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  1. Makes sense. I had a pile of 30mm PP bases from my warmachine addiction. I just stole some of them. They had slots which is annoying, but I can deal with those when I paint my base. Plenty of room for magnets.
  2. So, the new 3e style bases have no room for a magnet. What are people doing?
  3. this is great thanks. Planning to open with pandora and then move into Mama Z. See where that takes me
  4. Can you explain how hooded rider fits in? does he play chill a few turns until he can get like 4 guys in range and moonlit charge wreck them all? Outside of that it seems like he isn’t fitting in to what pandora is doing?
  5. Carver and teddy I see on preorder, so out soon? i don’t see iggy anywhere, so maybe next year?
  6. Where do I start? Got the new box with pandora. Will pick up teddy when he ships which seems shortly. What’s a good list to start learning her? Any specific models in Woe no good or extra good? Is the carver any good? Anything out of keyword I should look at besides teddy?
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