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  1. 4-5 hours, generally. Then again, we're not competitive players, some of us take smoke breaks during the game, we all get distracted easily and will watch each others games while player, etc. Our groups is currently 5 strong with usually 1-2 people not making it to game days and usually another 1-2 showing up to try out Malifaux. With smoke breaks, beerruns, food breaks, poking in to see what the other tables are doing, someone getting funny videos sent to them, etc. our games tend to drag out longer.
  2. On the top, there isn't too much of a difference, and you really only notice it if you're looking for it. The big difference is on the bottom of the base. The Wyrdscapes bases (the new ones) have the base sitting right about the surface you place the model on, so there isn't enough room for most rareearth magnets to sit. This means you have to drill out the base to fit the magnet. On the original Malifaux bases, the middle of the base sat about 3-4mm above the surface it was placed on and had small plastic supports, so you had room to fit a magnet under it. Just looking at my models on the table, the only way I can tell the difference is that my Wyrdscapes ones that I didn't drill out lean to one side because the magnets don't fit. Inside my magnetized carry-case, I can't really tell the difference.
  3. I stand corrected. Still free movement!
  4. Out of Family, I have been running the Monster Hunters. They get a 5" push towards enemy models as a bonus action and a free 4" push during the end of turn. Add that into the 4" push they get when they focus, and they can have 13" of movement without taking a walk action and have focus to use when they need it. Plus they've got decent base stats and a good number of wounds. They're very good at moving up and killing enemy scheme runners and then dropping their own scheme markers efficiently.
  5. Let's also not forget that The Jury deals 2 dmg to all buried models, and 1 dmg to all models with a summon upgrade, when she activates, too. And DM have the build into Pine Boxing that let's them just deal 1 dmg to an already buried model. DMRs don't have a built in suit, but they do have 2 triggers when they pine box someone; immediately take a action that targets the same model that receives a to the dmg flip or force the target to discard a card, then you draw 1 and discard 1. Like I said earlier, I used it to deter my opponents from burying their own models. Sure, you could bury yourself now, but I have DMs in charge range of your other models and The Jury hasn't activated. I have also considered using it in other situations. You're trying to plug the shooting lane with your 50mm, Sz3 thing, but when I charge it and box it with the severe in hand, I choose where in base contact you come out. (Move it, Snow Storm, I'm shooting the back line!)
  6. As far as actually using the pine boxes go, I find that it is a nice little "gotcha" moment in my games. It isn't a strategy to rely on, and it can backfire. However, in games against very mobile opponents who are going to be jumping around to avoid Lady J and the Judge, sometimes it is worth it to drop that severe to box a model. (In my first ever game of Mailfaux during the Beta, my opponent was doing everything he could to keep Lady J from jumping onto high value targets; burying Bette Noir when she got smacked and constantly jumping Seamus in to shoot and jumping him back out. Having a DM box him after the jump meant a free hit on Bette from the trigger, and Seamus was already boxed when Jury activated. Sure, he popped out again, but stacking 3 dmg onto Bette and 2 onto Seamus out of 1 AP and activating another model was all kinds of efficient.) I haven't managed to get the DMR to use Grim Recruitment yet, but I still suck at utilizing everything that I bring. Being able to attack buried models is very good against some crews and not others. (Looking at you, Dreamer and Tara crews!) The other thing that I have considered trying to do is kind of a "Grab and Go" strategy with this crew. Have a DM charge an enemy model and box it, only to then walk back into a group of awaiting friendly models (Thinking of a Dom, a DMR, and anything else.) All of the free movement/utility for me dragging something within the Dom's auto undead aura and isolating that piece from its own crew seems strong. Especially if you were to use the Dom to obey the DM on the charge, so the DM can have more actions free. The other thing to consider is that a DMR is only 3 stones more than a DM, and while it loses HtK, all of its stats are better across the board. It is better at boxing, shooting, melee, Df, can attack buried models, and can give free movement. 8 stones is a lot, but you do get some nice stuff for the investment. When it comes to the Lone Marshal, I get why people want him to have Ride with Me, but I think he's solid as he is. In every game I've taken him in, I can just send him on his merry way down a table edge and he has more than enough to take out any enemy scheme runners facing him and then dropping scheme markers for me. The only thing he seems to struggle against is Butterfly Jump, but that's because each time he hits the target, it gets to move farther and farther away from him. Sure, he's got the mobility to catch it again, but sometimes the goal is to kill the Wandering River Monk, not to let it move past you to scheme in your backfield outside of its activation.
