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  1. I have tested this list today: Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Guardian Peacekeeper Howard Langston Colette It was a Reckoning game. My schemes were Assassinate and Claim Jump. I faced: Lady Justice Scales of Justice The Jury The Judge Pale Rider Perdita I lost 4-6 but my opponent had good flips (three Red Jokers trhough the game). I scored 2 points for Assassinate (Colette killed Justice with Sword Trick) and 1 point for Claim Jump Colette (she wasn't the Leader so can use her for this). I failed to kill The Judge (1 HP left) and make a mistake. Howard could have charged and block the Rider. The Rider used twice Devastation. After that Colette Hoffamn are low on HP and a few shots and the Burning of Devastation killed them. If I have blocked the Rider, he wouldn't have used Devastation or only versus Howard (certainly a less important drawback for me). I think that this Crew can do well in Reckoning (not sure on other Strategies). Colette failed to hand out Distracted. The only time she can have done it, there was only Justice (who is immuned to Distract) in range. But she scored the second point for Assassinate, 1 point for Claim Jump and 1 point for the Strategy. She died last turn because of Burning. But can't complain here. I will try this Crew in other Reckoning games for sure.
  2. For Presto Chango, the target is the fisrt model you choose. You place the Scheme Maker and then you place the target in base contact with a friendly model. The friendly model is not targeted by the Action ( otherwise the text of the action should state " place the target in base contact with a friendly target model). As a model is friendly to itself, Colette can switch her place with the target. Please note that you can use Presto Chango with two friendly models, you don't necessarily need to target an ennemy. The only thing you can't do is declaring Colette as the target but she can be the friendly model.
  3. Yes, you read it correctly. Mercenary system don't exist in M3E. In order to play M2E mercenary models, you now need to play an Outcast Master.
  4. If you buy 3ME boxes, you don't need the faction boxes. They are designed for players who alresady own M1E or M2E models. If you intend to play a Master who have specific upgrades (like Marcus or Von Schill), they will be in the M3E box. You only need the general ugrades deck. The faction boxes only worth it if you plan on buying M2E boxes and you need M3E cards for these models.
  5. Yes, you're right, it is 2/3/4 but the damage is cheatable so it is very often 4 damage that ignore all abilities and Rst Triggers. In my experience I generally have between two to four models in range when the Rider uses Devastation. Each one taking 4 damage is huge. For example, in one game Colette died of two Devastation and some shooting (end of turn 3, beginnig of turn 4).
  6. The damage output becomes crazy when the Rider can use all its Fate Tokens to boost Revel in Conflict with the Devastation Trigger. Remember that Fate Tokens add up and aren't discarded at end of the turn. So at beginning of Turn 3 you have 6 (1+2+3) Fate Tokens. Use Revel and declare Devastation by spending 5 Tokens. Do 2/3/4 IRREDUCIBLE damage, Slow and Burning +1 to ennemies in a 6" Pulse. You have 1 Token left. At the beginnig of Turn 4, you gain 4 Tokens that add to the one you have left and repeat Revel with Devastation. You have no Tokens left but you gain 5 at the beginning of Turn 5 and repeat again Revel + Devastation. In order to deal with that, you absolutely need to attack early the Rider to make him use his Tokens to reduce incoming damages. It then won't have enough Tokens left for Devastation.
  7. Thanks to both of you. Some opponents don't bother with Doves and then underevaluate them. They are very good targets to unbury Colette but are also capable of putting harm. Late in turns, if one ennemy model has 3 or less Health remaining, you can charge him, hit and use the trigger for some good damage. With a Stat of 4, hitting is not guaranteed but at the end of turn, the opponent should have not high card left in hand or he will be reluctant to use it versus such a pitiful model (and even if he cheats high, this is a card that he won't use for something else). And you draw a card due to the Demise (Expendable) after killing the Dove. All good for Colette!
