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  1. Or expand your bits box! There is no such thing as a bits box that is "too full!" lol
  2. So... I had to make this comment on a Games Workshop forum somewhere else, but here's the deal: the absolute worst thing you can do for any miniatures game is have boxes cost an amount based upon the amount of plastic in the box. This is because not all Keywords are created evenly. Some are designed to work around swarming with more models at a lower cost, while others have more elite models at a higher cost. If you charge per the amount of plastic in the box, new players will gravitate towards the cheaper boxes, and you end up with runs on certain items while others just sit on warehouse shelves. The best thing you can do is to make prices based upon value in the game. Everybody spends the same amount of real world money on the same size of a crew. Some people will pay more per model. Some people will pay less per model. Everybody spends the same amount to field a 50ss crew. In return, more things get played by new players.
  3. I don't know... Our local group has a Gremlins player. lol Which doesn't sound like much, but we're only 4 people strong and are looking to recruit some more. (We have a demo/game night set up in a couple of weeks to bring some more people into the game.)
  4. Cathaidan

    dashel advice?

    I think Nellie might be a better option. She forces the enemy to take the interact action, and then gains buffs and card draw from them taking the interact action. Plus she has all kinds of good abilities that trigger off of nearby scheme markers, which you're going to be dropping to summon off of anyway. (You interact to drop a marker for Dashel to summon off of, Nellie can then draw them towards the marker with Twisting Their Ideals, give them Distracted and Stunned from Slow News Day which will also cycle a card from your hand, then pop "One More Question!" to force them to potentially take damage if they are close enough to the scheme marker and makes them take the interact action, which pops Breaking News for more card draw and Focused +1, and if they are close enough to Nellie you control the interact action to drop a second scheme marker down.)
  5. I misunderstood. Considering it that way... According to a strict reading of the rules, yes, you are still in the concealment granted by Sputtering Exhaust. Models within the area and that have line of sight are affected by the aura. (Pg. 30 of the pdf). Models always have a line of sight to themselves. (Pg. 16 of the pdf). Models are always within their own area. (Pg. 30 of the pdf). Nothing within the Bury Rules state that being buried removes auras or alters them in any way, nor does it prevent you from drawing a LoS to yourself. (Pg. 33 of the pdf). Concealment is a thing that a model either has or it doesn't have; while it is normally gained by drawing LoS through terrain, the rules specifically state that game effects can generate it outside of concealing terrain. (Pg. 36 of the pdf). Nothing stops it from being generated, nothing overrides the rules on being within your own aura, therefore it applies. (In order for Bury to apply to Auras it would have to read, "Buried models cannot be affected by any Actions or Abilities that do not specifically affect Buried models." As it makes a point of saying "cannot be the target" and Auras have no "target", it would still apply.) By the spirit of the rules, no, you are not in concealment granted by Sputtering Exhaust. This is two fold; the first being that concealment typically applies to lines of sight which are drawn, which are not drawn against buried models. (And they generally are created by terrain or abilities which generate some form of obscuring cloud of something: dust clouds, exhaust, etc.) The second being the idea that nobody cares if you're spurting out black smoke while in a pine box (or in an extra-dimensional space next to Tara) things that hit you in that box would still hit because you're not obscured within the exhaust. (You are, after all, exactly in the spot where they put you.) At least, that's my reading of the rules.
  6. It is also a 2, which does not affect models which are not within 2" of the model generating Sputtering Exhaust. Buried models are removed from the table, though they are still considered to be in play. (Pg. 33 of the pdf.) If you aren't on the table, you aren't within 2" of a model generating Sputtering Exhaust.
  7. Our old theory of named characters in a setting was always, "Should the players be able to win this fight with what I have given them? No? It doesn't need stats; they will lose and be forced to retreat. Yes? It doesn't need stats; just make sure they drain a significant amount of their resources before bringing it down." Many players seemed to have some issues with this, but generally those were only the ones attempting to find a way to mechanically beat the odds. The ones that were more focused on story generally didn't notice that this is what we were doing.
  8. Buried models may only be targeted with abilities and actions which specifically state that they may target buried models. (Pg. 33 of the pdf) Sputtering Exhaust does not specifically state that it may effect buried models. Off the board, LoS, etc. doesn't matter. The ability must specifically state it can effect buried models, so it cannot effect buried models.
  9. Played a game last week: Lady J w/ LLC Judge w/ LLC Jury DMR 3x DM Scales Opponent: Brewmaster Wesley Golem 2x Shinobi Gamin Fingers Popcorn Everything went as should have been expected after my errors. (Made too many early on and it allowed Lady J to be in the middle of an old school beat down by the Golem, the Brewmaster, Popcorn, Wesley, and a Shinobi, all without any backup. The combination of 4 models putting gremlins into pine boxes and the Jury was nice, but I put too many eggs in that basket. Between that and me letting Lady J get pulled out of position and curb stomped cost me the game. One of these days I'm going to remember that LLC allows me to not move if I don't want to move.)
  10. Sweet! Now I have a head start on what to start looking at for my next dive down the rabbit hole of buying miniatures!
  11. I don't mind hitting up the Second Hand Market, as that was primarily where I was going to look for alternate models. The Second Hand Markets have been good to me. Very good. I have collected all keyword models for two crews, and four alternate models, for about $320 US including shipping. Looking at the costs of all of those direct from Wyrd (because our LGS only has a handful of models and they are very picked over blister packs from M1E) would have cost me about $230 before shipping, wouldn't have included the alternate sculpts, and I would have had to wait until the items were in stock to order them instead of starting the hobby in March. But, as much fun as I have had playing, I love the actual miniatures part of the hobby more; experimenting with modding models, paint schemes, designing my own bases, etc. So I was curious if there was a source where I could just look at everything that is out there, so I could decide what my next purchase was going to be. EDIT: Forgot about Miss Terious. She makes 4 alternate sculpts.
  12. Luckily it wasn't the true "sunk cost fallacy." This was more of, "We like the GW stuff, but we've added up how much it costs to get us what we want. Find us a miniatures game that isn't that expensive and we'll play with you." Luckily, they found Malifaux before I did and brought me into it!
  13. I don't have either Sonnia or Lucius right now, but I would put in on an enforcer, henchman, or minion that I intend to use to screen for something else. With Lady J, I will put in on a beefier model that will be running out in front of The Jury or the Domodores de Cadaveres which aren't necessarily as survivable if they get ganged upon. I'm not sure if this is the best strategy, but last game it did allow The Judge to survive into Turn 5 while engaged with at least 2 enemy models (and at one point there were 4 engaged on him) since his activation on Turn 2. It also meant that he didn't get pulled out of the combat by anyone in the Red Chapel crew and wasn't a good target for them to all Pounce on, even though he was often the only model in range of the Lures late in the game.
  14. More of a what I mean than a what I say kind of thing. lol
  15. Irreducible damage and ignoring armor don't help against Hoffman. As was discussed somewhere else on the forums (I believe the Guild thread, but I'm not certain) his healing ability prevents these from working against the construct he targets. That's why I was thinking about obeys onto the PK/Guardian. Hoffman is squishy, and the construct wouldn't be a friendly construct during the obey action, so it can't take the hit for Hoffman. It would force him to bubble up more, and leave the rest of the table open for your scheme runners.
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