  7. Generally, when it comes to the out of activation stuff, I have found that it is both completely amazing and a general waste of cards, all at the same time. Without Abuela, you're discarding a card just to get another attack off. This is decent, as long as you have a weak in your hand that you can get rid of. Outside of that, it is meh. Especially because Perdita allows you to discard your entire hand and redraw. So those weak cards can quickly turn into something better. With Abuela, it is great! Getting a +1 to your stat on actions taken outside of activation makes a lot of the weaker models in the crew viable. Now, even the low end moderate cards are worthy of ditching to feed actions from other models. When that is happening, I often find myself ignoring Perdita's discard and redraw ability, because those are additional attacks with Abuela's buff. As for Nino, I'm hit or miss on him. Yes, he has the built in to his attack, so he always gets Family Values. However, he is only a stat 5, so it takes some decent flips or cheating to actually get the ability to pop off. Additionally, in my first game with him his advanced deployment ended up being a great spot to keep him from getting hit, but it also meant that he wasn't really doing much for me because he didn't have LoS to anything. (My misplay.) In my second game with him I managed to pop off a number of hits. Unfortunately, the only thing in his LoS was the Enslaved Neph, so he was just a card draw monkey for me. (Nothing like burning the 1's out of your hand for A Por El, only to have Family Values replace them with more 1's. YAY!) Again, I think this was an error in my deployment. But that makes two games in a row where I can't figure out where to put him on the table to actually get the maximum effect out of him. I will continue to use him for the next few games, but it is rapidly approaching the "just replace him with something you know how to use" point. As for not emptying your hand quickly, my recommendation out of Family is to take the Judge, and to take a smaller "elite" crew with fewer models. Perdita's discard and draw let's you draw additional cards equal to the difference in crew sizes and the Judge has some of the best card draw in the Guild. Outside of those, you have to trigger Family Values for Card Draw, but given the choice between free focus and cards, I will take the Focus on just about every model. (And remember, you have 12 face cards and a Red Joker somewhere in that deck. If you're flipping 2 cards per attack, you'll find those cards eventually if you flip enough of them. In my most "kill-y" games with Guild, I find myself reshuffling at least once because I run out of cards throughout the game, sometimes two or three times. Sure, card in hand is more valuable, but I will find those good cards one way or another. And I don't mind if I see it on a to hit or a damage flip, either way I'm doing something.)
  8. Game 4 - Perdita vs. Molly Strat: Plant Explosives Deployment: Corner Schemes: Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner Crews:  Perdita, Santiago w/ LLC, Francisco w/ LLC, Abuela, Nino, Papa Loco, Monster Hunter, Enslaved Nephalim, 4 ss pool Molly, Archie, 2x Crooligans, Phillip and the Nanny, 2x Rabble Rouser, Fallen Marshal, Necrotic Machine Turn 1 - Standard Turn 1 positioning craziness. Nino was deployed next to the corner on my right. One Crooligan was deployed on the corner on my left, the other on the corner on my right. The Monster Hunter moved towards the corner on my left, Papa Loco towards the corner on my right, and everyone else advanced towards the middle prepared to move one way or another. Archie began advancing towards the corner on my right with a crooligan and Nino. The rest of his crew positioned behind hard cover left of center in the middle of the board. Turn 2 - Nino begins back pedaling away from Archie and trying to pump him full of bullets. However, with only the Enslaved Nephalim being within LoS, this meant just more card draw for me. Archie then proceeded to leap in and rip Nino into 3 pieces. Perdita made a slight detour to take out the crooligan hiding in the corner on my left before ducking behind the other side of the blocking terrain as the rest of their crew. Monster Hunter drops an explosive marker on my opponent's half of the board. Everyone else continues to position around concealing terrain in the middle of the board. The Fallen Marshal summons a new crooligan to replace the one gunned down. Turn 3 - Perdita moves to the top of the stairs on the blocking terrain and fires off a single pot-shot at the crooligan advancing from the corner on my right. She then puts her finger on the trigger. Francisco and Santiago perform their movement shenanigans from bonus actions to get them both out of combat with Archie who lept in and drop their bomb markers while trying to shoot at anything that isn't Archie around them. One Rabble Rouser is brought down. The Monster Hunter drops a scheme marker and begins to book it towards the far corner. Abuela begins to likewise high-tail