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  1. My group and I are new to TTB and we're still learning the rules. We understand the abstract concept of the Height aspect, but a lot of us are really detail oriented and would like to know just how tall is a height 1 or 2 character? Is height based on yards like all other measurements in the game? If so does that mean a height 1 gremlin is maxed out at only 3 feet and a height 2 human is maxed out at 6 feet? Again, we understand the abstract nature of it for actual game play, we're just wanting to know some general ranges for the flavor of our characters.
  2. I'm hoping we get some news for it soon. The group I play with just discovered this game a couple of months ago and are about to finish our 2nd epilogue. We were so intrigued by the core rules (2e) that we've already picked up Into the Bayou, Into Steam, Under Quarantine, and Above the Law. Since there are references to From Nightmares within the Core rules themselves (character creation) we were hoping there was at least an update for the release.
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