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  1. thanks for all the reply guys!! didn't expect the thread will explode like this!! yeah i brought archie after the errata so that's probably why i feel he is so weird. thanks for all the input of redchapel crew tho, it's really helpful!!!
  2. Hi, just played seamus for the first time today. got into a discussion about his extra 1 AP action. where in the enemy table half i need to remove the corpse marker? can it be anywhere or it has to be within 2"? my confusion comes because usually they said anything with range with the word "within X inches". but at the same time if it can be anywhere the 2" written will be useless. been looking through the forum for this answer, but probably i'm too dumb to get confused on this. so might as well start a new thread. since it's a new thread anyway, anyone can tell me why archie and manos se
  3. Hi! i'm a main kirai player and i've only played few recover evidence games so probably not gonna be a good advice, so take my strategy with a grain of salt. 1. i don't care about the marker on ikiryo since no matter what i do, both of us will eventually get the marker anyway. so I am letting them to drop ikiryo marker (but it's a different matter if they get interact with it) 2. like someone said above, 2 activation and ikiryo missile is very powerful (and a DISTRACTION). a big 50mm that deal 2/3/4 irreducible damage? they need to deal with it no matter what. if they don't kill it, she's
  4. full gallery my most recent finished crew, mary bonnet +salty seadevil! this crew is so good to paint
  5. IIRC she's been like that since the beginning. is there no change at all post-update?
  6. hi fellow ressers, i finally start painting my pirate molly crew, and it's amazing. but i know nothing about molly crew. i heard ar'rrr'chie was a must-take but then it was nerfed. so, after the update, is there any change in molly's tactics and strategies? crew members, and etc. is appreciated thank you so much
  7. Thanks man, it's just kinda frustrates me that when I already planned on how to beat them, then I failed to even pass the first one (freakin misaki getting all the schemes and strats). Welp, i guess it shows that you should focus on everyone instead of being super careful about the top 2. I'm too overconfident
  8. Alright guys, the tournament is finished! This might be super disappointing for you all (it is for me!!!) After this awesome discussion, but i didn't manage to meet both of them since I got a draw in the first round, while they were winning till the 3rd round where they faced each other. (Spoiler, dreamer won) But! I'm not gonna let this wasted just like that, I'm planning to play casually with both of them some time later. Hopefully i can beat them with these advices
  9. thanks guys for all the response! Some seems suggest to bring toshiro and ashigaru since they are tough, sadly i don't have them atm. only have a full urami except drowned from what I read it's kinda narrow it down to: (disclaimer: this simplified reminding text might be offensive for you amazing guys that spent time to write and help me, but so this is what I understand atm, need to keep reread their cards more) universal: the negate terrifying and ruthless upgrade. outmaneuver and outscheme them since they are slow but deadly. dreamer with high damage and pandora with annoying small
  10. thanks guys for the response. there's so much information that I'm very grateful, so i'm going to take my time to absorb it. so far I don't know pandora's list very well, but the dreamer is going to bring 2-3 stitched together. I heard it's pretty nasty, how should I deal with them as well?
  11. Hi, in this weekend I'm gonna have a mini tournament in my area. I have a bit of concern to fight against dreamer and pandora, as they are one of the strongest player around with a crew that looks quite nasty. any idea what should I do to deal with them? what's the general tactica with kirai, as I don't have other crew except kirai (got every urami keyword except drowned). thanks
  12. sounds pretty great! I've been thinking on how to get my friend attracted to malifaux when he has no experience in tabletop gaming. this might help.
  13. thanks guys for the response. I think I can see why people think it's not active if the model died, because the trigger page said so while there's not much explanation for abilities. so it should be still active even though it's died (unless a faq say anything about that) because it's not stated in the rulebook rite?
  14. as the title says, I had an opponent that use soulstone to enhance the duel flip for attacking, and also said it add a positive flip to the damage flip. is it true?
  15. Hi, need a bit clarification about vengeance. does it happen when model with vengeance killed or not? I went to one LGS said yes the other said no, so it's getting confusing.
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