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  1. I killed my first group about 5 sessions in because they used magic to steal a pnuematic arm after they sold it to a guy. they got the arm while helping a death marshal hunt undead and he was nice and provided a bill of aquirement since it would look like they killed a guy or dug up a grave to get that arm otherwise. it had all their names on it and the deathmarshals name. so they sold it and an hour later used the conjure spell to teleport it out. the death marshal gets informed about this and has to report it to the witch hunters and then thinking they might be innocent demands to handle the
  2. My opinion on social skills is that if a character is terrible at RPing and trying to come up with a interaction for how to get a shop keeper to lower a price or to do them a favor, just have them roll the dice and tell me what theyre attempting to accomplish. for example if a character wants to distract the shop keeper, they can do this several ways Intimidate: you hulk threateningly in the store often being overly rough with the merchandise making the owner keep his eye on you Deceive: you rush into the store telling the shop keeper that theres been an accident and he needs to come
  3. ok i need a bit of a help on this so physical and mental aspects range from -5 to 5 and the most that you can get any aspect to at character creation is 3. ive searched through character advancement combed through the general Talents and skimmed through pursuits looking for any hint about if there is a way for the fated to increase their aspects outside of character creation. any help on this would be appreciated.
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