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  1. That's thoug. I had similar experience against Kirai, just when I play against crew I know very little about, it's usually my doom.
  2. Well he has other fun stuff in exchange, I wouldn't call that as in need of a boost.
  3. I'd be ok if he could use it on himself at least, to have some setup for that charge action. OR since fluff wise she's basically Silent One (aka small rasputina), Ice pillar making should be part of her arsenal.
  4. I miss that Carlos to have stack up burning on your models and turn them into positive flips. What role is silent one playing here? Heal?
  5. Short answer: It's quite aggressive pool. First Thought comes Kaeris to dish out pyres and injured to prep models for graves/assasinate potentially you could try to controll center location with pyres and burning Fire Golem. Second I thought of is Rasputina to bring to control game for claim jump in the middle and potentially hold up their forces with some gamins or cheap models, however for that maybe too squishy crew. Long answer: Kaeris: So we have range dmg with good potential to stack up 1-2 injured on a model to have some solid duel advantage. Get those burning on your crew for those positive flips. If opponent have some resistance crew, those burnings, blasts, shockwaves can help to bypass those a bit. Schemes: Claim jump Assasinte (depending on enemy chosen master) Deliver a message, possible with mobile characters like Carlos Dig their graves if opponent doesn't have corpse token "eaters" List: Kaeris + Totem Fire Golem (bashy tank to hold the center) Carlos (to dish out the burnings to your crew like the totem) Soulstone Miner (with magical training) To consider: Firebranded (for them heals) Angelica Durand (long range scheme dropper) Envy (for even more dmg, most probably overkill) Borgmann, also a bit tanky, can soak up some dmg to hold the center, or disturb enemy lines close combat. Rasputina: Schemes: Claim jump (a bit harder to hold up with Ice Golem Deliver a message, possible with mobile characters like Ice Dancer Hold up their forces (gamins, maybe ice dancer) List: Rasp + totem Ice Golem 2x Silent One (Pillars and heals) Blessed of december (great mobility a can survive a bit) Soulstone Miner (with magical training) To consider: Envy (range dmg) Ice Dancer (squishy but mobile) Ice Gamins (maybe too dangerous to take into reckoning)
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