it towards the corner on my right. The Forgotten Marshal summons in the replacement Rabble Rouser. Turn 4 - Perdita manages to bring down the Necrotic Machine and a Rabble Rouser before falling to the combined might of too many people ganging up on her. Abuela, with the help of the Enslaved Nephalim, makes it into the corner on my right. The Monster Hunter makes it into the far corner. Santiago and Fancisco manage to drop their bomb markers before being ripped to shreds by Archie. All of my scheme markers except for the one sitting in the corner to my left and the one in the opposite corner are eaten by Molly's crew. Molly's crew begins dropping bomb markers on my half of the board. Turn 5 - Archie manages to leap, walk, charge back across the terrain to charge Abuela. Initial measurements are confirmed. Perdita concedes defeat. (At this point I was 1 VP behind in the score. He was going to score Explosives one more time. Without Abuela being able to interact and drop a scheme marker, there was no other way for me to earn enough VP to overtake him.)  Final Result: Molly wins 5(+)-4  Post Game Wrap Up For once, I don't think it was positioning errors that cost me a game! Huzzah! That being said, target selection and priority needs to become the next thing to work on. While I was dropping his scheme runners all over the place, I practically ignored the Forgotten Marshal (I mean, you're supposed to forget him, right?!?). This allowed him to just constantly summon them back into the game, over and over again. Archie is a beast, and I really didn't take the time to think about a proper way to answer him. Obviously, putting enough lead into him would work, but I couldn't make up my mind who should be actually taking those actions, and it gave him free reign to just stomp all over the map. In the future, I need to make sure that I actually consider these things a little bit longer (or at least long enough to make a call) and then do them. Otherwise I am letting big beater models just stomp all over me. Perdita again showed why she is who she is. The pile of kills that she alone racked up for me this game was quite impressive. I need to start using Santiago and Francisco's movement tricks to save her a little more than I have been. (Hey, it was my second game with the crew. I consider myself lucky I realized they had shenanigans.) Nino doesn't seem to be quite as terrible as I have been lead to believe. His biggest issue that I've found is one of my own making. I am used to advanced deployment troops being like my scouts from WH40K. Nino is not a Space Marine Scout. He's not durable enough to be deployed that far ahead of the rest of my crew. In the future I need to make sure he's either deployed with everyone else, or pushed forward enough that he is able to draw some shooting lines in Turn 1, but not so far forward that nobody can support him until Turn 3. Monster Hunters are still getting some work done! Going back to the mistake I noted in the first paragraph, my biggest issue with them this game was that I just used him to run schemes. He had a great opportunity to take out the Forgotten Marshal if I was willing to burn a Turn doing it, but I passed it up in order to single-mindedly pursue VPs. While you should always focus on gaining VPs, that is how you win, it is just as important to recognize what the opposing crew is attempting to do. In this game it was feed me meaningless kills while summoning those models back into the game with the Forgotten Marshal, while having Archie, Phillip, and Molly score and deny my points. Without his ability to summon in models, this meant LoS to higher priority targets would have opened up and allowed me to push farther forward. The Enslaved Nephalim did something this game!!!! Granted, all he really did was terrorize Abuela into booking it down the edge of the board to try and score points when it became clear that I wasn't going to hold the middle, but it is something. And by did something, I mean his bonus action was useful. Still haven't found a good use for him outside of that.
  9. Yes, I use Pine Box. Yes, the things you all have mentioned work fine, but it works great for picking off enemy models, too. 1) DM charges the target and pine boxes off the charge. 2) DM then walks into a spot where the unbury is very advantageous to me. 3) Opposing player has to decide if he wants that model to be stomped in a swarm of DM/DMR w/ Judge, or leave it buried. At least in one game this lead to Jury getting off two different activations for free damage on two different models because my opponent didn't want me placing him when he unburied.
  10. I live with three young children, my wife, and her cat. At this point, it is gone. The smart money is on one of the kids or the cat eating it. If that is the case, I am unwilling to go to the necessary lengths to find the missing piece. lol
  11. Embedded in the wall? PLEASE! I can dig that out and spackle over the hole. Abuela's hand brake made a single *plink* and then gone... It has been two months now. I still haven't found it...
