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  1. wow what a month, been away on work, unexpectedly for the majority of it! slowly getting through Marcus, will be close if i get him done in time
  2. Time for my first go at this! I pledged enforcer and i'm looking to start 2020 off with my first master! Marcus
  3. I really like @Shock & Awe idea for buy back in, I know if I failed a 3rd month for whatever reason (im looking at you work!) I'd never be able to buy back in at 50 SS but with this idea its a challenge but do-able!
  4. That was super useful!, not sure how much metal I will get with the Marcus 3e box, but will hopefully try some NMM myself in the coming months, really appreciate such a detailed reply!
  5. @Nikodemus I have been following this paint job as I wasn't sure on pink look myself, but that looks amazing and really suits the model. If you get time and wouldn't mind at some point I would really appreciate a step by step (with colours) for how you did the sword. I'm always to scared to try NMM but really want to push myself when my Malifaux models arrive as the sculpts are beautiful.
  6. Same here, mine hasn’t even been shipped yet 😞 think it’s either pure luck or location dependant
  7. Presume international packages go after the ones in USA but speaking with them earlier in the week I think they're trying to get them out this week, maybe going into next... fingers crossed!
  8. Sounds like something I will have to try as I’ll be getting the 3e box for Xmas. Biggest challenge will be finding a good local scene that can help teach me!
  9. Thanks for the info, looking at crew builder I couldn’t see the adversary on jackalope but probably a rule I’m missing as I haven’t read the rules yet but sounds interesting
  10. Thanks! Are there some good go to synergies at low SS games for Marcus and the crew
  11. Thanks, yes those boxes looked interesting to me.. in terms of box I’ll probably be getting 3e Marcus as a Xmas gift so although 2e box does give some good beasts. Henchman hardcore that I hear about is this a set rule? Thought you’d still choose a master an go from there? Thanks
  12. Thanks, money isn’t the issue, more I don’t want a massive pile of boxes to be painted, and prefer to paint the box in full before moving on. interesting idea to learn could be good, do people ever do lower than 50 point games to learn with a master?
  13. Hello all, apologises if this isn’t the right place to post, let me know where I should move this to. I have a some questions that I’d appreciate help from those with experience. I’ve been reading up on some other Marcus posts to give me ideas but have some questions. What’s a good SS limit to learn the game? 30,40,50? I’ll be picking up the Marcus box but don’t want to buy a bunch of boxes (ideally 2 more, I’m a slow painter so limiting purchases) I’m quite keen on a lot of models, Vogel, Blessed of December, Cojo, Sabertooth.. any help would be great. What would be ideal
  14. Hello all, long time Malifaux lurker who has never really got going! Work, fact nobody around here collects Malifaux and everything else getting in the way but time to stop making excuses! I am going to try getting a crew or 2 painted up next year so using this to help me keep motivated among the sea of other games and models I have sitting around. Collected miniatures for around 15 - 20 years, but still very much a novice in terms of painting. So I'm in for the Enforcer 6ss pledge next year and I am hoping to paint up (if a dare risk the beautiful sculpts) the Winter Wonderland box set a
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