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  1. @HeavyMettle I don´t give up hope. Mayby because thats the last thing, that comes out of Pandoras Box and even through some guys say, that this is the worst bane. But i understand your wife absolutly and have in parts the same feelings. It may be a good playstyle, but it´s not Pandora anymore. A friend of us just have Collodi and think about leave Malifaux. Of corse the DMH is playable, but is feels bad to play a stopgap. My husband and i just play 5 of 10 Masters that we own at the moment (Kaeris, Rasputina, Reva, Molly and Seamus). Ramos, Lilith and Nicodem are DMH. Hoffman and Pandora are going a way, that is not ours.
  2. First: Thanks for trying to make Pandora and the whole game better and implement the whishes of many players with different views how it should work. 👍 Second: Like Neverbear, i tought of Molly too and was happy at first. Than on second sight, Mollys crew discards cards for an action and got an advantage on top. The Woes must work hard most of the time, to get Stunned on enemy models, just so that they may undo this for a in oposed duell. Not on damage-flips like with Fokus, but just one flip. That´s a bad joke in relevation to some other crews. *sigh* In my opinion, Pandoras crew is not realy Woe anymore. Mayby the crunch is ok now, but for me, it doesn´t compare to the fluff of Pandora. She talks to/with her box and drives guys in misery. (By the way, "Misery likes company" let Sorrows jump to stunned enemys, so i thought "misery" mayby should give stuned, but than the rework would have to be bigger. ) Stunned reflects the woe really good, i think. But move-control? If i´m sad or depressed, i rather crouch than walk and my actions are not at 100%. What do you think about that: Misery: After an enemy model within 4 Cheats Fate, it suffers 1 damage after resolving the current Action or Ability. (Like before) Oportunist: If this model targets an enemy model with the Stunned Condition, it recives a to that Action's duel. (Without removing Stunned) Yeah, seems to be OP at first, but besides Pandora´s new "Dark Thoughts" and Candys "Corrupted Innocence" Stunned is not easy to give out and ends after an activision with the affected Model. And please give Pandora and Candy a attack. Just if its just 0" for 1 damage, or stunned😉. The main point is, that they have an engage.
  3. I don´t know, whether that is balanced, but as a passionate Pandora-player, i like the thought to deny interactions. In the Me2 she could give enemy models insignificant for the rest of the game. With stunned we could give her some similary, that ends after an activision or through a remove condition-action.
  4. I like the idea, that the woe-crew has an advantage, if the opponent models have stunned. This mechanic is also on some crews with other conditions like burning-Karis and Poison-McMorning. Ok, those aditionaly deals damage. I actually don´t know about crews depended on conditions without dmg. With the new rule of stunned, it shoulnd´t be removed for the advantage. Aside from the crunch, why should somebody not be afraid or sad anymore, because of the evil grin of a woe, that enjoy your unpleasant situation? Btw, i would like to have "Glimpse of Insanity" on the sorrows too, instead of "Startle". It is just a , what means once per model with a stat 4 and just that condition. "Misery Loves Company" would be easier to use and it would fit better. Moreover, if Pandora may not play with conditions from the opponent, than she should have the ability to spread her own.
  5. Lay down tokens, dice, etc. near a model would be confusing, if some models stay together, i think. Track all on or near the cards seams to make them easier to assin.
  6. Pandora was my first Master. I feel like one of her sad woes, because of so many problems with balancing her crew. Maybe the next update will dry some metaphorical tears. I hope that in the end, to play with her will be fun for both sides.
  7. Totems are not bound to their masters anymore? So i can hire the "Enslaved Nephilim" from Perdita with Nekima, because of the keyword "Nephilim" they share?
  8. As i said in another post, the actually mechanic doesnt´t make a Pyrrhic victory possible. If you kill the most models of your opponent, just excepting those that you need eventualy for schemes, you can easily score points, while your opponent doesn´t really have a chance to score the endgame-points. And that feels really bad to me. I loved the games i won although my oponent tabled me and vice versa. Schemes like frame for murder were really fun and gave the crews that wouldn't kill anything a nice tool. Beyond that, i miss the fluffy ways to score points, like supply wagon. (story-scheme)
  9. First, my english is not very well, but because of the support of my husband and my go for Malifaux, i will try to write more than one or two lines this time and hope it will understandable, what i´m trying to say. Like many others, i´m not a fan of the DMH. Yeah, the story let them go away in one kind or another, but non of them to a point of no hope. So i will hope that they come back to their key-models one time. -Nicodem... i think the death is no problem for the undead Lord. -Ramos is "just" in the jail and Misaki had saved his life after all. -Collodi... ok, i actually don´t know what hapened to him exactly. -Lilith is at the same place, where Titania spend so much time, and at least, she (Titania) came back. So why should Lilith not also find a way. Because of Nekima had taken her place and lead the Nephilim, Lilith would have no key-crew like the others without some changes. After all, i searched for a way to play as close as possibile to the story. Barbaros already has the "ability", that he may not be hired into crews lead by Nekima and in my opinion, Hayreddin should have the same with Lilith, because of Lilith had banished him for his necromancy. After some reading of the Nephilim-cards, i´ve come to the conclusion that Nekima with Hayreddin makes a wonderful grow-crew, in that claws fly over the field. On the other hand there are Lilith and her Totem with Hazardours-Terain-Aura, wich go well together with the control of enemy position from Barbaros and Lilitu. Latter also give out "Distracted", that you also find on Corrupted Hounds. I find it kind of funny, that in this way mostly the flying models splits from these without flying. I´m not sure yet, wether it fits or not, but i will try this split a while and still hope for the return of the DMH.
  10. I have tested a few games with different opponents and it seems to me, that your chance to win is higher with a crew that kills in the first line, instead of running for schemes. In Me2, you could score enough points early for a Pyrrhic victory. Now it dosn´t seem possibile.
  11. Realy? I hoped that Pandora would become better this week, but this feels like a bad joke. She looses a woe-specific ability for an ability with an affect, she could give herself either. Dark Thoughts: Even after failing trigger would be much better, than after succeeding. But i don´t see after resolving to be overpowered. Since she has to hit back leaving her with an extra .
  12. Bette isn´t untouchable. I don´t know the generel Options, but with Pandora, she is realy carefully. Pandoras Mood Swing let Bete activate early and if she dicides to burry, the Poltergeist remove her Blood-Token with Telekinisis. Than she wouldn´t be killed, but burry until the End.
  13. Oh... You are right. Now i found the Rule for a Trigger without a timing. That´s realy realy bad. Than the Trigger is nearly useless. Maybe an "after resolving" would be better.
  14. Pandory is not so squishy, as she seems at the first Moment, i think. Models with Ruthless ignored her Terrifing, but she can hit back everything, that pass her Terrifing, if she use Despair´s Influence on herself. (As long as she´s not stunned^^) It would be nice, if she had an ability like Shamus (special Feast on Fear) to heal her or an alternate to Terrifing, that weakened the attacks against her, other ways, Dark Thoughts triggers not so often even through auto trigger, because of loosing all her health. (Just dont give her Manipulative. She should be activeted early, i think.) My other thought is, that with her Totem, she can be realy anoing to crews, that benefit from markers. The Poltergeist just uses Telekinisis and remove all Markers in 4". Bete Noir looks a proper charly, if Misery let she activate early and the Poltergeist wait to remove her Blood-Marker.
  15. I´m so with you darksoul. Because of the story, i understand that Graves and Tannen just are Ten Thunder now. But specialy the new models of them yell "Neverborn". I would so much like to play them, but sadly they only looks good in my cabinet from now on.
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