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  1. Da sich imho die Coryphee sooo stark anführen, möchte ich gerne mal folgende Liste testen, was sagt ihr dazu? Dancing Puppet (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Hinamatsu Totem(s): Mysterious Effigy Hires: Vasilisa Coryphee Duet Coryphee Ancient Pact Coryphee 2 Ancient Pact Mannequin Mannequin 2 References: Stitched Together Wicked Doll
  2. I prefere using teddy for the jump since he always moves up straight forward towards the center. Serena sometimes got better things to do like supporting an IM/Stiched/Alp to kill some schemerunner. I like to twist reality (WP) an opponent model, unbury a summoned Alp and afterwards use horrific reality to kill it with serenas melee-attack.
  3. I took one of them in a kind of crazy hinamatsu list: Hinamatsu, effigy, vasilisa, coryphee duet , 3x stiched, daydream + AP so I took him in a puppet-list, that could use the add. 3" movement and lucid dream quite well. With the help of vasilisa I managed to LD 5 times a turn...
  4. I Played Dreamer vs. Shen Long: Recover Evidence! Catch and release, claim jump, hidden martyrs, spread them out, sabotage. My Crew was: Dreamer, LCB, Teddy, Serena, Stiched, Madness, 3x Daydream + 2 Ancient Pact I took Claim jump with teddy and catch and release with madness. To get the Schemes was really easy thanks to Daydream, IM and Teddy. Daydreams moved Teddy up real fast, terrorize kept the enemy at distance and scatter secured the jump. my enemy had a dawn serpend and a high river monk and handed out quite some burning so serena was my fire dept.
  5. First Turn I like spending an 8 in exchange for 5 or 6 Inches. But of course it depends on strats n schemes. I just wanted to point out we may have to think outside the box as for it took me some Time to see the effigy as an mobility thingy. It doesnt shout out loud how good it is but it definitely had an important impact on quite a lot of my Games. Esp since starting to play Hinamatsu as a leader and getting the effigy for free.
  6. Note: I don‘t habe much experience regarding turnaments. In my last few games with Lucius and Puppet Hinamatsu my most efficient schemeteam were Vasilisa, effigy and wicked doll. These three bring some high mobility with em. Vasilisa handing out +1MV and scoop up the effigy. The effigy then lures 2 of my Models forward just to be followed by the doll and creep along. Thats quite some movement. and on Top of that vasilisa and all other Puppet Hand out staggered at the beginning of each Turn. That is quite good stopping your Opponent e. G. In a Dreamer Crew you could move
  7. We might not have access to leap but we do have fly with me, ride with me and a lot of other movement shenenigans(lure, scoop op, Entourage, issue comand, lead nightmare, creep along and many more) and if you need a lot of scheme markers Lucius is your man.
  8. I still play 2 games on Vassal both are at the start of turn 4 and seem close. 1st match against leveticus: recover evidence, wedge, sabotage, hidden martyrs, take prisoner, spread them out, claim jump I took Hinamatsu, Effigy, Vasilisa, Coryphee Duet, Bunraku, Bunraku, Stiched, Stiched... a lot of lure on my crew so I took take prisoner, and in combination with the Strategy I chose hidden martyrs... It got quite bloody for me, since Leveticus and ashes&dust are both realy agressive... 2nd mach against Reva: Symbols of Authority, Wedge, hidden martyrs, claim
  9. Since the GG1 this Neverborn-Subforum seems quite dead. I still play Neverborn and want to push it. Therefor I stole the Idea of an SUYL-Thread from Guild. 😄 Lets see your lists, schemes, strats, and opposing master..... and if you want you can let us know how it went.
  10. I tried a list yesterday but it was suboptimal because of the strats n schemes. I prefere vasilisa cause of her zero action that gives an additional AP and is able to instantkill a wicked doll first turn after it scooped along and got where you want stiched next turn). Next time I will try Vasilisa, 2 dolls and 1-2 witnesses (depending on schemes). Also possible would be hinamatsu (cause shes a luring offensive puppet), lawyer (shielded on witness, obey, tftj...), alan reid (one more question with coordinated attack and Staggered synergie) or Serena Bowman ((8“ Wp attack).
  11. To me Lucius is more and more becoming a puppetmaster. I really like the changes to stiched together and within a Lucius Crew it might now be possible to really exploid the distraction aura of false witness. A min 3 damage 6“ WP attack combined with seems good to me!!! Besides I‘m not sure about the new strats and schemes and their impact on how to play Lucius...
