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  1. And if you declare Hoffman, your opponent knows, with what he have to deal with. Neverborn may not be the best armor crackers, but they can control you without much effort with zoraida, or can copy your attacks. The list up there is extremely weak against the right counterplay.
  2. Models I'm disappointed with : Howard : he was never great, but I guess he won't see much, if any table time, after ironsides lost iwa. The steamfitter: nearly no synergies in augmented, because they are no constructs itself, and in m&su on the other hand, spending 6 stones to make Howard slightly better, don't seem to be a good deal. Order initiates: simply not worth 7 stones. I guess they would be ok for 6
  3. Myranda: no longer loses Upgrades when changing Forms Am I the only one, who noticed that? But the wording on her card and on the Bestival Form upgrade isn't changed. She still can only keep one upgrade after her replace effect. Looking at the patch note obove, I'm sure one thing is wrong. The note or both cards. Any suggestions?
  4. Winterfeld


    I missed that too. Found nothing in the patch notes either.
  5. Winterfeld


    You can utilize that. It's easy to push him to 5 token before tossing him in a bunch of enemies. (well, at least in their direction), 6 after his charge. Its a very cool way to force your enemy to spend Aktions, trying to disengage.
  6. Ruthless itself is totally fine. There are only 4 models in Faction with that ability, in 3 different keywords. I have no idea, how often it is found in other factions, but in arcanists it's no big deal. That's how counterplay works. Or does anyone complain about condition removal being a to strong counter against condition heavy crews? It's all a question, how frequent it can be utilized
  7. Did I say that with any word? I only said, that finding the right counterplay is omnipresent in m3e.
  8. But exactly that I the purpose of the new pre-game mechanic. Look what master / keyword your enemy declares, and hire some tools against it.
  9. Am I the only one that wants a complete cojo overhaul? 😅 I would prefer more movent/enemy placement shenanigans. Rude sign language is ok, but I really like to se something like shove aside on his melee attack, or maybe a trigger that allows to chain rude sign language after the attack.
  10. As a competitive full spectrum Arcanist player, I have to disagree. In my experience, there is not strategy / scheme combination I would prefer Toni over one of the other masters in Faction. And even if I would decide, I want to play m&su, I would prefer Amina as leader, or even the captain. ( 3 Ap relic hammer is not that bad at all). Ironsides does nearly nothing for her crew, except for her grit bubble.
  11. A bruiser frontline master, who is not very dangerous, at all. Her adrenaline engine does not work very well, so her dmg output is nothing to worry about, compared with other melee beatsticks. When its that damned Def Trigger, people can't deal with, remove it and give her a functional melee mechanic and more speed. I would trade that with great pleasure.
  12. After sleeping a night over the whole situation, I found another approach. The most changes, we proposed would make him a better beater, but do we really need that? Wouldn't some extra utility make him the way more interesting model? My ideas : Replace knock aside with shove aside (and that's the only change, in matters of melee dmg, he needs) Add a 4. Trigger : take the off the Rails action. And finally : Give him following shoot action: Remove 1 scrap marker within 1" to attack 8" Shockwave 2, mv13 - 2 dmg, staggered, place a scrap marker in base contact with the target
  13. Do you think thats worth the 10 stones? I don't think so. I stay with it, some minor changes may be a great way, to deal with some general augmented problems, and push him in a great place.
  14. I don't think so. Maybe if ride the Rails would allow to charge, but his attack triggers and tactical actions are still not great.
  15. And would also prevent a double railwalk, as already mentioned. 😔
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