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  1. Awesome, thanks for the quick answer. Okay, fully unterstood
  2. Hi, I'm relativly new to Malifaux in general (great game :)) and M3E and this might be a newbie question. But maybe due to language barriers I don't fully understand it. How does Shadow Hunting for Bandersnatch work? I understand as soon as Crawl into Shadow is succesfull my Bandersnatch is Buried and the targed has the Shadow Lair Upgrade attached. Shadow Hunting allows my Bandersnatch to take Actions and draw range and draw LoS from enemy models with attached Shadow Lair Upgrade. Does it mean I can take actions of my Bandersnatch from marked enemy model? Does this include Walk, Interact etc. Actions so that I can move the enemy model? Or does it mean that my Bandersnatch can move, interact by itself but for actions (Attack Action Venomous Strike) that needs range or LoS I can draw it from enemy model?
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