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  1. Eh, more trying to play more. I have some, but lack others. I need the night terrors and archie on this build. Thought I try this since it has least amount to work with (except for my Seamus build). So thought I worked on this first. I also forgot archie on that list. I have archie too in that build.
  2. How does this look? Molly, necrotic, nan and phillip, crooligan x2, night terror x2, Marshall, and the whisper, and killer instinct
  3. I guess it's a point thing. If I use both, the rogue necro will have to go or some of the minions. Do you have a built recommendation using both?
  4. Why is archie good with crooligans? I haven't seen anything about him that meshes with them at all? Am I missing an upgrade or something?
  5. Hello, I am trying to build a nice rounded crew and felt like Forgotten Marshal would go great, but seems like everyone is all about archie. Is he worth it for his resurrection ability? Crew Build 50s Molly, Necrotic, Rogue Necro, Forgotten Marshal, Crooligans x2, and Rabble Riser x2. Thank you, Bryan
  6. When will be expect a 3E upgrade to the app? Will it be pre- or post- release?
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