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  1. I sometimes pick actors/accents from movies or tv shows to try to emulate in my delivery, when the NPCs are talking. this is especially easy bc 1) you can youtube a few minutes of the character for a quick review, b) your notes don't have to be very descriptive - just the actor or character's name for you to picture it. Even if you aren't a talented mimic, you TRYING to do a character (without your Fated knowing exactly who you're trying for) often creates a memorable character even if it's not dead-on what you're trying for. They don't know it's your impression of Billy Bob Thornton's character from Tombstone (unless you're REALLY good), they just get the idea of a gruff, deep-voiced, bully. Additionally, if you borrow voices, traits, etc., from a character you're familiar with, you don't have to create all those things from scratch. If you know the character from your fandom, their speech patterns, behavior, motivations, reactions, etc., are easier to bring to life.
  2. The horror movie I'm taking this from is kinda old (80s) and obscure: The Fated are hired to escort a small group of religious or political exiles and their families through the wilderness of the Knotwoods. While the politics of Malifaux won't permit the arrest or execution of these exiles, they are not wanted in the existing civilized areas; which is fine with the group because they plan on starting a new society based on their ideals. Part of the adventure could be planning, recommending, and obtaining supplies for the trek, if your Fated like planning or homesteading elements. The Fatemaster should develop a few important personalities in the group of exiles (an eccentric but charismatic leader, his younger protégé, the family matriarch, the protégé's pretty wife, and perhaps, if the Fated don't have a magic-sensitive or medium type, a strange child who can "sense the presence of the spirits"). The personalities of the exiled group should be tailored to challenge or entice the Fated to the scenes of the story. Keep track of the # of exiled settlers, probably 12. The Fated and their clients set off upriver into the Knotwoods, by raft. The rafts are attacked by primitive Nephilim, mostly ranged attacks from complete cover - dropped rocks, fire arrows, etc., giving the group little chance of striking back. This should be more of a Skills Challenge than a fight as the group attempts to dodge the damage, keeping their rafts, non-combantants, and supplies from being lost. As the Fated guide the rafts through a narrow canyon, marked by strange runes, the attacks cease. Oddly, and a rain of white feathers falls on the Fated, their charges, and their rafts. The strange child may mention "The secret is sleeping in the Trees." The group's luck turns as they find a calm drift to gently shallow water fronting a sandy beach - a perfect place to land and pitch camp. No sign of Nephilim in this river valley, bottle-necked between the narrow canyon a water fall on the far side. The group's leader decides this is a perfect place to start their new civilization, "protected and prosperous as it is." The first few days of building makeshift shelters, fishing, and finding places to clear for crops go exceeding well, prompting the leader to congratulate the exiles on finding their "promised land." The strange child / or sensitive Fated start to have frightening dreams... where "eyes of fire" shine from the forest. Then people start disappearing; mysterious accidents. The leader becomes more and more certain that this a "holy place" and that those missing or injured were filled with doubts. The Nephilim don't enter this valley because it's the domain of a Forest Witch (think less powerful Zoraida). In the evening, Dryads (fae beckoners) entice people out into the woods to become their servants. The spirits of slain Nephilim, (insubstantial young Nephilim) controlled by the Witch, attack at night. Waldgeists pick off scouting / hunting parties. If the group tries to leave by raft, either upstream or downstream, slimy root/tentacles grasp the rafts from underneath before they can even reach the natural borders of the valley. There's only one to win free- lure the Forest Witch out into a confrontation and defeat her. Defeat the Witch with the Eyes of Fire.
  3. I can't remember the exact wording of the Destiny step, I think it's "When you are a stranger to yourself," I used the Penny Dreadful, "Bad Blood" about children mysteriously disappearing from the Dogsend Children's Home, an orphanage. I changed the name of the lead-in/hook character from "Hazel Green" to "Hazel Flynn," so she was the previously unknown niece of one of the Fated. It led to some fun dialogue while they were both denying a relation (though they looked very much alike), and a greater sense of urgency when she goes missing. Also leads to a hook about what happened to Hazels' father (... off in the Badlands to establish a homestead), and made the characters much more invested in the fate of the orphans after the baddies were knocked out. Also, whether to leave Hazel with the rest of the orphans, take her to others to raise, or even take her along on their adventures...
  4. I was into "Through the Breach" before it came into being, through the art of Malifaux. I'm a role-player, not a war-gamer. I prefer cooperative to competitive. But I saw the art of Malifaux first edition and I was hooked. I bought some books, picked up some minis, but never actually played the skirmish game. Except for a few demos at cons. I devoured the Lore. My first idea was to adapt an existing rule-system to the Malifaux world (and characters) to create an RPG... which I never got around to. At least until Through the Breach came along. It took me awhile to get it to the table (so many games, so little time), but I have a solid 5 players at my TtB regular table, and I might be starting another one. Thanks for asking and I look forward to your discussions, Kimberly!
  5. Seems like a Fated Neverborn "race" would be Black-Blooded; partial Nephilim, like Tuco, Angel Eyes, etc., What mechanical differences would there be, besides immunity to the Black Blood damage and condition?
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