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  1. So to answer some of the comments, without getting into huge long arguments (the irony of bitter trolls calling me a troll); Con's 1. getting rid of an increased charge distance and having "charging" (running) the same distance as walking makes no sense and wastes more time on movement. 2. reducing the range of most melee abilities means now you have to walk more and you have to get close for combat. Instead of speeding the game up, this has slowed it down even more 3. Getting rid of the master specific upgrades is the most disappointing thing for me. Now the masters feel v
  2. As a fellow game developer, it astounds me how negative the changes are in Malifaux 3.0. So many unique characters and abilities have become generic and lost their flavor and fun. Most of the characters that I have used and loved (mostly Neverborn) have become nerfed (not that they were O.P in the first place) and lost a lot of their unique abilities. It truly shocks me how as developers you are ok and moved forward with these changes. I would like to think that a new edition would be an "improvement" to the characters, systems and overall experience, but from everything I have read (with the
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