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  1. Thanks all, I was aware of the customising a list pre game thing which is why I asked for a roster as opposed to a list. I like the idea of a kite based list. I will do me a browse of the models. Are they all put now?
  2. Cool, have decided on Parker I think. Could anyone recommend a roster?
  3. I'm actually looking for something that isn't like Legion so glass cannon isn't what I'm after. I think. Would you say Tara is a no go?
  4. Hey all, Coming from WarmaHordes and think Mali looks awesome. I have a list of Masters I like the look of so wonder who you recommend getting first. Open to suggestions for other Masters as long as its not Hamlin ololol Parker: less so the models more so the running and the gunning Tara: I play Legion so like the look and she sounds v weird but maybe hard to play. Though if everyone is learning at the same time it may be worth the effort to learn her... Zipp! Like the model but LOVE the annoying sound of the Master. He is my doppelganger Levi: I like the models and like the idea of being hard to kill and not a glass cannon Anyway, hopefully this isn't a dumb post...
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