  8. Juste another question of timing. Quite sure of the answer but as my opponent thought differently this afternoon, I prefer checking. The case: Taelor has 2 Health left and has Hard to Kill. A mechanical Dove attacks her and deals a moderate: 2 damage. I use the built-in Trigger Overheat ("Models within Pulse 2 suffer 2 damage. Then kill this model.") to make 2 Damage and kill the Dove. A- In my understanding: the Attack is fully resolved and damages (Moderate 2 Damage) are dealt: Taelor is alive with 1 Health thanks to Hard to Kill. Then I use the trigger (no timing so After Succeeding) and deals 2 Damage that kills her. B- Taelor suffer 2 + 2 Damage= 4 Damage and is left with 1 Health thanks to Hard to Kill. My opponent's point of view. We played it as B, but quite sure that A is the good answer.
  9. Thanks. I haven't started playing my Guild Masters in M3E. I will start with that and see if I change something after a few games.
  10. What would be your fixed Crew? The Perdita box (without Francisco?) and Monter Hunters? Woul you use LLC upgrade and/or Expert Marksman or No Prisoners?
  11. Colette Du Bois Cassandra Felton Coryphee Duet Mechanical Rider Soulstone Miner + Magical Training Showgirl Mechanical Doves x 3 Concerning schemes, will take Breakthrough and depending on opposed Master, Assassinate or Power Ritual. First Turn the Showgirl place a Scheme Marker for Power Ritual (fake or real). The Soulstone Miner does the same on the opposite flank. Or if I don't take Power Ritual, gains Stunned, adds a Soulsotne and Bury. The Rider walks and claim a nearby Turf Maker then take Ride with Me targeting the Duet. Cassandra claims the other nearby Turf Marker and Focus or take Finesse (depending on the threats nearby). The Doves move in place where they are hidden from the ennemies but where Colette can see them for possible Presto Chango. Depending on what the opponent is doing and the possible threats, the Duet walks and split. Later reform the Duet and can claim a distant Turf Marker. If the opponent as many models around the Turf Marker, walks once and Focus, don't split. Colette activates last and use Presto Chango to go where needed. If a good target is in range, uses Sword Trick to Bury an opponent (or killing a low cost support model, a Totem for example). For the other turns, the Showgirl gain Focus each turn ans stay near a Turf Marker. If the opponent interacts, she can claim it back with Don't Mind Me later. If she is targeted by attacks, use her Focus for Defense Flips in order to make the opponent waste actions (use Seduction to negate Focus and give Distracted). Colette can go near her with Presto Chango or Unbury to use Sword Trick on the attacker. Depending on the threats, the Miner stays near one of the already claimed Turf Markers to protect it and gain Soulstones. If the ennemy don't go near my deployment zone, the Miner can Bury to reappear near ennemies to stop them before the come to my Turf Markers. If need be, it can unbury at 6 inches of the ennemy deployment zone and go claim a Turf Marker or interacting for Power Ritual. Cassandra stays in the backfield to guard Turf Markers, particularly if the Miner unburies in the ennemy's half of the table. If needed she can run towards the ennemy Deployment zone to place Scheme Markers for Breakthrough or Power Ritual. Colette and the Doves can help her with Presto Chango for faster movements. If the ennemy clumps his models, some Fire Breath can be very nasty and put the ennemy models in bad situation. The Rider stays near the Duet Turn Two and uses Ride With Me once again if need be. On Turns 3, 4, 5 use Revel in Creation to place Scheme Markers for Breaktrough and Power Ritual. If I have enough Fate Tokens left, reactivate the Duet for killing or scheming. The Duet keeps ennemy models busy and/or scheme depending on my needs. Colette generally activates late in turns in order to analyze the situation and redeploy where she will have the most impact. She can claim a Turf Maker even if she is engaged (Don't Mind Me), use Presto Chango to place an ennemy model out of position (Presto Chango or False Reality). She uses Distracting Illusion on ennemy models approaching the Turf Markers and uses Sword Trick to kill models or disrupt their placement. At the end of turn 3 and 4, she prefers self burying instead of burying the ennemy. It gives her more possibilities to score or negate Victory Points in the last two turns. If the opponent attacks her early in turn, use Fade Away to Bury (and save