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  1. This sounds good! We may even choose 1 of the 4. Thanks for sharing. Going to try this
  2. We have 1 player that plays Rutherford and we run into this all the time. When he plays we dont do death race. You brought up WFB and watch tower. Thar was a breaking point for my Bretonians. Those are great examples and that is why knowing the exact scenerio ahead of time is good. Minimize bad match ups.
  3. We play Infinity a lot. Genrally when you make a list, you just swap out 1-2 lesser models not the entire team. i will look further into the game.
  4. thank you for the boost of confidence in the crews not being rock, paper, scissor, spockish. I have all those models but they never compared to the base speed of colette, marcus. But i will look at it closer. I will read more into the edition. *i mean i don't have the Dancers. i was hoping that 3ed would of let go of the old way of forming battles and streamline it.
  5. Agreed and that is why our group has never played past 2-3 games in each edition before switching to other games. AND, it makes it very hard to introduce the game to new people.
  6. In the games listed, My meta, we choose the mission during the week, spend time at home generate armies then meet and play.
  7. maybe i am being too hasty? maybe i need to go see if the crews are more than Rock, Paper, Scissor, Spock.
  8. the fact that this exists Encounter Set Up A. Determine Encounter Size B. Place and Define Terrain C. Determine Scenario D. Generate Schemes E. Choose Faction and Leader F. Hire Crew G. Reveal Crews H. Choose Schemes I. Deployment J. Start of Game
  9. Addtionally, it forces you to have 2-3 crews ready to play. 1 for combat, 1 for speed, 1 for capture the flag ie Corrupted idols? if you have 1 crew and draw the strategy that it has trouble doing, you are just forced suck or buy more models that you may or may not like
  10. I play a lot of other miniature war games (Infinity, KoW, LADG, Bolt action, Gaslands) . Most of those games, you can agree to a scenerio before meeting. Additionally, if you wanted to play a specific set of models/theme/tactic/style you can choose a battle format that accommodates. You can then build a list tailored to what you want to field and how you want to battle. Then when you meet you can immediately start playing the game. With Malifaux, you cannot do this. You have to bring all your figures. Meet your opponent. Then simultaneously reveal your faction? Then determine how you
  11. I have about 40 models. I have tried 1st edition, terrible balance issues. 2nd Edition was pretty bad but better and more balanced. 3rd edition. I did not read any of the rules. I went straight to how to generate a fight. The concept of how you square off to fight is absolutely terrible.
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