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  1. Which will absolutely be the case considering the route Wyrd is going (GG2, Titles) - we already kinda have this situation, now when it comes to dual Masters and it will increase; maybe even exponentially. While it's no big deal for competitive play (rules/variables for the mode are usually officially anounced before) it might become a relevant issue when trying to promote the game and/or geht/keep in touch with other metas.
  2. While you are right, I still call it lazy. As the moment arrived where I had to decide if I choose 2000+ strokes or 5 minutes of drybrushing - I just picked drybrushing. Not that this wasn't the wiser decision but I will never learn how to properly paint feathers if I never do it... If I started with putting more effort into painting this particular model from the very beginning I probably would have done otherwise. But overall the outcome is decent enough and in a busy month I tend to be forgiving towards my own painting stuff. Thanks for the heads up, anyways. I alwa
  3. Don't be too critical about it. While you can do better, it's still a decent paint job and the hair indeed is great. Shading and highlights also are just on spot. More transition would have been nicer but it's a great gaming piece, aynways!
  4. Aaand the next and last Order Initiate: It was a bit rushed but the next 6 Stones are done for this month's challenge.
  5. And the next one. Not my best piece of work but okay-ish. I have to confess that I was a bit lazy and used drybrush on the wings.
  6. So, something non-Undead, again: I'll get back to Rezzers after the third Order Initiate. Redchapel is in need of some Dead Dandies.
  7. It's not much for a sunday, but here is my second Order Initiate for 6 Stones.
  8. Shame, @Maogrim. I always enjoyed your shared pics a lot. Anything we can do to keep your motivation going? I have to confess that I didn't finished any model either so far. But I will try my best to at least fullfil my pledge for March. Wanna join, @Maogrim? Would be a pleasure and an honor.* * consider it a polite kick in your butt.
  9. The errata not only destroyed Von Schtook game but als pic wise 😥
  10. I feel you. Crossing my fingers that you find time and motivation to be back on (painting) track again.
  11. The miniatures in the box indeed all look very promising. I am a bit afraid of touching Myranda due to the many transitions in color and textrure I am planning/willing to try. It was a busy month so far. But I plan to finish the other two Acolytes this weekend. Cross your fingers for me, please.
  12. - Doxies are bonus movement and Anti-Focus + tank - Belles are Lure (hooray) + WP attacks in close combat + tank - Dandies are anti-scheme + tank - Mourners are card hungry if they are meant to do something + tank The main issues is what @Maniacal_cackle mentioned: all those Redchapel Minions only in theory do anything within Keyword (Why, hello love + Redchapel Killer). They prevent some scoring for your opponent while in most games they have hard times to score you points and Seamus is somewhere else doing stuff (killing or scoring). anyways.
  13. Are they? Those 4 minions already are totally different: - Dead Doxies with Take by the Hand for extra Movement + the awesome Regret Trigger - Rotten Belles with their Lure + on damage counting as - Dead Dandies for eating Scheme Markers or Corpse Tokens to create Scheme Markers or Corpse Tokens - Mourners with anti Ruthless Tech and On Your Heels Trigger plus a bit of healing They all do different stuff with their Actions. But they still lack. Imho it's mainly the lack of movement to keep up with Seamus himself. They just don't synergies this well with thei
  14. Of course, there has to be one (please, pretty please)!
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