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  1. The wish for an bigger base only has optical reasons
  2. I played Parker now a few times....his crew seems ok, but he really is the weak spot of all and dont feels like master.
  3. your completely correct 😃
  4. true, but with them you could make Parkers shooting incompetence disappear. xD
  5. sure, Parker really needs them...Parker Barrows by itself does really....nothing with his S5 no build in symbol.
  6. Hi, just a simple question is 1 Box of Brotherhood of the rat good or should I get another one to be safe? Thank you.
  7. Hi, as the Topictitle says, Benny Walcomb stands on an 30mm Base. Could this be true, his coat is hanging over...this does not look cool. Putting an ratking on 40mm and Benny on 30mm Bases? Really? pls Wyrd give him a 40mm base
  8. thank you. No Upgrades for them?
  9. Hi, like I said already in some other Posts, I'm new to Parker and just picked up a few Miniatures. What would be a good "List" to start with? My Miniature Pool: Parker + Crew Big Jake Sue Con. Gunslingers Desp. Merc's Hodgepodge Emissary Thank you.
  10. Puh....I'm relieved that he dont suck, because I really like this "Red Dead Redempion Style thing". What's the playstyle now of Mr. Barrows and what was his playstyle?
  11. Hi, I'm kind of new to Parker and haven't played him in M2E. I liked his "Outlaw-Theme", does he really suck for now, after Wyrd decides to rework him?
  12. TRick


    Saving the Upgrades and getting an emissary could be the way?
  13. TRick


    Wanted Criminal on Big Jake or Bishop? Soldier for Hire on Parker? Could this be good?
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