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  1. What do you suggest we do? I honestly don"t want to play against INCORP as it feels incredibly wrong that they get the MV for free and I have a friend who won"t change until official word. It is so obvious to me why it was removed. But now we need an official word which could take a while? crazy
  2. yeah, I totally agree. I have a game tomorrow and my friend disagrees. Which is crazy. loll
  3. Hi All, Images attached. In Beta 3.22 the rules stated "If a Model Ignores Terrain when Moving (mostly as a result of Incorporeal) the model never has to spend any additional movement to move vertically along Climbable Terrain. This has now been removed in the Final Rules. The behavior I was seeing was that a player would simply move a model INSIDE a building and then get the Move to top of the build FOR FREE. I felt this was way OP as it was basically Flying but even better since you could move in 2D then pop to the top. If an Incorporeal model wants to get to a useable Rooftop in final rules can anyone confirm they indeed have to spend MV to get there since this the previous written rule has been eliminated? Merci!
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