  12. So what do you think about Lucius and GG1? Esp. with IR and Agent nerfed...
  13. I played aganist a Misaki Crew today, played by a beginner and I tested this concept. It went quite disapoining, since his whole crew (exceptone tanuki) had WP6 or WP7. And I had to fight his attacks and his high WP with cards and stones from the beginning. He managed to snipe my Scribe with his second activation - flipping very lucky. I chose a flexible crew (keyword only) since he is a beginner and I was unable to get my models in position. Now I know, this concept leans towards activating Lucius early each turn, which I usually don't do. It feels completely different, not having multiple op
  14. Yes, therefor A huge argument towards doppelganger is lure! (Next to oc don’t mind me)
  15. Yes you are right. Noone will cheat anyway if he/she has got a weak to diacard. So missinformation is an important key and the Agent is useful for execute later on...? oh i have to try and get experience
  16. thank you all a lot for your advice. It gave me a lot to think about! @Ogid I really like the idea of NVB Lucius with Vasilisa and I will definitely try it. There are quite nice synergies beween these models: hand control and staggered seem to match fine. @Dark Reaper I tend to give IR to the Investigator. The butterfly jump will help to keep him more safe and the charge while already engaged is nice to deal some extra damage through issue command and obey. Or to use the last action to charge out of engagement so the investigator may stay alive a bit longer. Seems l
  17. No Problem. Opponent charges, you jump out of engagement range and charge yourself aferwards... therefor IR seems great!!!
  18. OK, the deep dive gave me some new ideas. Who has ever tried a "Extreme Hand Attack"? I opened up a thread in Neverborn, maybe you want to take a look and leave a comment/suggestion? lucius-extreme-hand-attack-list
  19. The Lucius guild deep dive from Third Floor Wars gave me new ideas. Have you tried a "Extreme Hand Attack" yet? The idea behind the list is to maximise the attacks Missinformation and Interrogate. To extremely do the trick you have to place the Scribe within 6" a low WP model so the Betrayal Aura takes effect. You could also exploid the Distraction Aura of the False Witness to do that.... Than you attack that exact model with Missinformation and Interrogate. The Agent 46 and the Doppelganger can Mimic the Interrogate. The Lawyer and the Changeling can give an additional AP to the Agent 46
  20. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I played Lucius a lot recently (~15-20 games) and I drew around 8-9 cards each round, but playing him as a neverborn master with 2x ancient packt on minions, which let me draw 2 of the 8-9 cards... therefore I was wondering, since I don't use these "chains of command"... what about the others?
  21. first of all, i really like this Episode. I already listened to it twice. Jesse said it would be usual for a lucius Crew to draw about 10 Cards per turn. I was wondering, is it really like that. Yes of course I can use command-chains like lucius command the changeling who commands lucius who commands lawyer who commands investigator/another lawyer/false witness.... Do you really play like that? And does that make any kind of sense on the board? Or how do you draw 10+ Cards a turn?
  22. Thank you, that's an interesting thread. Yes makes perfekt sense vs. Zoraida. I first just looked at the to the damage flip, but all in all DE is a good upgrade for minions. I will try and give feedback...
  23. Thx for the advice. I played the Swarm once and it felt quite broken to me, so I decided to play SSM or the Swarm since I definitly don't want to completely piss off my opponent. And in general I'm not the Hard-Beater-Colette kind of guy and I really like to stay in keyword as far as posible. Next I want to try 2 Coryphee with DE on both... this also looks quite promising to me. Have you tried that one? And yes I have to completely agree - Ferdinand is quite tough to take down for an opponent. He can guard markers/areas really good, and that is more like my style of play... I definitely
  24. I've tried Ferdinand in the following list yesterday: Colette, 3xDoves, Cassandra, Angelica, Ferdinand, Duet, Mannequin, SSM + MT ... pretty standard list except Ferdinand, I ran against a very nice molly crew: Molly, Necrotic Machine, Manos, Archie, Rourge Necromancy, Student of Steel, 2x Crooligans Ferdinand didn't make sooo much of a thread, since my opponent pretty much ignored him/kept away from him. But for me he made an ok job for his ancient words was one of my few ranged damage. He did guard a turf-war-marker well and the file papers did have an impact on the
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