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  1. I haven’t found Tools for the Job getting weaker in multiples from my double Hog Whisperer list. I’ve seen that supposition before but don’t really understand it.
  2. Or the double terrifying that people were arguing for (from GST or other source).
  3. I’ve been poking the idea of Stumpy with Zipp. I haven’t gotten either on the table yet, so still completely theory. Zipp’s crew has a lot of helpful OOA movement to help mitigate the weakness and Stumpy’s strengths play to Zipps strengths (Area denial and AP control).
  4. Popcorn did half the running and the gamin did the other half in that game. The gamin also crossed the whole board for the take prisoner reveal/end on prospector. Brewie was too busy murdering dudes to lure. But I’ve got two games of Brewie, so 100% still in exploration phase. Do you typically find a singe tanky model is is your runner the whole game? I’ve usually found my assigned runner is two of the nodes and then I’m passing the ball around anyway (through death of model or AP).
  5. Have you found Molly has enough card draw to support two summoners? I was thinking about Forgotten Marshal and Toshiro combined. Maybe backed by dead rider late. Waves of minions and then a flood of Zombies late. And I’ve seen how much Luci can turn on enforcer triggers through card draw. The combo of Tools of the Trade and draw probably is the secret sauce there.
  6. I played Brewie into Viks on it as a practice game the other day. Felt decent. Probably more of a pocket pick than a pure power in Mama Z. Gamin can really cruise around to move between CLL on this map. I didn’t use them that way because of Ronin in my matchup but that was the plan.
  7. The other neat part of GST on a minion is that you are force activating twice and so get regen twice a round.
  8. I’ve been playing some Ironsides again and I’m starting to really question both Amina and Gunsmiths. It just feels like I can’t convert those models into points on the board. Which is weird as Obey is normally a poster child for get out of a weird situation and score points.
  9. Second third: Crooligans are the bees knees! The best in the west! The creepy undead child of the wild!
  10. News at 11: Maniacal Cackle loves Molly! (I think she’s probably good here as well.) Yan Lo is probably a good play (more shocking news). Gokudo, Manos, Yin all good for the symbols/breakthrough.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever played against anyone or tried to stack all 4 in the center 1/3 of the table. I’ve played a 3 and 1 split to protect a side which is pretty similar. Toshiro and his bevy of 2” engagement buddies can’t help but make that strategy better.
  12. I played Round 1 the other day. Coming out of it, the scenario felt like it demanded a lot of AP. Most lists I’ve seen feature one or two dedicated symbol/breakthrough/sabotage scorers. A lot of the game will likely turn on being able to eliminate these early and keep yours alive. If you get your opponent’s, they likely can pivot their models into the needed roles but will lose a lot of efficiency in doing so.
  13. These have been enjoyable as they are grounded in specifics. You do good work for these forums. Around timing, I’ve played both 5 hour games 3 hour games with people on Vassal. If you’re (fairly, kindly) concerned about being considerate of other players, I’d recommend starting in the Vassal LFG Discord channel and set the expectation that you’re new to vassal, might play a little slow. Let your opponents self-select and decide if they have time for a longer game. Most of the community is wonderful, despite recent shenaniganary, and more than willing to help.
  14. For shark, more anti-EXS discussion is definitely needed as they read as ludicrous. I appreciate the problem solving focus. Closing the gap to fun games again is pretty important in the everything available new-toys world of Vassal-faux.
  15. Cadmus can mutate poison to other stacking conditions. So that’s one downside. Think they have other poison shenanigans too that i don't remember off hand.
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