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  1. One thing I’ve found playing against Luci is that all of the card draw lets you much more reliably hit impactful triggers on enforcers. This has lead to guy in a barrel wrecking my scheme game while hiding in a corner till late or Serena yeet-ing guys in the NvB version. Might be some ground in there. Second thing is stacking a second Neg flip on opponents attacks. Standing in a forest at the edge, conceal auras, distracted maybe. I don’t know Guild tech enough to know where those things can be found.
  2. Walking Dead has two different thoughts split into two sentences. 1) Other friendlies may use the model as a corpse marker for actions and abilities. 2) IF the action or ability that is using the mindless zombie/corpse candle as a corpse marker would remove the corpse marker THEN the model is killed and does not drop a corpse marker. Which is why a Draugr whacking a corpse candle upside the head with an axe drops 2 pyres and a corpse marker (neither sentence) vs corpse candle using “light the way” to move a mindless zombie that is within 3” (sentence 1) vs Draugr using “crematio
  3. 1) Make sure you are playing with the GG1/errata updated Aionus. It added significant hand/stone pressure to the Tara crew. You can try and force that weakness a little by stealing stones, making them discard. 2) In my experience, your murder order is Karina, Aionus, Tara. If Aionus/Tara are still alive turn 5, they’ll likely score 3. As a general rule from my current skill level, you have to pressue all summoners early turns or their AP build up gets to be too much by turn 4/5. 3) Focus on the game score and not killing as the goal. Punching smoke is frustrating. Letting smoke
  4. I’d be careful of this kind of thinking. Dead rider is amazing but is also 37% more expensive. If he wasn’t better they’ve done a terrible job costing things. I liked him into Recover evidence with some puppies. Puppies either make your opponent choose them for evidence tokens and you play keep away or they put them on Kentauri and you use the dog actions to beat them up. Transfer poison from the dog onto the Kentauri and heal it. A lot of AP, but low value AP predominantly, and three evidence tokens in my deployment zone. Threat dependent as you don’t want the self damaged Horse to get k
  5. I thought Anna’s ability was on corpses but it’s on an undead. Rip my memory of abilities
  6. If you use Anna to blow up the corpse candle, you don’t get the corpse marker, right? You would get the pyre.
  7. Attacking a non Def stat also is good against them. Tormented does plenty of MV attacks and there is a variety of WP attacks as well.
  8. I’d recommend pulling a Vassal map as well. I think terrain is an under discussed feature that should be considered in list build/master declaration/expected tactica.
  9. Out of Urami, I’d look into Jaakuna for this pool. The lure and triggers on her attacks are useful for recover evidence and take prisoner. She might be too vulnerable to the expected shooting but her offensive tools are good for this pool.
  10. Certainly would help if I read the whole ability. Definitely would need a corpse generator. Hmmm...back to the drawing board.
  11. Are you in a two masters allowed locale? It has heavy effect on a Public Enemies list in my experience. In general I have found public enemies particularly low scoring. So scheme scoring rises. Also, I’m an Arc player but have been flipping through Resser cards. So this is untested. Ressers - Pool 2 (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Yan Lo The Whisper Totem(s): Soul Porter Hires: Komainu Komainu 2 Sun Quiang Toshiro, The Daimyo The Whisper Gokudo Chiaki, The Beacon Might be carrying too many Public Enemy po
  12. Which schemes did you end up taking? I feel like your list was excellent because it had a clear strategic victory condition while having enough flexibility with the summons to pivot reasonably well. Do you feel like your opponent played into your plan? If you were the Guild player with these lists/situation how would you have tried to play against your crew?
  13. Getting use out Smothering Flame seems like one of the important skills you need for her crew. As the opponent it added a lot of mental pressure to my positioning which allows for more of my mistakes. It also engenders more clumping which lets all of those blasts shine further.
  14. I’ve played using Frontier. The improved deployment is great when you can score turn 1.
  15. I played a game with Basse last night in Symbols. Only scored two but denied all 4. Think I could have done a little better than that with some better play. But then again, my opponent could have done things differently as well It was in Corner.
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