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  1. 11 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

    You can get smaller magnets. You can get roomier bases. You can say to hell with it and have the bases hover a few mm:P

    I prefer buying generic 30mm lipped bases off of ebay etc.. About as much room as old style Wyrd bases. Took a rough comparison shot of old vs new vs off-brand style differences in another thread a while back:


    Makes sense. I had a pile of 30mm PP bases from my warmachine addiction. I just stole some of them.

    They had slots which is annoying, but I can deal with those when I paint my base. Plenty of room for magnets.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Gaston said:


    Hooded Rider for several reasons:

    --Pandora and Candy like to play mid-field to apply their auras, he gets them up the board faster with Ride With Me.

    --He has general durability, speed, and good damage with min 3 and positive twist to damage, which the keyword lacks in general.

    --Fast, large base models are good teleport beacons for Sorrows, you can get over 10" movement (once you add in base sizes) with a single Misery Loves Company. Great for Plant Explosives.

    --2" reach is very helpful with a control crew. I had played a game against Ironsides, where Pandora Slowed her, Candy Stunned her, and Hooded kept her at max engagement every turn. She was effectively locked down.

    --While I like Teddy, I find he goes down much more easily than Hooded, and he is slower. This could just be me.

    --He is a good generic that can slot into future crews as well, so you get more bang for your buck. In this, Hooded, Iggy, BBS, and Serena make it into a lot of different crews for me.

    this is great thanks. Planning to open with pandora and then move into Mama Z. See where that takes me :)

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  3. 3 hours ago, Gaston said:

    Starting box is good, Hooded and Iggy would be my next purchases for her specifically.

    Can you explain how hooded rider fits in? 

    does he play chill a few turns until he can get like 4 guys in range and moonlit charge wreck them all? Outside of that it seems like he isn’t fitting in to what pandora is doing?

  4. Where do I start? Got the new box with pandora. Will pick up teddy when he ships which seems shortly. 

    What’s a good list to start learning her? Any specific models in Woe no good or extra good? Is the carver any good?

    Anything out of keyword I should look at besides teddy?



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