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  1. What do you think about hiring Ferdinand Vogel into Colette -as discussed by thirdfloorwars in Deep dive Colette...? I haven‘t tried, but I like the model and the idea of him shapeshifting on stage... @emhellaith yes it does
  2. Thank you very much for this thread. One thing I want to point out though is that an ice dancer can also replace enemy scheme markers it moved through. And with a silent one (hired OOK) it sometimes is a nice variety to play with... (nice actions and abilities)
  3. As I got stuck with Lucius back in October/November I made myself a systematicly analysis... I won a M2e Lucius box at a tournament at my LGS and had a hard time getting into the style of play Lucius is good at. I've lost quite some games really bad and was wondering why. So I looked at all the models and wrote down, which of the abilities, attacks and tactical actions I thought of as "good" or "strong"..... then I did the same thing with triggers/suits.... after that I looked at all 4 strategies and all 13 schemes and wrote down which models would be good at achieving the strategy
  4. Yes, I got that and I find it an legit style of play. I'm also interested if it works and what exp you make with it. Especially "what comes after the alpha strike"? How does your crew perform in the long run and how does it score/win? Mhh, first of all, I played Toni (with SSC) once with Captain and once with Gunsmith. I found the Cap more of a thread in this kind of setup even though the GS can attack Toni to give add Adrenaline... Of course I used Presto to teleport enemies into Tonis bubble. I focussed on models, that can make life hard for the rest of my crew (fast models, that can
  5. I agree being able to swich style increases the strength and flexibility. To me Colette has that ability even without the Duett buffed up to eternity while spending AP. Eg. Colette with Duett and 2 Coryphee, Ferdinand Vogel, Cassandra can already be quite a killy crew. Or I played Colette with Toni twice and found this setup quite interesting and strong in beating. There are some ways of doing so.
  6. Hehe, I also play Colette and Hinamatsu (even sometimes Collodi). I really love to play Coryphee with Colette as a "dancing queen" spinning around hardly fighting any melee at all but also using coryphee aggressively in a puppet crew.
  7. Isn‘t Colette like most of the other masters as well - if played by a skilled opponent who is focused to the task of getting victorypoints and knows his/her Personal play with the crew, it‘s a hard task to win -? I think there is a possible way of winning against every master, if you know how he/she works and if your faction has tools to counter... same with Colette. E.g. With Seamus I would concentrate on getting rid of the cheap schemers (Mannequin, Showgirl, Angelica) and soon you have to spend precious AP of your „good“ models on scheming. As a Colette player I know that‘s what makes
  8. Ohhh I asked myself the same question over and over again (but playing Lucius a Neverborn Master). So I came to the conclusion that a fast model with the ability to drag along a false witness and with a decent damage output is top-of-the-pops! Since then I tried: Hooded Rider and mature Nephilim: I want to get the Rider/Neph and a false witness next to the target so i can use the distraction Aura at its best. Combine that with serena bowman (attacking WP at 8")... quite nice to have. In a Guild Crew I suppose it would be the Pale Rider even though its damage output is a little smaller. I
  9. I tried stiched 2 days ago once in a hinamatsu crew (2x) and once with collodi (3stiched) and I completly get any frustration. Especialy against collodi since he can make em use lucid dream or GYL twice. They seem quite nasty. I would make the damage of GYL uncheatable and maybe reduce it to 2/3/4 or a fixed damage of 3...
  10. I totally get your point regarding the efficiency and so on. And you got me convinced to try out the BBS for sure but to me Lucius is about Control and Speed and Distraction. I usually try to score early to push my opponent towards unpleasant decisions as „attacking or scoring“ and I like to offer models as targets while others do the scoring. A mature nephilim is really great doing so. But I will surely give the BBS a try. Thanks a lot.
  11. Oh yes, I nearly forgot that. Tbh this may safe 4 Soulstones but since it uses AP/Cards/Masks it is not my kind of play with Lucius. I want and I need to be at an permanent advantage regarding AP/Cards/Mobility. Therefor I always use 2 ancient packt and they suit my style of play very well. I don’t want to constrict my own play. But I see the posibilities of BBS and maybe try out mature +BBS+Serena in my Hinamatsu Crew
  12. Who do you charge and hit with the BBS? This Strategy needs 2-3 Mask at hand because I also want a mask to trigger the lawyers tools. Seems to need a lot of cards right? And what do you do if you flip a severe at the damage flip of the BBS? Cheat right?
