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  1. 16 minutes ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    Great list to learn the game, but you'll find some scenarios you really lack killing power. You'll also find that is way too much scheming power for many games. Forgotten is hyper efficient at scheming, so you can make do with far less.

    My suggestion is to just field something (anything), and then get a feel for the game. Your list will change from game to game as you build to scenarios anyway.

    Or are you trying to plan purchases?

    Eh, more trying to play more. I have some, but lack others. I need the night terrors and archie on this build. Thought I try this since it has least amount to work with (except for my Seamus build).  So thought I worked on this first. I also forgot archie on that list. I have archie too in that build.

  2. 2 hours ago, Graf said:

    Thinking about what you've listed in your first post, I would kick Risers. Way to squishy imho. Though I know Molly only from the other side of the table, so take it with a grain of salt. I think you can take the Marshall if you have use for a gun in your crew. I've seen him in combination with the Dead Rider (instead of Rogue Necro). Molly likes to be escorted by the Rider (who doesn't tbh?), but he can also Ride with me the Marshall to move him into position to hunt flanking schemers. His gun might be nothing special but fine enough for that. The summoning is more like the cherry on top.

    How does this look? 


    Molly, necrotic, nan and phillip, crooligan x2, night terror x2, Marshall, and the whisper, and killer instinct 

  3. 8 hours ago, Graf said:

    Just to say it explicitly: Why not both?


    If you can make use out of both of them in a given match-up, they're not exclusive to each other. Archie will be available again very soon, Marshall will come shortly after. So no issue there.

    I guess it's a point thing. If I use both, the rogue necro will have to go or some of the minions. Do you have a built recommendation using both?

  4. 13 hours ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

    I have not played Forgotten Marshal, but I sometimes would if I owned that box.

    If you do use him, you want to make full use of his abilities (he is a powerful gunner for ressers) as well as summoning when you can pull it off. He also gives you a really good use for rams - a focused rams attack is going to do an average of 4 damage at 12", with the option to cheat to 6. That is a hell of a hit.

    If the opponent doesn't take him seriously and kill him, his ability to summon turn 4 night terrors to secure points turn 5 will win games. The model demands respect.

    On paper he is pretty fragile though. I imagine he will die a lot. But if a seven stone model forces your opponent to come hunt him down, that can be a worthwhile strategy in the right situations.

    The Whisper is definitely a double edged sword on him. On the one hand, it is great. On the other, at 9 stones you should consider upgrading to 10 stone Toshiro for even better summons (assuming corpse marker access).

    Archie is crazy good, but he is also way overhyped. You can do neat things without him, don't feel like your crew will be worthless if you can't get a hold of Archie.

    That said, he is one of the best models for Forgotten (and he carries crooligans in his pocket, best crooligan delivery system available).

    If you're going crooligan heavy, he is a must. But honestly there is plenty of space to explore night terror lists where you don't rely on Archie as much.

    For your list, I think you'll feel the lack of Archie for those two crooligans. You could manage if you get a dead rider to cart around other teleport beacons (Molly or Necrotic Machine), but your list feels tricky. Either get some night terrors to replace the crooligans or snag an Archie.

    Just my two cents! If aiming for tournament play, get Archie for sure. But for casual games you'll be fine with the above.

    Why is archie good with crooligans? I haven't seen anything about him that meshes with them at all? Am I missing an upgrade or something?

  5. Hello,


    I am trying to build a nice rounded crew and felt like Forgotten Marshal would go great, but seems like everyone is all about archie. Is he worth it for his resurrection ability? 


    Crew Build 50s

    Molly, Necrotic, Rogue Necro, Forgotten Marshal, Crooligans x2, and Rabble Riser x2. 


    Thank you,


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