actions for her at the same time). Concerning the Strategy, try to lose models as late as possible and score at least 3 Strategy Points. I don't claim the central Turf Marker as it can easily be turned to neutral by killing someone anywhere on the board and a big brawl in the center is not what Colette likes. If need be, Colette can activate last and claim it by Turn 5. By splitting my Crew I also split the opponent's crew to reduce the killing power I can face. Breakthrough should be easily done with the Duet and the Rider. Cassandra and Miner can help too if things go wrong. Power Ritual should also be quite easily done. I have talked about Assassinate. I will take it versus a Melee Master. The Duet, the Rider and Colette can put some damage to make him go below half health and the second point is almost guaranteed. Last Turn, delay Colette's activation (use the Pass Token you should have at this moment). The Melee Master activates early. As your last Activation, Unbury Colette (it is near mandatory in all games to bury her in turn 4) or use Presto Chango to go near the ennemy Master. Use Sword Trick to bury him and use any actions left to interact in order to negate ennemy VP or gain VP. At the end of the turn, the buried ennemy Master is killed and then not in play. The scond point for Assassinate is scored. The opponent should have the same point or one less for Strategy. Concerning Schemes, if ihe takes Hold Up their Forces, it is quite easy to do versus this crew which have a high number of high-cost models. Colette can avoid it with Presto Chango late in turn or you acccept to let the ennemy score it and try to deny his second scheme. It is generally unlikely that he would take Assassinate versus Colette. The three other schemes require Scheme Markers, so use the Performers to discard them with Don't Mind Me.
  12. Perhaps buying the General Upgrades Pack (8 USD, not a huge investment). You can also use some of these Upgrades for your crews.
  13. They are available in one copy in each faction pack and in two copies in the general upgrades pack (check Upcoming scetion of the site, click on a pack et let the cursor on the picture to see the detail of the cards inside).
  14. I can confirm the same for France where Malifaux has always been hard to find. The June releases were available in the first days of July and the July releases are avalaible today (except the faction books). Almost a week late is something we are not familiar with here. They also received a restock of faction packs. The quantities for each item are not huge but can't complain. Don't know what the problem is in the US but from a french (and I think english) point of view, M3E release is in a good spot.
  15. Good point for Masked Agent. My opponents don't usualy take it. Maybe they should. For this matter, there is also Bettari with Asami, I then try to play around her to avoid her attacks. But Bettari and two other models with Masked Agent could be very difficult for Colette by restricting where she can safely move or unbury. Don't have Shen Long in my meta. I fear most irreducible damage thant Drunken Kung Fu. I don't put a lot of Distract and Focus already balance Serene Countenance. Shen Long don't need to use Focus with Drunken Kung Fu. When I will face him perhaps I would change my mind (hoping it won't be too hard for me to learn the lesson). Concerning the original question: I am soloing Colette for the moment. My biggest issue is with Reckoning where she struggles (as it should be) but depending on Schemes, she can do it quite well. Corrupted Idols is relatively easy for her (the damage puts pressure on her and Cassandra). Plant explosives and Turf War are bread and butter for her (in my experience).
  16. I often plays Colette versus Asami and Misaki and have good results. Why are TT a hard-counter for her? Is it about the numerous positive flips they can have or am I missing something else? Why? I played versus the Viktorias in Corrupted Idols and I think that their healing is a good mean to compensate damage dealt by placing the idols. I agree with you that they are very good in Plant Explosives.
  17. I think I will try it tomorrow. The game is Corrupted Idols in Corner Deployment. I will swap Angelica for the Miner + Magical Training. For the first turn, I think it will gain Stunned to gain a Soulstone, use one action to gain Focus +1 and last action to Bury (because of Stunned). Then on turn two, unbury it near an Idol. Is it how you play it? Or is there other tricks?
