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  1. Tokoo

    FnS 27

    Very nice job, the spell effect with the flowers is a great touch.
  2. Tokoo

    FnS 18

    Really nice colors.
  3. Tokoo

    FnS 17

    This is how summer always feels to me too. Really good job on effects and freehand.
  4. Dumb question but to be on the safe side of things. Does this mean real flowers, or fake ones? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the competition, hope to see more, this was a lot of fun, and tons of great paint jobs by everyone.
  6. Agreed, I love seeing everyone take on different models.
  7. The pirate one is so awesome looking.
  8. Not sure of the style used, but I love the 2nd one.
  9. Ya I was wondering this myself. Cant see detail on alot of em.
  10. Great job everyone, but I wonder why some of them are in this category.
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