  12. The problem with Dig is that it requires you to kill next to your scheme markers, and as you pointed out the Marshals don't have any action efficient method for dropping scheme markers. The big reason I grabbed Search is because I figured he would try and block off the three avenues passing through the middle of the board with Ice Pillars, which are terrain. So if I could get someone past the concealing forest on my left side or across the building on my right side, Rasputina's pillars would suddenly start earning me VP. It was an effort to make my opponent think twice about dropping too many pillars in his own backfield. And it worked for the first two turns, until he realized he could clog the pathways with models in the middle and just trap the Lone Marshal with Ice Pillars all around him on the right. Due to the layout of the terrain, I only had a 4 inch gap between severe, concealing terrain and another severe, concealing terrain on my left. The reduced movement on that side without an easy way to bypass it meant that I didn't really have a way to get into the third open path over there. (Which the Blessed was able to bypass by leaping and then get his free 4" push during the end phase. 8" of free movement through severe terrain meant that he was clearing into my backfield faster than I could catch him until late in the game where he thought he could deny me more points by engaging the Exorcist and Death Marshal Recruiter. This lead to the Blessed being pine boxed and freeing those models up to try and take something down to flip his Turf Markers on the other side of the board. Which they managed to do and prevent it from being a 6-2 loss.) EDIT: The other problem with Dig is that you can only ever get 1 VP from it reliably. Because most of your models don't allow for corpse markers when you kill things, and a bunch of Raspy's crew have demise abilities that drop Ice Pillars instead of markers, the second point from Dig is just about impossible. I should have looked at Deliver a Message closer, although I probably would have still taken the same schemes. The original plan was to try and have the Death Marshal get Hold Up Their Forces on a Silent One. But he kept them hidden from everybody except the Lone Marshal the entire game. The only good target he ever really presented was the Ice Golem and the Blessed of December late in the game.
  13. Game 3 - Lady Justice vs. Rasputina Strat: Turf War Deployment: Standard Schemes: Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Deliver a Message Crews:  Lady J, Scales of Justice, Judge, The Lone Marshal, Death Marshal Recruiter, Domadore de Cadaveres, Exorcist, Death Marshal, 5 ss pool Rasputina, Wendigo, Blessed of December, Snow Storm, Ice Golem, Silent Ones x 2, Ice Gamin, 5 ss pool (He had an upgrade on one of the Silent Ones, but I don't recall which one.) Turn 1 - Standard Turn 1 positioning craziness. We both flipped both of the Turf Markers on our sides of the board. Everyone except Lady J concentrated for focus. The December crew walked the Ice Golem into position to clog the middle path of the three open lanes to move through the middle of the board. The Blessed of December advanced down the path on my left while the Lone Marshal moved into the path on my right. Turn 2 - Rasputina managed to blow up the Scales of Justice in a single action, which I was fine with. (Yes, I will take cards to replace my crappy hand while Raspy takes damage.) The Lone Marshal makes it almost to the end of the path on my right before an Ice Pillar is dropped to block his path. The turn ends with Lady J moving forward, breaking an Ice Pillar on top of the only building terrain we had, leaping to the edge of the terrain into engagement range of the two Silent Ones and taking a few swings at the one with the upgrade. Due to bad flips, only one attack lands, but it hits hard for moderate damage with the critical strike, badly wounding the Silent One. The Blessed of December enters into my deployment and begins dropping scheme markers. Turn 3 - The Silent One that Lady J had engaged disengages and attempts to backpedal away from her. This places her into the line of sight of the Lone Marshal who makes quick work of her. The Ice Gamin then charges the Lone Marshal in an attempt to lock him down. Lady J leaps from engaging the second Silent One to engage onto Rasputina herself, but due to a placement error on my part leaves herself open. (She was half an inch away from engaging Snow Storm or the Ice Golem, which allowed them to charge her on their activation.) Lady J forces 4 soul stones to be burned by Rasputina to mitigate damage. Lady J is then charged by both the Ice Golem and Snow Storm, and despite stoning to mitigate the damage, is brought down. The rest of the Marshal crew advance forward, combined with focusing, shooting anything they can see, and the Domodore heals herself and the Judge for the damage received from blast markers when the Scales of Justice went down. The single Death Marshal retreats into base contact with the Turf Marker that was flipped back to neutral when the Scales of Justice died. Turn 4 - The Lone Marshal manages to seriously wound the Ice Gamin, but fails to bring it down. However, due to a Black Joker, this takes his full activation. The Ice Golem and Snow Storm resume their advance down the middle path, while the Marshals prove completely ineffective at putting any significant damage onto the Ice Golem. Due to the narrow width of the path, all other lines of sight are blocked by the Golem's base. The Exorcist manages to succeed at False Accusations against the Ice Golem, but the Domodore fails to Corpse Command him. The Blessed of December leaps over terrain in my deployment and flips the Turf Marker on the left side of my deployment from mine to his. Turn 5 - The Ice Golem advances down the middle path again, but has to slide all the way to my right in order to flip the center Turf Marker. This opens up lines of sight to the Wendigo in the back, who is quickly brought down. The Lone Marshal attempts to lay down more damage, and kills the Ice Gamin and puts some damage onto the remaining Silent One, and does so, but fails to bring her down. The Death Marshal Recuiter manages to box up the Blessed of December, so that the path was clear to the Turf Marker on that side of the board, but I didn't measure the distances correctly and no other model was within range to get to it and deny Rasputina the point. So, instead, everyone left in the middle (the Exorcist, Dom, Judge, and Death Marshal) charged the Ice Golem. The rest of Rasputina's actions are spent securing the victory, which was beyond the reach of the Marshals.  