortunately these rules are only in the print versions -- if you buy the PDFs, the rules have been removed.  The print versions are often available at absurd prices on Ebay.  If you don't need it urgently, I would recommend putting print versions on a wishlist at Noble Knight Games -- if they get one in stock, they'll notify you and they only charge 1 cent for them (they might require you buy some other items along with them, I don't recall).

    The one-shots which have quick start rules (again, only in the print versions) are:

    •  Recruitment Drive
    •  Sixteen Tons
    • Earthly Desires
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  2. Unfortunately, the quick play rules are only in the physical versions of the Free RPG Day penny dreadfuls.  For some reason they are removed from the PDF versions.  I don't understand that decision, it seems like the single best thing they could do in order to get new people into the game would be to make those quick play rules widely available.

    From what I've read elsewhere, The Show Must Go On was supposed to have a physical release for Free RPG Day (in 2018?) but due to some deadline issues it didn't happen.

    I have physical copies of Recruitment Drive, Sixteen Tons, and Earthly Desires and can confirm they have quick play rules included.  I also have the PDF versions and can confirm they DON'T include quick play rules.

  3. One thing that's weird is that in the description of Step 4 it says you should think about whether your character has a variety of skills or is expert in a few (I'm paraphrasing).  It's weird because you don't have control over that -- it's dictated by the card you draw for that step.  To me it still seems the intention is that you do what the card says and can't pick the same skill twice, but that statement does seem to be at odds with that.

  4. I'm a noob and have only made one character so far, but my impression is that (1) you can't choose the same skill twice and (2) you can't choose a skill in step 6 that you chose in step 4.  So at the end you should have a wide variety of skills instead of a small number of highly ranked skills.

  5. I've had it in my head that TTB has been dormant for the last year, but I was just reminded that there have been at least three releases this year--just none in print, I believe.  In fact the latest, Bubbling Up From Below, is a Penny Dreadful One-Shot which was just released on October 23 (according to DTRPG).  Maybe this is common knowledge around here, but I did a quick search and didn't see any mention of it.  It's great to see a very recent release because it confirms that the line is still being supported (not to mention the recent hire of someone new to manage the RPG line).

    I'm curious about a previous 2019 release:  Obsidian Gate from July 24.  This is a "regular" Penny Dreadful so significantly more meaty at 148 pages.  As far as I know, this is only available via PDF which is different than previous "full-size" Penny Dreadfuls.  Has there been any talk of a print version?

    Also, given the fact that TTB lost the main person behind the line around the beginning of the year, is this at all reflected in the 2019 releases by a change in tone, style, and/or quality?  The third and final 2019 release I'm referring to is the one shot Silurid Showdown, from September 11.

  6. I've read most of the Core Rules at this point and I just made my first character.  Here are various questions that have come up:

    •  In the example at the bottom of page 301 of the Core Rules, It says that Brett has 2 ranks in Pugilism so his damage track is 2/2/3. But if I look at the Pugilism skill on page 175, it lists 2 ranks as 1/2/4.  Is this a mistake or am I missing something?
    •  The Doublet/Duster armor isn't listed as Light or Heavy, so I assume that means it doesn't offer any damage protection -- it only lets you ignore a first crit effect.  If that is true, then does that also mean that it doesn't reduce your Defense at all?
    •  I was using a deluxe 4-page character sheet from the GM screen and it has spaces for Venture Talent.  Is this an outdated term from 1st edition?  If not, then I'm not sure what it refers to but my guess would be that it might be the On The Pursuit ability of your chosen Pursuit?
    •  It seemed strange that the Root Skills step is before the Mind step -- in other words, you're choosing skills based on your mental aspects before you even know the ratings for those aspects.  Just curious if there's a good reason for that ordering which I'm overlooking.
    •  Initiative is not on the character sheet - I assume this is a new derived aspect introduced with 2nd edition?
  7. I ended up just picking up multiples of the Other Side decks like in my screenshot above (both types).  At first I didn't like that the face cards don't have faces/characters, but actually I like the clean design.  Just couldn't get into the looks of other easily available decks like Arcane and M3E.

  8. I have the Tarot deck but was looking for some extras for players to use.  I thought I'd get a different style for each deck, that way there's no mixing up cards.  However, it's driving me mad because it seems all the styles of deck that I like (such as the ones from the 2-player M2E Starter Set) are long out of print and the ones I don't like are easy to find.  :)

    There are two decks in the store for which I can't find any card images - the Poker Fate Decks (Earth Allegiance and Malifaux Allegiance).  Anyone know what these look like, or have images?

  9. I went a little crazy and ordered the following.  Any essential gaps?


    • Into the Bayou
    • Into the Steam
    • Under Quarantine

    Penny Dreadfuls

    •  In Defense of Innocence
    • Northern Aggression
    • Nythera
    • Fire in the Sky
    • Earthly Desires (print version from Free RPG day, was included in a bundle)
  10. I’ve seen info online which makes it sound like the setting is largely made up of Malifaux City, but I can see that lots of other towns and settlements are described in various PDs so it seems the setting is bigger than some give it credit for.

    I haven’t been sure what to make of Bayou Games.  It seems very tongue-in-cheek and maybe a type of humor that some groups wouldn’t appreciate, but I could be entirely wrong.  Is there a solid adventure in there or is it a lot different than other PDs?

  11. I've just discovered Through The Breach and I see there are a ton of Penny Dreadfuls and Penny Dreadful One Shots -- a lot more than are actually listed in the official store on this site, and a surprisingly large selection overall.  Where to begin with these?  I have it in my head that Nythera would be a good choice for fleshing out the setting, as I think it might be one of the only releases to go into more detail about the Badlands?  I might be wrong.

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