  13. Yes Stat5 Snipe feels like throwing cottonballs at the opponent and therefor I wanted the "Adversary-Elite", and yes wicked dolls seem to be an alternative to think about. This list is on my desk for quite some time and I haven't had the motivation to try... probably because I'm also not a big fan of hidden sniper and prefere odering my subordinates. In my LGS I got a reputation for that, cause I once ordered a Lawyer half way across the table to push a button (Turf War) Lucius was standing next to! Got quite a lough for feeling and playing the real Elite-Touch of honorable LUCIUS MATHESON!!!
  14. Thank you for the links. I already read those, too and they helped a lot as well. Rougarous and Geryon may be alternatives as a beater - yes - but I don't simply use the Mature as a beater. He's a Taxi as well (fly with me) and gets my models into position (e.g. false witness to use their auras/Adversary) and the Mature can move enemy models away with terrorize... thats also why I perfere him to e.g. HInamatsu etc. Yes Candy is very interesting as well. I still want to try my "murderous little children are a snipering death List": Lucius, Scribe, Agent, Candy, 2x false witness (to ha
  15. First of all, thank you for all your thoughts on Lucius. This thread really helped me out since I struggled quite hard to get my Lucius crew running. It took me about 10 games to gather enough experience with him, to try out all the options of the keyword and some of the other possibilities. I'm far from being a good Lucius player but constantly learning. I was wondering: 1. what would you errata on our keyword? 2. Do you think there will be one or two other MIMIC models in the pipe to support the neverborn part of Lucius? 3. What's you fav. playstyle/list with Luciu
  16. To be honest I just wanted to play alan and investigator since the investigator draws a card if acrivated by alans trigger... yes it may cost a ss but in return you get an additional solid 3/4/5 attack and an additional Card. I havent found a way to play Lucius efficiently and am desperatly looking for „the clue“..! 😅
  17. Sounds worth a try. I want to give alan reid a beter setup, since „one more question“ is a solid action with its coordinated attack trigger!! And I also want to use boring conversation each round (Free action- so no Staggered).
  18. Has anyone tried „the judge“? Also a free action to give Staggered @ 12“ and do 2 damage as well.... and a decent melee action to copy...
  19. I did one on my own by using my last Oxfordian Mage:
  20. I play banasuva and Kandara in every game and often use Kudra or Oxfordian Mage. I really like Kudra. Onslought is great and my enemy often needs to put efford in killing her, which allows me to achieve my strategie andschemes more easyly
  21. I have to disagree at this point. Yes the stats you mentioned (DF7, Mv6, nimble, agile, armour+2) are really nice to have, but if you look at the complete rules and keep in mind, that you win/lose the game through Strategies and Schemes (and therefore placement and AP), I think there are certain issues: First of all, if you hire a 12§ model you have to ask yourself "is this model really better than 2 models @ 6§?" I mean, if you get 2 models you automaticaly get 4 AP. So what qualifies the model to be better than 2 mdels/4AP? I.e. in case of the mechanical rider it is the ability to activ
  22. Would one of the following crews/setups be worth any futher thoughts? Just asking sine I'm quite new to Malifaux... ;-D 1.: Toni Ironsides, Mouse, Amina Naidu (9§), Gunsmith (8§), Colette du Bois (16§), Coryphee Duett (13§) --> 46 § 2. Colette du Bois, 3x mechanical Dove, Coryphee Duett (12§), Toni Ironsides (16§), Amina Naidu (10§), Gunsmith (9§) --> 47§ The M&SU would try to claim the center of the board and bubble while Colette and the Duett each on one flank do their S&S stuff... but thats theory.
  23. When using cause for celebration and remove a corpse marker can I shoot twice with .50 Flintlock???
  24. I'm thinking about adding Colette and Casandra OOK into other crews to use Colettes speed and cassandras upstage... but I haven't thought bout it in detail since I'm waiting for the models to get published first... any experiences so far?
  25. I just was asking myself which crew of the arcanists would you start in addition to Sandeep? So what are Sandeeps weak spots? Or which Strategies/Schemes/Oponents does he have trouble dealing with so you prefere another arcanist leader/master?
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