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  1. @Adran: Oops, my bad I forgot to account for how the jokers interact when both are flipped at the same time. I'll correct my code and re-run it although I don't think it will change the results by more than a percent and with how the absolute values are more dominated by the weak result convergence. @Trample: I noticed that the neg_str and str_pos are the same hit percentage wise so now I have a better idea how valuable having a positive defense flip is. Beyond that just having a better idea of how the hit statistics break down and how valuable focus is for hitting and damage. I'm ju
  2. Guess who was bored and did a probability analysis for attack and damage flips These are the base probabilities for a full deck for the first flip of a round. The specific probability for any given flip will change as a round progresses and your deck is depleted but these values would provide a starting value to inform decisions. These were calculated using brute force calculations with the number of duels calculated shown as "n duels". The probabilities for a given set don't add up to exactly 100% due to the values being derived for a large set of averaged results instead of.
  3. I agree, my general impression even among people who think Yasunori is good is that Revel in Chaos is not terribly great. Taking damage to prevent damage is a loosing propositioning and the symmetric card draw is generally not worth it since its a 50/50 if it will help or harm you. It also needs a mask to even trigger so the window where it would be good to use it to keep the opponent from dropping below 3 cards during his activation is small and again there is the self damage. I think that if Chasing Advance cared about your hand size instead of your opponent it would be a lot better
  4. Please elaborate. I had finished painting him and managed to get a game in with him right before everything went into lockdown but was unimpressed with his performance. In hindsight it was a poor choice to pick him for the match-up (vs. Titania) but I wanted to try and get him on the table anyway while I had the chance.
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