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  1. I agree. The last thing we need in Faction is another way to deal damage. Some burning related control or movement tricks would be a blast, and something we really need
  2. Very predictable, too much setup. There are a bunch of potent alpha strike lists available in Faction, but to be honest, why should anyone share them, when you have to worry about your favorite model gets nerfed, because people instant begin to cry here in the forum about the "broken" design.
  3. That's my main concern with him too. It works quite well with myranda, why not use the same wording with Vogel?
  4. Yes, the pyre marker, if she's the leader. Sure, you have to pay a the tax, indeed. But in the reward is very interesting. With banasuvsas concentrate aura and the potential fire gamin summons, you optain so much passiv board control. Don't forget, all that marker remain on the table, while your opponent has to deal with the injured condition.
  5. Kaeris works well with Sandeep, Kandara and banasuva in some schemes. Don't underestimate the pyre markers.
  6. Sure, that's possible. But except for Howard and maybe the steamfitters, they share no synergies at all. I tried both. Hoffman ist a great, straight forward master, who need constructs around him, to use full potential. And Tony....... Is in my opinion the worst master in Faction.
  7. I really loved Howard in m2e. Without daubt he was a very strong beater, but quite expensive and some kind of one trick pony, but your opponent had to invest quite a bunch of resources to deal with him. The m3e version is only a shadow of his former glory. Today, you don't have to invest much to remove him. Def 4, armor 1 is not very impressive. I know, I've talked a lot about the (arcane) emissary in comparison. I know, Hoffmans power token did nothing for it, but keep in mind, he can make it fast. 3 charges, 2" melee range, that's an incredible thread range of 23". Combined with the aura and a possible shove aside trigger. If you combine the emissary with the soulstone cache, your opponent has to invest many ap/resources to deal with that thread. Why should I ever pick Howard instead? In m&su there are no power token synergies either. I don't know. Maybe I just don't understand the design concept...
  8. The Peacekeeper is clearly the better choice with Hoffman. And also the emisarry, which is way faster, got the better trigger, not to mention the outstanding aura. I don't see any reason to ever pick Howard at the moment. If he at least has high wp, that would make him an option to pressure control masters with Def trigger.
  9. I can't agree more. I don't see any reason to hire Howard in any arcanist crew. His survivability is mediocre (def4, wp 5, armor 1? The most top tier beaters will kill him within 1 activation, if you don't buy the soulstone upgrade for him. But why would you ever do that? For 13 points, including the tax, you could hire the Duett. Take the comparison. Survivability, movement, dmg output. Why ever hire Howard? Even with Hoffman with his power tokens, the peacekeeper is the better model.As of today, I don't see any reason to hire him. Ever. And that makes me sad, because he's the most iconic arcanist construct for ages
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