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  1. I thought he got 3 counters because "Cremation" says "removes" and the "Walking Dead" ability says that if he were to be removed, he is killed. Hence I think it is the "Cremation" action that really kills the model and not the "Walking Dead" ability.
  2. Ok, just 2 pyre markers then. Corpse candle Demise ability + Cremation. Thank you, guys ^^
  3. hmmm... are you sure? well... then it could be 2 pyre markers cause demise skill corpse candle
  4. Hi guys, I'm also interested in knowing how this skill works. Reading the rule book, I have come to the conclusion that you put 3 pyre markers (1 for "Cremation", 1 for "Funeral pyre" and 1 for the death of corpse candle). why? Because it is the "Cremation" ability that triggers death, not walking dead ... otherwise it would count as if the corpse candle would kill itself ... and I think that is not possible. I'm sorry for my English, I hope I explained myself well.
  5. Hey, guys! I played M2E with Reva a lot of games, but now in M3E she looks a little different... I was making crew lists with her but I think I need help hahahaha.... I played her with Grave Golem, Restless Spirit ( I didnt like it very much), Vincent, Asura + Bone pile (easy schemes) and Wanyudo (10/10 miniature, amazing hire). Why do not we make lists in this forum to help each other and comment on them?
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