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  1. Great job with your color gradients and shading! They look awesome!
  2. Poltergeist done so that's the Pandora box finishedπŸ€—
  3. Are the markings/handprints freehand? They are great!
  4. Finished up Pandora. It's the box art but I'm happy with her
  5. Things I've painted pic dump
  6. Baby Kade done. I should also have my poltergeist done soon if the base ever shows up πŸ™„
  7. I disliked painting these. You'll notice there are only 2 of 3 😁
  8. That yellow is 😍 and the OSL is subtle and well done πŸ‘
  9. ☝️ What is this amazing color used for the ghostly bits?
  10. I'll be painting Pandora's crew this month. My most watched painters are Duncan, Scott at Miniature Maniac, and Squidmar 7/9 - WIP Teddy. I think I need to figure out some shading because he's coming off a bit flat
  11. I am brand new to the forum so a little unsure if this is the correct spot for this, but finished this Crooligan this weekend.
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