Final Result: Rasputina wins 5-2.  Post Game Wrap Up There were a number of positioning errors this game, and it is clear that I still have a lot to learn about how this crew works. The first error that I realized was that taking the Exorcist, and potentially even the Domadore, was a mistake. There is little to nothing that an Exorcist brings to the table against Rasputina. While she can summon, if she is resorting to using that ability she is already on her back foot. Additionally, there are not that many living models for the Domadore to flip to undead to gain the benefits for the crew that way. (At least, there aren't many who can't just sit behind the Ice Golem, which we learned isn't elemental, construct, undead, or living. Fun!) When I do take a Dom, I also need to be using her differently. Her blast attack with the built in trigger to heal friendly models is a decent ability, and it should be used more often. I need to have more models close the gap with the other player, so that she can either blast the enemy and have my models in the blast, blast my models and have the enemy in the blast, or generally be doing more that merely hitting a single model with her attacks. As for Lady J, she again failed to bring a single thing down and died through a single turn of activations from my opponent. I have to stop pushing her so far ahead of the rest of my crew that I am limited in options for supporting her. If I was going to Leap onto Rasputina and try to bring her down, I needed to either wait until after the Ice Golem and Snow Storm had activated or else I should have advanced more pieces forward to lock down those models and tie them up. Additionally, as noted above, I completely misplaced Lady J on her Leap into Rasputina. Had I been paying attention, I could have prevented the Ice Golem from charging her and forced it to burn a walk action merely to get within its range. This was a major misplay on my part that allowed the Ice Golem to Flurry onto Lady J and bring her down, despite burning stones to mitigate damage. The Lone Marshal is a beast! He was clearly the MVP of my crew this game, taking down a Silent One and an Ice Gamin, while having my opponent dedicate the Ice Gamin and both Silent Ones into just trying to hold him back from breaking the Ice Pillars blocking him from getting through and rampaging through my opponent's deployment. He will likely move up in my list of, "need to take" models. That being said, I seriously considered not taking the Exorcist or the Dom this game, and taking Perdita as a second master instead. While I don't think she would have been able to do much against the Ice Golem that was easily my opponent's MVP, and what became the most "broken" thing in this game, her additional ranged pressure could have helped to clean up a number of the pieces that I was putting damage onto, but wasn't able to clear off the board. (Side Note - I am not calling the Ice Golem broken by itself. It isn't a broken model, nor is it broken in this crew. What made it "broken" for this game was the terrain layout which allowed him to sit inside a 6 inch area on the board and effectively block most of the lines of sight that would have allowed attacks to happen against anyone else but him. Combined with all of the Ice Pillars that were dropped around him in the concealing terrain or on top of the building, he was able to constantly heal back all the damage I was able to place onto him, while forcing me to either move through severe terrain or spend extra movement climbing buildings just to take actions against the rest of Rasputina's Crew. The Ice Golem isn't broken. Allowing him to be on a board where he can block off all lines of sight anywhere in the middle of the board while healing all damage against him is broken. I need to make sure that, in the future, we play with less terrain or terrain set ups that don't allow a single 50mm base model to have that kind of game changing placement.) Lastly, this is the second game I have played where I wasn't sure what to do with schemes before the game started. There weren't many that seemed that viable or easy to accomplish. I ended up going with Search the Ruins and Hold up Their Forces. I managed to score the Hold Up Their Forces by charging the Ice Golem with the Death Marshal, but it was too little too late. The idea of dropping scheme markers next to Rasputina's Ice Pillars to score Search the Ruins seemed like a solid tactic. However, my inability to get models onto her side of the board caused this to be impossible. In the end, I should have devoted more time to scoring points, and less time to trying to deal with my opponent. Locking down pieces, even if you know that you're going to lose your piece, is better than letting your opponent score points at will with their pieces.
  14. Our general viewpoint, when playing other miniature games, was always allow any window to also be used as an entry or exit point. This goes a long way towards balancing the mechanics around buildings. Additionally, I would say that you don't allow models to enter any building unless there are multiple terrain pieces on the table that are a similar height. I don't mind you hiding a model on the second story as long as there are terrain pieces that allow me to get up to the same height and shoot through a window. Sure, you will have cover. So will I when you shoot back.
  15. Watchers seem good, but Perdita doesn't really need them. The Monster Hunters and Santiago have deadly pursuit and everybody has Bravado. While no piece has a lot of movement for walk actions, there is bonus movement all over the place in her crew.
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