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  1. +1 for making the Drachen trooper attack ignore concealing. What I would really like for them is ruthless ( for the mental image if nothing else) . For Lazarus I would make him a Henchman or at least make him attuned then reduce the TN of assimilation to 12. For Normal Freikorps troopers maybe give them a "Flare" trigger for +1 burning so they can synergise a bit with drachen troopers.
  2. Another fun one is a Guilty with "wanted criminal" attached upgrade. You can shoot it with a Dead Outlaw (after charging forward using "run and gun" of course) to draw a card for the torment ability, trigger "drop it" for an enemy scheme marker, draw another card for "wanted criminal "while still having the scheme marker to trigger "covetous carvings", "life of crime" or to use for "appraise". Plus points if you include a bayou smuggler for card draw from "carry the loot" when removing an enemy scheme marker. A bit resource intensive for competitive play but fun.
  3. One to start with is Freikorps with the Midnight Stalker. Thanks to hidden in plain sight he counts as having the same key words as the leader, when out of the leaders LoS. Hanna is a 50 mm so it is easy to hide him behind her, so: 1. Hanna can use adaptive tactics to copy his leap. She can use siphon power for the suit so it is trivial to pull the card for it. 2. The steam trunk can give him equipment upgrades and replace them for a card as he counts as Freikorps. 3. He is a valid target for the Engineers strengthen armour as you can draw a card after discarding for c
  4. I wanted to create a thread for all those little tricks that may not be game winning, but are fun to try and maybe not seen so often. More to drive discussion than anything else. I'm not aware of a similar thread for M3E but if there are any posts covering the topic feel free to link to them.
  5. Looking at the name, Faction and Cost I guess this will include the 2 Engineers and Lazarus. While I'm excited to round out the crew, I'm really not a fan of the normal Lazarus sculpt. I doubt that even with a LOT of customisation I would want to put him on the field. Is anyone else hoping they include the alt Lazarus instead? Update: It looks like wyrd have now released the sculpts. Credit to HomelessOne for pointing this out.
  6. Nice to see someone else who likes Exorcists. False Accusation is difficult to get off but it does have some nice triggers and helps the rest of the crew a bit. What I would like to see is a couple more models with False Accusation (maybe the DMR?) and a few baked in masks for triggering hunt the dead. One problem I have with marshals can be mobility (we rely on Lady J for that) and the odd push would help a lot. I'd also like to see rough riders get the Marshal keyword. I'm not sure how necessary they are in Wastrel but a minion with ride with me and the ability to drop dust makers
  7. Sorry, Catch them is an ability attached to the No Prisoners upgrade in GG1. It is minion only so maybe better examples would be when used with a Hunters harpoon attack or a field reporter using flash photography with the convulsions trigger.
  8. The "catch them" trigger states "after resolving a successful attack" but also targeting an enemy with 8" aura. If the attack action moves the enemy model such as Bring it (or possibly moves the attacking model, there are triggers for movement such as on the Rough riders melee for Basse) when is the 8" measured? Before the attack or after resolving when "catch them" takes effect?
  9. "Burn Out" as a trigger states : "Target suffers 2 damage and gains Fast". This isn't in italics, so is and effect rather than a cost? So if I read this right then it is affected by armour and shielded? So for example a model with Armour + 1 and shielded +1 would not suffer any damage except for reducing the shielded by 1?
  10. I think Basse' defensive trigger is underrated as it is "after resolving". Combined with dust cloud markers this makes him very resilient to melee attackers, especially those with flurry or onslaught. But Dude, Baby Basse is awesome. For a start: Home on the range +1 helps the entire keyword. Her kick up dust has a useful trigger to push the Dust cloud that will only become more relevant with the introduction of Sand worms. 'Bring it' can be amazing for positioning. She is Significant. An example first turn could be: Deploy Bernadette and Corneliu
  11. The Jury can be great against some masters (Tara and Dreamer come to mind). But normally I would prefer saving 2 stones for the Guild lawyer. To be honest I think the Lawyer deserves a special mention as OOK for most Guild crews. The ability to hand out +2 shielded a turn to 2 different models a turn helps a lot with the durability of the crew and the trigger to obey and drop a scheme marker makes some schemes possible that otherwise wouldn't be. I find myself using the Obeys on Nino for the stat6 attack and to benefit from the range of his family values trigger. One final
  12. I think the new "No Prisoners" has some cool interactions but it also seems that Wyrd have replaced an ability that was a bit niche and situational with an ability that is... even more niche and situational. Honestly, I prefer the old version. I always thought the biggest problem with upgrades in Guild is the lack of minions where it is worthwhile taking them. A lot of our minions go down to a sneeze and the enforcers didn't have much use for clockwork grenade. The only ones I would take "No Prisoners" on were the Hunter, Death Marshal Recruiter and Mounted Guard. Even this really depende
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