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  1. That's fine. The fact that you found it great. Let me know when you figure it out.
  2. @Thedeadclaw Hey, did you find that document you mentioned?
  3. Some people say that From Nightmares will come out later this year, some say it is never going out and the lead designer, apparently only person who is interested in Through the Breach, is not in the project anymore. It would be nice if a developer gave us a tip about what's going on. Maybe they already did, I don't know.
  4. Master level play book sounds exciting too but I really would like to dig through the Neverborn book. Hope that it is in the works.
  5. Well, okay. Thanks for helping me out.
  6. Do you still have that Google Doc? If so can you please share it with me?
  7. I just finished listening to the 4th episode of the Breachside Broadcast. And I wonder how do you people remember or keep track of the details presented in the stories? Has anyone tried to make a Wiki?
  8. Greetings, I recently discovered / got into Through the Breach. I am currently devouring the core book. Reading through, all these questions and ideas were popping in my mind. I was desperately looking forward to discuss it with other people who were interested in it. Unfortunately, I realized that the community had criminally gone out of sight. After reading lore section in the book, I was thirsty for more. I looked for sources of lore and was ultimately disappointed. It was scattered around all of the Malifaux products and was rather intimidating for a newcomer like me to dig into. Then I found the Breachside Broadcast, which seemed like it was my best bet at getting what I wanted. I must admit, the podcast is devilishly brilliant. I am enjoying it quite a bit so far, and it is doing a fantastic job creating the image of Malifaux in my head. Although the lack of any apparent index makes it harder for me to keep track of everything that is going on with the lore. I can't help but wonder how will I be able to remember what bit of information was in which episode as I move further through the episodes. I am hoping that this forum will take on the role of my Through the Breach sanctuary. Where I can get rid of all the mentioned uneasy feelings I acquired in my discovery of Through the Breach. I gather four of the intended sourcebooks for the game has already been published and only two left from the initial Kickstarter campaign road map. Although I have read from various sources that it will be long before they are published if ever. Wyrd, had simply narrowed their focus on their war games. Not knowing if this is true or not, this saddens me deeply as I really do believe that this game is something special. Since especially the neverborn are the big question mark in my mind, I feel like the neverborn sourcebook would be the fresh blood that is needed. And I think there would be others who agree with me. I will be waiting to hear any of your insights, advices and responses. And I greet you once again...
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