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  1. Since I’m a NVB Lucius player I don’t really know his GUI tricks. I will try him soon like that: 


    Lucius Guild Aggression  (Guild)
    Size: 50 - Pool: 1
      Lucius Mattheson
      The Scribe
      Agent 46
      Alan Reid
      Guild Lawyer
      False Witness

    with entourage, and stand back... it has to be easy to move the peacekeeper up. Impassioned defense making it harder to damage it and witness handing out adversary to it makes it easier to obey it. Seems like quite some support for the little robot. Alan Reid is simply awesome when used to ask questions and coordinate attacks with him. The agent does what the agent does... simply be an additional threat for the opponent. Investigator should be kept in the back to deny schemes, draw a card and push here and there. 
    I will use this list in a scheme pool with lots of Marker schemes like sabotage, spread, lym or if the opponent is invited to come to you... 

  2. Hello 

    i need your help, please. I started Malifaux in M3e and I am slowly getting forward listening to the podast. The stories are quite hard to understand since I'm no natural english speaker.  Everything I heared so far about my favourite master is, that he is some govener guys secretary and  well... he is mysterious. There ain't that much intel on him. Even in the NVB-Faction-Book... nothing...

    And then again I'm looking at the keyword and cards and ask myself: has he always been dual master (GUI/NVB)? Why are there so few mimics and much more elite? How come he is half NVB? ---is he? Why is there no Klaus Norwood in Malifaux? What does he want/do? What's his attitude towards the other NVB masters? And towards guild masters as well?


    Maybe you can help. Who is Lucius Mattheson and how did he become the NVB master he actually is?

  3. On 11/21/2020 at 6:31 PM, Ogid said:

    I don't want to discourage you, go ahead and play him; I do and he is super fun and one of my favourite masters. But mind his crew is misleading, his models and upgrades screams "ruthless hunter" but his playstile is closer to Colette/Nelly than to Nekima, at least in this faction; in ARC he can be more agressive. To win with him in NVB you need to abuse his mobility, the condition play and mobility shenanigans that NVB beast has

    After a few games with Marcus I totally agree. He has become my second colette - just a NVB one.  I dance through the wilderness (severe) and only attack if I get the kill. Preferably models that have not activated this turn. And use accomplice if necessary. 
    on sunday I took out Leveticus 5:1 (ok my opponent didn’t know Marcus at all). It was soooo much fun to score, deny and retreat. 

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  4. Ok next one. Same campaign. So no ook! 
    this Build would be better fielding a BBS performing his blasphemous rituals giving angel eyes more focus. The false witness handing out adversary to angel eyes so you get :+flipobeying her. Agent 46 mimics the gun. 

    Lucius Eyes  (Neverborn)
    Size: 50 - Pool: 9
      Lucius Mattheson
      The Scribe
      Angel Eyes
      Agent 46
      Alan Reid
      Guild Lawyer 2
      False Witness 3

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  5. I played a lot of games against rasputina in the last months and played puppets most of the time. Collodi once and Hinamatsu like about 6-7 times. It was armor and healing that kept my models alive quite well. High movement was the key to winning. Lure was the answer to his movement or auras. And I usually don’t get too involved fighting. I focus on scoring first.

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  6. Oh yeah, Lucius is a hard one. I'm not suited for the "obey your opponent" style, since I cant wrap my head around it in the midst of a game. Therefor I came to use Lucius in different kind of ways. One (obvious) way is the "shift of AP" in which I use the AP of Lucius, Lawyer, Changeling and sometimes Vasilisa or Agent 46 to activate another model - preferably a minion-beater, agent 46, alan reid or angel eyes to stomp someone. Of course coordinated attack can be used this way, too. 

    In the following core-list I tend to use Lucius as a "little" devilish puppet master for collodi is DMH. Its a core-list since ther are 19 SS left to adapt to strat and schemes. I used this core in a campaign, in which no OOK models were allowed (so no BBS builds)... it performed well.

    Lucius, Scribe, Agent 46, Alan Reid, Vasilisa, 2x Wicked Doll     +19 SS left

    This list consists of models that can hit (agent, alan), interrupt (alan, scribe) and move (vasilisa&dolls). If needed, Vasilisa can change this list to a beaty one killing the dolls and summoning stiched together. By increasing the carddraw (add a Changeling/a Lawyer) Vasilisa can summon Stiched very easily (alan can one-hit a staggered doll if needed). Vasilisa can use staggered as well as Alan and the Dolls. Adding a Changeling is also awesome to "just like you" the issue command and let agent 46 occasionaly mimic "just like you" which most oponents dont have in mind and which made me score in several games. 


    Yes - I know - this isn't the awesome, astonishing brand new idea no ever had before... It's kind of obvious BUT this list really has potential IF played well- it took me a lot of games to get to know the possibilities and combinations of Lucius and his keyword and another several matches to really understand and play the list above. It's a flexible list - not a "one trick pony" and should be played this way. And furthermore this list plays different depending on how you spend the 19SS...

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  7. 7 hours ago, SEV said:


    Well I guess I'm in Alp team (only for summon of course).

