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  1. So to answer some of the comments, without getting into huge long arguments (the irony of bitter trolls calling me a troll); Con's 1. getting rid of an increased charge distance and having "charging" (running) the same distance as walking makes no sense and wastes more time on movement. 2. reducing the range of most melee abilities means now you have to walk more and you have to get close for combat. Instead of speeding the game up, this has slowed it down even more 3. Getting rid of the master specific upgrades is the most disappointing thing for me. Now the masters feel very generic and have lost the range of mechanics i could choose to switch between game per game. The Dreamer crew feels completely different, the dreamer lost a lot of cool, fun healing, control, movement abilties and got... a bat? LCB feels way squishier, lost his awesome teeth attack, and his extra attacks with his claws as well as his melee master. Widow Weaver lost her ability to make Teddy's (one of my favorite things) as well as her ranged attack, and now just pushes people further away and spins webs. Titania's Autumn Knights all became generacized and lost the whip abilities, spear abilities, and 2hsword abilities that made them unique and interesting. The Emissary of Fate lost his fun, carniverous plants ability that really matched his theme. 4. Needing to spend +1 summon points to summon a character from your same faction seems like a huge deterrent and makes me way less likely to mix and match and try new things. 5. Paralyze was one of my favorite mechanics and now it is gone. A lot of the new mechanics seem very underwhelming 6. Investing in certain crews and characters only to have them moved to different crews with different keywords and/or functionality is disappointing. Pro's 1. The new cards are beautiful. I like the size and layout 2. Getting rid of defensive stance and reducing the effectiveness of cover is a good thing in my opinion. It felt like previously all the movements were from cover to cover and there was never an opportunity for a straight shot 3. Some masters and minions that were perhaps underplayed have been improved which was a good balance check. 4. I like that not all conditions end at the end of each turn. Those are my thoughts based off my experience and actually playing the game many, many times so far. Not sorry that i am not on the "everything is wonderful and great bandwagon" and when i give a contrary opinion everyone loves to hate. I do love this game and think it has a lot of great unique qualities, and unfortunately it just feel very watered down. That is hugely disappointing as a long time fan.....
  2. As a fellow game developer, it astounds me how negative the changes are in Malifaux 3.0. So many unique characters and abilities have become generic and lost their flavor and fun. Most of the characters that I have used and loved (mostly Neverborn) have become nerfed (not that they were O.P in the first place) and lost a lot of their unique abilities. It truly shocks me how as developers you are ok and moved forward with these changes. I would like to think that a new edition would be an "improvement" to the characters, systems and overall experience, but from everything I have read (with the exception of pass tokens), this update is a huge downgrade in pretty much every way. I could not be more disappointed....
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