  18. Turn 1 uses Ride with Me generally on the Duet which is then able to go after far away objectives (for example a distant Turf War Marker claimed in Turn 1 in Corner Deployment). Or have an inactivated Duet in charge range of an opponent. Using Ride with Me to take back engaged models without risking to lose movement due to disengage action. In Turn 3, 4 et 5 uses Revelation Trigger after Duet has activated to give it a second activation (potentially 8 actions if you split the Duet in each activation). Has worked wonderfully for a moment but my opponents now know the trick and tend to attack the Rider forcing me to use Fate Tokens to reduce damage and don't have enough for Revelation Trigger. But just made one time in Turn 5 can win games. Duet can Drop Marker, move with Nimble, drop Marker and repeat after Revelation Trigger. Already done to score sencond point of Breakthrough without having any Makers in the ennemy deployment zone at the beginning of Turn 5. For me the Rider is worth his point with Colette but others can disagree. Conerning the Push, agree with you that it is amazing but i tend to forget it when I play a Mannequin. I should test it again. Thanks for the advice.
  19. The Mannequin can only heal other Living models. Mannequin is a Construct, so can't heal itself. Good point for the Concealment.
  20. But the Mannequin has only one Wound left,Df 5 and Armour +1 so one more attack should kill it. @Flippin' Wyrd Matt: Have you tested the Mechanical Rider with Colette and what do you think about it?
  21. I am already sold on the Duet but do you often split it? With two Coryphees in the Crew, it is impossible. Don't you see it as a loss for the efficency of the Duet? Agree on Magical Training on the Miner. I wasn't thinking about it as an unbury target for Colette. I like the idea. Should test it in place of Angelica. Concerning Hoffman, I rarely use Hunters at their maximum. They are often far away froms Hoffman's bubble to benefit from Power Tokens and are generally killed by ennemy beaters. Should try other models. Only played once the Warden but it is also Ruthless which can be very handy versus some Crews. Should replace the Hunters with them. But it's a problem for Schemes with their lack of mobility. Concerning the Guardian; his Toss is very good for such a slow Crew and he can absorb so many hits with his armour and healing from Hoffman and Attendant. Always take it and has done well each time.
  22. Very pleased that you played Colette three times! Why do you hire a Duet + 2 Coryphee? Isn't it too many points invested? Do you think that the Soulstone Miner is an autotake (haven't tested it yet) for all Masters? Concerning Hoffman, why didn't you hired Guild Constructs? Just a personal challenge or do you value more Arcanists Constructs over Guild Constructs (after 5 games I think the opposite but I may be wrong)?
  23. Could you please tell us in the arcanists forum which Masters and Crews you have played? For Guild, do you think Perdita and Sonnia have the potential to win events?
  24. Colette can be played almost on theme. I generally include only the Mechanical Rider with Performer models. So no need to invest in a lot of out of keyword models (like Sandeep needs). Hard counter to Colette defensive tech is not super common (at least in my meta) so she can be played frequently. She is focused on non-violent Schemes generally with scheme Markers but she also is centered on specific Strategies (Plant Explosives and Turf War). I agree that for a beginner (playing Colette or facing her) the Performer Keyword can be difficult to apprehend because a lot of their special rules (don't mind me, agile, celebrity, splitting the Duet, Colette's Bury and Unbury) break the rules in weird ways and it's difficult to use or counter the Crew while also learning the game. Someone who wants to start Mlaifaux with Colette should be aware that the learning curve can be harder than with more straightforward Masters (Hoffman, Rasputina, Kaeris). But if the aesthetics of the Performers is commanding the choice of the Crew, no reason to not play it, it will just perhaps take some games to win but it is feasable.
  25. For new players, it can be a little difficult during the first games. It is a little bit sad for them if they prefer a TOS Deck but I don't see it as a major problem. Perhaps also, Wyrd should not write that these decks can be used for Malifaux to avoid confusion. For demos I generally lend a M1E Deck to the beginner as it is one of the best decks (beautiful artworks, all is written). I think the M3E Deck is also perfect for beginners. Perhaps you could lend one of your decks during the first few games and when the player is at ease with the damage, he can choose to buy any deck he wants.
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