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  1. It seems to me that poison is quite difficult to deal with. Other harmful conditions can be brought down through the assist action, even injured that ends in the end phase anyway.
  2. bonsin


    Played 5 games so far with leveticus and friends. Staying completely within keyword so far. Made a few observations: Scavenger: the ability to draw a card of your discard pile is really nice. Although not always really usefull. And the need to draw a 9 to succeed with weird device makes this a very bad gamble to spend an action on a 6 point model to hand out focused to another model. Don't see myself using these much more. Rusty Alyce: I love everything about her, except that aetheric healing. Discarding cards to heal 1 point a piece, why couldnt she just get a regular healing flip instead. Marlena Webster: Not completely sold on her, though I like the idea of soul tether, but with the horrific healing i don't see much point in that. At least she has a trigger on her healing with a built in suit so you can just use the ability and discard zero cards to draw a card on a 6 Ashes and Dust: He's done his job in every fight for me, used both to run schemes and killing. Love him. Desolation Engine: I take him everytime, i guess he's just about fine. Would have liked him to have a bit more than 3 in defense though, very easy to pick apart Abomination: Nice bonus as summons from time to time, don't see myself hiring them Necropunk: Still a great scheme runner Hollow waif: Extra hp for leveticus, have tried to use Entropic Siphon, but with stat 4 attack it's too weak to risk putting her within 8" of her target most of the times. Leveticus himeself: I feel stat 5 on his melee attack is very low. and 6 on his cast as well. considering his damage track only goes to 4 on severe. Maybe i'm doing something wrong, but i don't seem to be getting much out of him anymore. Have never used his essense transfer, don't really have any thoughts on that, might consider using it if it was a bonus action. Sanguine Evocation, i find quite usefull, liked it a lot better when i thought i could use it to kill leveticus himself for a movement trick What am i missing: More reliable healing on marlena and rusty. More scrap marker interaction and maybe even ways to summon scarp. The only movement trick in the crew depends on something dying and dropping a scrap marker in sight of A&D
  3. Thx, for answers. Also i completely missed the part about using stones to give minus on the damage flip
  4. the part about stoning is also how i first understood it, but why does unmaking have a trigger to prevent the target from using stones :
  5. Two small questions Can you use soul stones to prevent damage? Can you use Hard To Kill to Reduce damage?
  6. How do they interact. My gut feeling says that the poison condition just goes down by one point and nothing happens to the model with Perverse Metabolism, but is that correct?
  7. Armor +1 : effect has the effect of unmade listed
  8. When you replace, the rules state that you take the hp of the original model or the replacement model, whichever is the lowest. But in the case of Ashes & Dust you actually replace two models, so how much health will Ashes & Dust have when it re-appers ? 5, 6 or even 8(in case you combine the helath of the original models before deciding which value is the lovest)
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