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  1. Certainly would help if I read the whole ability. Definitely would need a corpse generator. Hmmm...back to the drawing board.
  2. Are you in a two masters allowed locale? It has heavy effect on a Public Enemies list in my experience. In general I have found public enemies particularly low scoring. So scheme scoring rises. Also, I’m an Arc player but have been flipping through Resser cards. So this is untested. Ressers - Pool 2 (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Yan Lo The Whisper Totem(s): Soul Porter Hires: Komainu Komainu 2 Sun Quiang Toshiro, The Daimyo The Whisper Gokudo Chiaki, The Beacon Might be carrying too many Public Enemy points. I’m not convinced about the whispers or Gokudo. I think Chiaki/Toshiro lets the minions up the ladder activating Vendetta and better public enemies.
  3. Which schemes did you end up taking? I feel like your list was excellent because it had a clear strategic victory condition while having enough flexibility with the summons to pivot reasonably well. Do you feel like your opponent played into your plan? If you were the Guild player with these lists/situation how would you have tried to play against your crew?
  4. Stumpyfjord

    Ms. Criid

    Getting use out Smothering Flame seems like one of the important skills you need for her crew. As the opponent it added a lot of mental pressure to my positioning which allows for more of my mistakes. It also engenders more clumping which lets all of those blasts shine further.
  5. I’ve played using Frontier. The improved deployment is great when you can score turn 1.
  6. I played a game with Basse last night in Symbols. Only scored two but denied all 4. Think I could have done a little better than that with some better play. But then again, my opponent could have done things differently as well It was in Corner.
  7. That’s a really good point about the DPS efficiency. One of the skill points I think I need to improve on with the crew is over-reliance on RtRs and losing the AP/DPS efficiency of charging. The focus also helps relieve some of the hand pressure I feel the crew struggles with overall. I’ve thought about plus flips improving “dependability” of too deck flipping but hadn’t pushed that to Focus use (which is pretty obvious once it comes to mind). I’ve taken Claim Jump in him before for the reason you list with decent effect. I think the hold-up for me is the Cost 9 for often standing still/low contribution. Maybe I should restructure the thought as “How much would you pay for a support piece that drops 7-10 focus a game for two cards?” and then judge the rest of his personal output against the residual Real Cost minus Made-up cost for focus spam. Also just use him better through the game.
  8. I definitely am very keyword centric if I want Kang that game. But I only use Kang maybe 1/4 of the time? Generally not unless I’m taking Rail Workers and/or Neil. Do you find you take Kang a lot? It is one of the only ways to mass Focus in Arc that I can think of. (Maybe you’d count deep with quick action concentrates) When do you take him?
  9. I only ever play her with 1 OOK model at a time I think and have 20-30 games with her. I really like the Mech Rider with her and that isn’t all the time. But everything else is sprinkle in to taste/need particularly with swarms now not so far above the curve.
  10. Isn’t their strength that they get a master AP and a 4 or 5 card (i.e. possible deck drain/ black joker)? Secondary strengths are two upgrades turn 1, ability to move self/others, damage without a flip (stampede). Is that enough? I need to test more. Also, people that are better than me should probably figure that out for competitive world.
  11. It’s a point of contention and should be discussed with tournament organizer/opponent. My meta decided you can’t do that.
  12. We messed up and played 25 stones. So not sure how useful it was. But it was Snowstorm Ice Golem Ice Gamin vs Captain Gunsmith Steamfitter It was an intro game and I played the M&SU side. Purposefully didn’t use upgrades or versatile to keep things simpler. The combo of Ice Golem being a giant threat with Snowstorm getting him up the table and the putting down the bombs was clutch. The Gunsmith and captain eventually got him down for both Vendetta points but not before the Golem ate the Steamfitter and Captain. M&SU didn’t feel great but the Snowstorm/Golem combo is really strong in that limited format.
  13. The acolytes can’t get a bomb. And I’ve run snowstorm before. It was both fun and good.
  14. The plant explosives portion of henchman hardcore balances the “kill things” portion of the format. Scoring turn 1 also reduces the amount of time(I.e AP) you have for killing. I’ve been impressed by how fun and good it is for getting a feel for crews. Specifically with Myranda and Initiates if you go 3E box, it gives you a way to mess with Upgrades for low AP cost.
  15. For reference, they can be min 4 if there are three upgrades on them/around around with the mask trigger and then get the +1 from stampede. I’ve found them excellent for their points in the two games I’ve played them since release. Their ability to gain mutations independent from Marcus and have two mutations on turn 1 is the biggest thing that is different for them than any other beast. That saving of master AP and game pace has been much more impactful on table than I expected from card reading. The addition of Beast to their card between beta and release makes it work. Let’s them get “Call of the Wild”, use Adversary, Myranda healing, etc.
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