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  1. That's a weird approach. We'll see how it plays at the table. Thanks for the answer!
  2. I mean, you could if that was the only option out, you are relentless, you are crazy, you are enraged and so on. But the point is, mechanics wise, how do I kill an npc over Enforcer rank if I want to kill it?
  3. So how does killing occur besides "coup de grace"?
  4. I have another question regarding the rules this time. I will also ask it here so that it'd be more organized. So, how do you kill npcs over Enforcer rank if they automatically succeed their unconsciousness challenge? Do we keep imposing critical effects on them until something death related comes up. Wouldn't that be like too long to kill one. Do we have to make them unconscious by other means? Depending on the flip they potentially may not fall unconscious for indefinite amount of time. How the heck do we kill those guys? Thanks.
  5. Greetings people, This Saturday I am going to be running a one shot penny dreadful to a group of 4 players. None of us has played/run Through the Breach before. This is going to be a test game of whether we want to play a campaign in this or not. Of course, I have no experience with TtB system but I quite like the world. I want to choose a penny dreadful one shot that would best simulate the atmosphere of TtB. And preferably one with pregen characters at that. Currently I've been considering Sixteen Tons and Child of Flame. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions on the matter. P.s: We don't want the adventure to be directly focused around Resurrectionists.
  6. What books did you read? And also did you read any other sources for lore?
  7. That's great, thanks. It's been a while since I read the core book so I don't really remember much but I am sure once I re-read it, the questions you asked ^^ will be a great help for me too
  8. Hi, I am going to be starting a TTB campaign also and will be a running a test premade one shot on this saturday. I was just about to open a topic with my questions although mine are more lore related Anyway, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd share your experiences with your first session. Maybe something in particular that you think could help me!
  9. That's fine. The fact that you found it great. Let me know when you figure it out.
  10. @Thedeadclaw Hey, did you find that document you mentioned?
  11. Some people say that From Nightmares will come out later this year, some say it is never going out and the lead designer, apparently only person who is interested in Through the Breach, is not in the project anymore. It would be nice if a developer gave us a tip about what's going on. Maybe they already did, I don't know.
  12. Master level play book sounds exciting too but I really would like to dig through the Neverborn book. Hope that it is in the works.
  13. Well, okay. Thanks for helping me out.
  14. Do you still have that Google Doc? If so can you please share it with me?
  15. I just finished listening to the 4th episode of the Breachside Broadcast. And I wonder how do you people remember or keep track of the details presented in the stories? Has anyone tried to make a Wiki?
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