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  1. Poor timing with the current pandemic aside. The Plague is bringing in the Year of the Rat with a Chinese New Year theme. The Charm Warder is an Obedient Wretch because that model is too cool not to use. Decided to call this done for a project for a friend. Think I almost went cross-eyed with all the freehanding on this one but figured it'd be cool to see the stolen still chasing Hamelin around for his golden pearl in a dragon dance.
  2. Thanks for the responses, everyone! I was looking into Zoraida (mostly because I love the wisp and adze sculpts) haha and realized that Marcus can take them too and adze makes a pretty great tarpit but I'll look at Lucius as well. What are your thoughts on Neverborn Marcus? Obviously, not having blessed or magical training hurt the crew a bit but are they still fairly strong picks into those schemes too?
  3. Hey all! I am currently playing Euripides (I painted and converted him with a christmas theme) and am loving how many decision points and foresight that you runs into with Old Ways and pillar management. Currently, I am finding that he slots really well when running him in Reckoning and, to some extent, Turf War and was hoping to pick up a new crew to compliment him and make up for his weaker points. Namely charges and idols (rest of the pool factors in of course but this is just to keep it simple). I typically enjoy playing things LESS linear and straightforward and like the idea of having cool movement tricks or mechanics that wouldn't really overlap with Euripides' playstyle. Bonus points if you have some fun thematic conversion idea to go with it!
  4. Thanks! Haha I was thinking of it but I just made all the rob formations into coal and greenstuffed some christmas ornaments onto it so it looked like a sad christmas tree. A candy cane pattern sounds cool though! I'll see if I can repaint the staff of it!
  5. My first post here but I've been scrolling through for a bit. I know it's a little past the holiday season now but finally found the time to finishing this up. Thought it's be cool to make The Old Ways... Of Christmas! Also sleeved up a matching fate deck, made some scheme markers, and made some ice pillars to go with the crew. I liked the thought of the giants jumping outa boxes or shoving other people in them with Thoon and yeeting them across the table. haha I was maybe going to turn a Boltungin into Rudolph too. Any idea what to do with the Geryon when they come out? Was thinking either painting them up as a piece of fruit cake or a glob of eggnog lol.
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