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  1. Forgotten are pretty good in HH. Archie + Crooligan can put down Strat markers quick, Archie is a tough nut for Vendetta, and Crooligan can be a decent fallback for accomplishing Vendetta. P&N can sometimes tax the hand enough to force the opponent to pick Strat or Schemes for the turn, and deadly pursuit is very good for HH. For the fourth model: a Rabble Riser is decent if the opponent’s keyword doesn’t have much defensive tech, a second Crooligan makes the Strat even easier, or a Night Terror can help protect vs a gunline.
  2. What? Black Blood: “After this model takes damage…”, that looks like a timing structure and is in reaction to an event. This is a prime example of what an Active Ability is…
  3. Actions are always referred to as being generated, Ability effect generation is only mentioned in the Killed section. Considering that Active Abilities are the only Ability that mentions resolving the effect, which is falls in line with Actions, I think only Actions/Active Abilities generate actions. Take Insignificant, there is no resolution timing in the ability so nothing is generated in reaction to something and resolved. Active Abilities read as being resolved like an Action, by performing the entire text in the order presented. Walking Dead would make for a pretty convoluted Active Ability with multiple resolution timings.
  4. Is there somewhere in the rules that states something to that effect, or is it something assumed from previous editions? (Just a curiosity question)
  5. Kenshiro is good with Gokudo in Yan 2. Gokudo w/ Focus+1/2 can turn Kenshiro's Tactics Tokens into card draw. Add in Trained Ninja, and you can use Yan2's Obey to charge 7" and draw a card if there is an enemy w/in 6" after the charge. Also makes the stun/stagger icing on the cake.
  6. Passive Abilities are always in effect, and to me reads as though the effect is always "resolved" and not ever generated/resolved. To give an example, Armor does not have a "when resolving" effect to resolve in step 3 of damage timing, the reduction is just simply applied as per the first sentence. Active Abilities would be the ones that generate/resolve an effect imo. I would be more accepting of Walking Dead being the effect that killed the model if it was in active voice, "If the Corpse Marker is removed, kill this model". The passive voice use makes it seem like the effect removing the marker is implied to be the "kill this model" effect. I suppose maybe I'm hung up on "generated effect", but that just seems to be a prominent factor since it is explicitly stated.
  7. No, it is a game term definition as denoted by the 'referred to as the "table"'. All rules after that point which say table are specifying that they only apply to the 3x3 surface unless otherwise stated (like Buried). Except Scion has an ability which explicitly says it can target a Buried model... which is exactly what Buried rules require for permission to target a Buried model. So I'm not sure how you made that logical leap with Scion. Regardless, you do not target when resolving an Aura, making Scion's ability to target Buried models moot. Letting an Aura hit Beebe seems like generalizing Targeting to all forms of drawing range/LoS. Since area effects don't target, this would be a pretty big contradiction to the rules.
  8. You're right, the restrictions are in the Area Effects and Table rules (which Auras must still adhere to). Calypso would be the model that triggers any Aura effect, and the upgrade doesn't let Beebe benefit from effects affecting Calypso or let you redirect effects to Beebe.
  9. I'm not sold on the Corpse Candle's Walking Dead ability being the effect which kills the model. Walking Dead looks like a passive ability, so the effect is constant and is never generated. Killed specifies that the model which generated the effect which killed the model gets kill credit. Vincent's Cremation is the only Action/Ability generated during the removal of the Corpse Marker, so I think 3 Pyre Makers should be dropped. Is there anywhere that specifies more on passive abilities and whether or not they generate an effect? I use generate in the specific sense that simultaneous effects uses it, actively resolved.
  10. Bebee is not on the table, and area effects are an area of the table. Bebee is never possibly within the Aura's area to trigger a range/LoS check while buried. I'm in Here seems to me to allow the ability to target either Calypso or Beebe, and not as a method to safely double dip on friendly effects. All rules pertaining to model position disallow two models in the same place on the table, so I don't see why this would grant permission to ignore that without being more explicit.
  11. I do not think Area effects draw range to a specific model, and instead draw range to an area of the table. Since Beebe is not on the table while Buried, I don't think he can ever be in range of the Aura's effect. When a model draws range to another model, I think of the targeting step for resolving an Action.
  12. Yes you are correct. Black blood would resolve in Step 5 of Damage Timing. However, you would not go through the Damage Timing for the models who suffer damage until you finish all of Mature Nephilim's damage timing. Briefly laid out: MN suffers damage, goes through steps 1-4 of Damage as normal, Black Blood's effect resolves in Step 5 and generates damage on models w/in 1", Step 6 is then resolved and NM is removed from the table, and finally all generated damage from Black Blood then goes through the Damage Timing steps one at a time.
  13. Haka is an Aura, and is a constant effect. At no point does one stop ignoring positive flips so that you can use a positive flip to cancel a negative flip.
  14. The use of is/was is passive voice in either case. Regardless of language used, Auras are not checked once and resolved regardless of position. “All models inside the Aura’s area are affected by the Aura as long as they stay inside the area and remain in LoS of the generating object.” What would give the model permission to push outside the Aura and resolve an effect that requires it to be within the Aura’s range and in LoS of Sonnia? If you can Push out of range of the Aura, you can also Push out of LoS of the generating model as well. It is either both or none.
  15. Depends on Faction maybe? I’ve only HH’d as Outcast, Resser and TT, and Jake/Bishop, Toshi/Yin or ANZ/Ototo are frequent OOK picks because they are so strong for the Strat/Schemes. Though, that could be that I use stones for reasons other than to attempt to deny the Assassinate/Vendetta reveal rarely.
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