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  1. Hey Again! Another great idea would be perhaps some Adjectives to assist players becoming more effective in planning Strategies and Schemes.. It would be so cool to flip to the back and see things like "Turf War- Effective Crew Type - Fast, Fliers, Strong D" To have some information for us newbs on what you would want to run for each of the Strategies and then to be able to Cross Reference that with Schemes you may want to run would be incredible. In a sense, use somewhat of a Keyword system but not just for hiring but for planning. Since I am sure you all are locking down printing space perhaps these keywords could be on the digital format. This will speed up the hiring process as well for us scrubs.
  2. Hi All, great idea and I appreciate the topic. I have been playing for about a month. The hardest part for some new players like myself is understanding conditions and examples of HOW to actually strategize and use them. On page 11 of the latest manual you guys added a fantastic example of how a duel works. This is fantastic and shows a real world example. These samples get burned into the brain much easier for some folks. To use Reva as an example..her Pyre Markers..it would be wonderful of a sample HOW TO USE and be effective during a game. It would also be great to understand how it affects friendlies..etc. A simple one sheeter (or even a half sheeter) for the 11 conditions and real world examples would be so helpful for us newbs. Thank you again! I wish you all the best and absolutely LOVE Malifaux. Keep up the great work.
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