    Well then I‘m Team madness (hire and summon) 😅 the insidious madness are my favorite minion for being faster (mv6& incorporeal), tougher (incorporeal &7lp), having scatter (really mean) and attack WP.  I primarily summon them and let them unbury next to several enemy models to bind them - works well slowing the game for my opponent. 🥰

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  8. A list I like a lot, even though it's a little slow:

    New The Dreamer Crew (Neverborn)
    Size: 50 - Pool: 6
      The Dreamer
      Lord Chompy Bits
      Widow Weaver
      Insidious Madness
        Ancient Pact
      Daydream 2
        Ancient Pact
      Daydream 3
      Wicked Doll 
      Wicked Doll 2


    I'll be using turn 1 to power up dolls to stiched and Lucid dream a lot. This isn't a list you may bring into all strats&schemes. It focusses on building up a force and a deck to get the upper hand. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Warharan said:

    Another question; is there a rule of thumb (of sorts) for the number of 'lucid dreamers' in your crew?

    (and once again; thanks for all the very helpful insights and comments!)

    I like to play lucid dream heavy and use 5-7x lucid dreams every turn. 

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  10. On 12/31/2020 at 1:36 AM, Peturd said:

    Back on topic, I do wish there was more options to have a beast horde instead of just elites. I love the story with the swarm of birds. A crappy (low SS disposable) hound option would be great too. Just to give another play style option, for different pools etc

    Maybe this is where NVB Marcus kicks in. I haven’t played corrupted hounds yet so I haven’t got a clue. 

    next wish (if not the trigger thing) would be upgrades get plentiful 3 instead of 2... I just love camouflage❤️

  11. 29 minutes ago, Adran said:

    If Marcus was intended to do this, you'd have thought the faq would have gone that way, since this is probably the action most effected by that change. 

    i can hardly believe Wyrd wanted to nerf Marcus specificly... I thought of this decision being a general one, since there are a lot of factions/crews/models/actions affected by this errata! And therefor I intended to change it only to call of the wild. If Onslaught, Coordinated Attack, Pouncing Strike etc. would also generate chain attacks, these triggers would be way too strong/dominant. But maybe you are right and Wyrd just wants a AP-tradeoff where 1AP can only generate 1 AP! It's the same with Lucius' issue command, but lucius gets to draw a card doing so and therefor has some benefit. He also has 2 useful triggers and can also generate other kinds of actions like :ToS-Melee:)... if compared, Lucius gets way more benefit changing 1 Master-AP to an other models AP... and even though Lucius is not regarded a strong or OP master.

    Its a wishlist after all. I simply want marcus to be at a better state so others might also want to play him. I'm open to other suggestions.

  12. After a few games with Marcus I wish for:

    1. Expand Primal Domain to 12"... this would lead to more carddraw and stabilize marcus in general as well as boost the "swap upgrades kind of play"

    2. Rework call of the Wilds :ramtrigger so the chosen beast may declare triggers in the following :ToS-Melee:.  this would be pre-GG1 state.


    even though I would love to see some NVB Marcus boost, these 2 are what I think Marcus was intended to be like...

  13. 21 hours ago, Filox said:

    Lucius Mattheson possible changes:
    - change Under Pressure for Pull Here and There
    - add Preparations Trigger to Issue Command
    -  increase Hidden Sniper stat to 6 and add Coordinated Attack trigger

    Yes the hidden sniper is a bit weak, but coordinated attack would imo be too good. Stat 6 would be fine. 

    21 hours ago, Filox said:

    Investigator right now:
    It's a rarely used model, Garrote and Staggered Tech does not work. Overall it's pretty underwhelming models.

    Investigator possible changes:
    - sorry folks, no idea

    The design is fine. I would rather their cost to 6. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Ogid said:

    How the cerberus and the OI performed in that game btw?

    The Cerberus jumped forward to score breakthrough second turn while messing with the opponents plan. He had to use jakuna and a bone pile to stop cerby from dropping lots of scheme markers. So to say he did his job as scheme runner well and disrupted the opponent. 
    the Order Initiate was also more of a disruption engaging enemy models, attacking them with adaptive evolution to get the bite trigger and heal up. Could have been any other model, but at 6ss and adaptive evolution with the free action they did a good job. 

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  15. I got into Malifaux by playing the other side. First got me sandeep whom i loved right from the start. A few weeks later I participated at a tournament at my lgs and got to the 3rd Place. My Price was Lucius and he was a tough challenge for me to master. I fell in love with the minis, the style and his kind of play. On this way I got a hold on the master of puppets box to include vasilisa in some of the Lucius games and so I was newborn a Neverborn. 

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  16. 21 hours ago, Ogid said:

    Did you gave him Focused+2 to +4 the first turn with the Wisp and other model(s)?

    Yes focus 4... 3 by mark territory and an additional concentrate. Wisp 2 markers and OI 1 marker... do this went smoothly. And to me one Wisp is nearly set. I love the possibilities of a Lure. In my first two games I didn‘t include them and I missed messing with my opponents plan incredibly.

