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  1. Also, there's no word of McCabe and Wastrels at all, the crew with the smallest Keyword. That's kinda strange. Edit: Okay, my mistake its under Lucas Core Box and not McCabe. But no Huckster and Desper LaRaux?
  2. Will there be a way to get stat cards for single models. For mei feng I would need to get the faction updates for arcanist, ten thunder and bayou, whilst only using two bayou and four arcanist models. Also please don't forget Europe
  3. Would you say this didn't change a lot? Especially for Yan Lo and Youko.
  4. We've paid about 60 dollar in shipping. but split onto 10 people, so its "only" 6 per person. Still would be great if there's another solution.
  5. Sorry should have added that this is for E3. All players play beta here Thanks for the tips. Mei was another master im interested in. Like most of the 10T masters. Will look into that as well. Maybe I will get her box and use these models as proxies.
  6. Hi, I got hooked by a introduction game and want to start playing malifaux with McCabe because I like the look and feel of his crew. I know that there are models missing because of his switch to 10T. But what are the models I should get right now (don't really want to wait till E3 releases). Thanks.
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