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  1. Thanks for the replies, Maniacal_cackle and Trample. I'll go with two core boxes since I won't really play on stores or competitively. Will mostly be playing at home with guests. So I'll go with Titania for sure and either/both Von Schtook/Lucius. Will take the route that Trample mentioned and start with Titania, the only one which is out already, and expand from there. Have been trying them using paper minis and I really like the variety of tactics with different types of crews. It truly seems like a deep game!
  2. Hi there! New to the forum. I played some wargames when I was (much) younger and I decided I want to paint some minis again, and play some casual games with my buddies. As I don't want to give money to very-famous, bloody-greedy, plagiarizing-yet-absurdly-litigious companies, I researched alternative games and decide on Malifaux for aesthetic reasons (Steampunk Lovecraftian Gothic Dark Universe? you had me at the concept art), and because the crews are smaller and games are shorter and turn-limited. The fact that these cool Wyrd guys release the PDFs of all the info is awesome as well (I'm testing the gameplay with playmobils). Now I'd like to get a couple crew core boxes, ideally they should be balanced. I've read that for casuals it's best to go for the rule of cool. I really love the aesthetics of Ressurectionists and Neverborns. Specifically, I really love the Carrion Effigy (because I really really love plague doctors). It's a resurrectionist versatile, so I suppose I could play it in any Rez crew. Would it align well with Von Schtook? (another aesthetically pleasing Rez). On Neverborns, the absolutely gorgeous models are Titania's crew, so I'm thinking of getting these as well. Also Lucius from M2E looks awesome, a depraved venetian nobleman... but it seems so far the 3ed box is not in the roadmap. I'm open to any ideas and suggestions on how to set up 2-3 starter crews for casual game, so thanks in advance for each and every input.
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