  17. 1 hour ago, Ogid said:

    Wow, Marcus vs RES in Public Enemies, that's bold haha. How did it worked out? Did the Kirai's player picked anything OOK to try to counter you? How did both lists looked like?

    But good use of Myranda tho, the Grootslang form is great for that, controling dangerous models that otherwise will deal a lot of damage to your crew. And in most cases the place let her disengage so you can charge and engage (and maybe slow) 2 of them.

    It turned out a draw: 5:5! The Kirai player took: Kirai, Ikirio, Jakuna, Datsue Ba, Bone Pile (god, how I hate that one), 2x Onryo, lost love, 2x seishin. Then he summoned Shekome and Goryo in turn 1&2... 


    I took: Marcus, Jack, Cojo, Myranda, Grootslang, Cerberus, Order initiate, WotW

    My opponent had a hard time killing Grootslang just to get Myranda shapeshifting into Grootslang afterwards.. O I loved that look on his face! The game was quite close and the last few flips were crucial! If inly my Rougarou managed to get the intimidating roar, I would have won.


    Oh and by the way: Cojo was a real butcher this game. the camo on him worked well and he had a good time wrestling those ghosts!!! 😄


  18. Note, that I‘m not an expert on Marcus as I‘m still learning his skills... after yesterdays match (public enemies vs kirai) in which I mostly turned Myranda inro Grootslang (to bind Ikirio in 2“ Engagement) I hard the following idea for the next game:

    I want to use the beast shape to move Myranda so she can use her own ap healing. Therefor Rougarou seem legid as they are HtW and have deadly pursuit. And in the meantime Order Initiate or Marcus can move her with call... 

    On 10/24/2020 at 2:35 PM, Ogid said:

     I recomend you to give her at least 2 defensive mutations if you plan to use her shapeshifting a lot and activate her latter in the turn to not have her stuck into a beast mode for too long

    I think camo and wings are best to have here, right? Since a replace is a place and therefor a movement and she probably wont get the shielded +2 via plates. Do I get that correct? 

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  19. 21 hours ago, Ogid said:

    1 The best tools for this are either Lures (Wisps or Adze) or WW stonning "Into the Dream Web" (which goes well into The Scorpious for the Neurotoxin aura for a real threat);

    I already bought the Adze & Wisps box and WIP-painting em... gonna try them next week. 


    21 hours ago, Ogid said:

    3 Keep him near of Cojo as that's the model that he can use to deal damage most efficiently (and use Wisps/dolls to give Cojo a decent stack of Focused the first turn); use him to move a model and then accomplice into it for extra attacks or to bypass dangerous areas, put serrated on him and spread Adversary, engage him with enemy models to keep them away from your squishy beasts...

    Will try. THX that gave me some ideas. I'm a little sad though the Primal Domain and the Call of the Wild range is only 6" (Lucius does it better)!


    21 hours ago, Ogid said:

    4 Myranda is usually better near of the center of the board, with Marcus and Cojo. To move her you have some tricks, Rougarou can push her, Cojo can also push her, Wisps/Adze can lure... it's a bit harder but she supports very well the crew, it's worth the hassle. And she can also use the call of the wild into accomplice.

    She is the model I struggle about the most. But I think I will have to get Groteslang and 1-2 Rougarou to make her work. So far I only had Bandersnatch (and Adze from now on). 


    21 hours ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    I guess a key point here is when you have a highly mobile crew like these, you can afford to swap models between tasks and respond to the flow of battle (as long as you put some effort in to make them ready to swap). Compared to models like Grave Golem, Toshiro, Teddy, Woe crew, etc, which have to commit to a particular plan and can't deviate from it easily. Abuse the heck out of this so you only have exactly enough models to do the job as needed in one spot, don't waste having a bunch of models in an area where they don't need to be. If 2 models can score the points, send everyone else to mess up the enemy.

    Thats good advice. I'm still learning which elements can be used as tarpits the best and when to use which upgrade efficiently... but yes that kind of style seems to be nvb-marcus' thing. 

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  20. Hello again,

    i had my first 2 games yesterday playing Marcus. My List in both matches was: 

    Marcus, Jack, Cojo, Myranda, Cerberus, 3xOrder initiates --> I knew this list isnt ideal, but these are my painted models... and I wanted to test these.


    First was vs. Ophelia: I mostly hid behind terrain and waited for my chance to strike. 

    Second was vs. Kaeris: I danced around the board, scored and waited for my chance to strike. 

    My main-problems were: 

    1. I was totally lacking movement shenanigans to move enemy models and ranged attacks (or something similar to put the emeny under pressure).

    2. to keep my models alive after a guerilla-strike (Cojo/Cerberus/OI)

    3. what do I do with Marcus after I attached upgrades (turn 1 or 2)? How do I use the Master-AP efficiently?

    4. to move Myranda to places where she is needed atm (since she is no beast and cannot be moved my call of the wild). i am stuck between "she is super important and stample" and "She puts pressure on my own play so better leave her home next time"

    5.  how do I put my opponent under pressure? Ive found it easy to score myself, but my enemy also was easily able to do his thing…it was mostly like i killed an opponents Model  he killed 1 of mine  i killed he Killed... ...


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