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  1. I just found out about The Other Side as I was exploring the Malifaux website (I'm getting into Neverborn for Third Edition) and wanted some clarifications on Syndicate Allegiances. Based on what I can tell from the artwork, I am really excited about the backstory behind the Court of Two and the doppleganger Anton De Wils. However, I would like clarification on whether or not Syndicate Allegiances will have future releases that make them enough to become standalone factions (or just simply mercenary factions to support the big four). Also, how does the Malifaux/Earth Syndicate Envoy rule work? Does this mean that the Court of Two can only be hired by Cult of the Burning Man and Gibbering Hordes, while Guild can only be hired by Abyssinia and King's Empire? I personally would like to wait, if I know for a fact that the Court of Two will have a standalone factional release, otherwise I may settle for Abyssinia or Cult of the Burning Man (if Abyssinia cannot take Court of Two mercenaries)...
  2. Hi @Adran, yes I would most appreciate it if you could move these discussions, I'm unfamiliar with the forums so any help in improving traffic then is most appreciated. I'm gathering as much Neverborn stuff as I can for M3E as I love the sculpts for that Faction, and I've been told that keyword-wise Angel Eyes works well with Lucius, as is the upcoming Agent 46. Many thanks for the kind offer and information. Ours!
  3. Hello all, stocking up on models for M3E. I'm starting a Lucius Neverborn crew, adding Nekima as a second Master later once I see what Wyrd decides to do with her model (either still released as a single figure, or packaged in a Crew box, which I am most definitely going to get). Other than Lucius and a Lawyer model I have also picked up Lelu and 2 Black Blood Shamans (my Lilitu came damaged). Any other models that more experienced gamers here suggest that I begin to collect? Ours!
  4. Hello all, just wanted to know if there were any news regarding redistribution of the models included in the M2E starter set (that being Dr. Grimwell, Nurse Heartsbane, 2 Orderlies for Guild and Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2 Bloodwretches for Neverborn). I'm interested in getting Angel Eyes for my Neverborn crew but if the models in this set will be redistributed/repackaged in a M3E starter set then I will wait. If this is posted in the wrong category then I apologize. Ours!
  5. Hi, thought I'd make a proper introduction on this forum. I'm located in Boston, Massachusetts, local gaming store at Hobby Bunker. I'm trying to bring back interest in Malifaux for M3E here, even considering the Henchman program, despite being new to this game as well. I'm playing Neverborn, starting with a Lucius crew, probably adding Nekima as well as I love the demon aesthetic of the Neverborn. Looking forward to contributing more to this group. Ours!
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